White O is the first project of the architect Toyo Ito in South America. The house is part of the second stage of Ocho al Cubo, an ambitious development project in Marbella, which involved some of the best architects of national and international level.

The White O Residence in Marbella, Chile was completed in 2009 by Japanese studio Toyo Ito. It is a single-story contemporary home built on a gentle slope and offering amazing views to the north-east. The house was designed to continue the natural slope of the site as a spiral, thus partially enclosing a lovely central garden. Fully connected with the surrounding nature, White O is located in an area slightly northeast oriented and has attractive views in the same direction. The proposal intends to make a dynamic use throughout the site taking advantage of the special qualities created by the slope of the terrain. For a free indoor-outdoor lifestyle, the architects chose to create the living and dining spaces in close connection to the inner garden. From here, the access to the private areas of the house is easy and seamless. A gentle ramp goes around the garden and leads to the intimate and completely private bedroom area that safely floats above the ground.