If you think about southern France, you certainly imagine the azure Mediterranean Sea with its white beaches and palm trees, silent cypresses, olive groves and sun flower fields under the hot sun that inspire every painter. Countless people have discovered this paradise…and we fell in love with the villas built there. Spotted on Living Agency, the house we present you today is one of the  most memorable homes we’ve ever seen! It is a Mediterranean villa located in France and it was photographed by Jean-Marc Wullschleger, a professional editorial photographer. His extensive travels and his open minded style enable him to establish a real connection with the subjects of is work and to capture the lifestyles, folklore and interiors of the people he meets. His compelling and imaginative work on portraits and places appear regularly in magazines and books worldwide.


 ”Bien vivre”, the southern French lifestyle, will come completely naturally if you spend your holiday in one of our marvelous luxury villas in the southern France. 

 The villa is situated in Cassis, a commune in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in southern France. It is a popular tourist destination, famous for its cliffs (falaises) and the sheltered inlets called calanques. 

 Probably the most beautiful “corner” of the house!

  Freshly remodeled, their nest offers an open interior, a light filled space, some simple textures like wood, metal, concrete and some really cool industrial vintage pieces. 






 It’s a look we can all easily replicate in our homes . . . and I’m hoping you do! As you can see, there are no flashy architectural details to covet. The bedroom’s success is its flawless color palette and its beautifully formed furnishings.