I really love this beautiful modern residence in sunny Osijek, Croatia, designed by Helena Alfirevic Arbutina. Design of the O4 House intends to take over opportunities of the peacefulness of life and connection with nature, which ensures introverted and self-sufficient rural life, but not at the expense of socially intense urban life. The house is therefore conceived as a system of space around live link comprising of two walnut trees, and although dislocated from the street, is a part of its life, since the facade does not present a visual barrier of the view. The facade is just an accent of the safety and possible beauty of life. The living room with height of its interior space and interior interventions, among which the space positioning of sculptural fireplace is one of the most important features, is connected with wide glazed openings, doors with both sides of the house. Along the northern terrace the grill and area for food preparation is located. The exterior repeats the theme of using walnut with a final coating of dominant central rounded volume with Trespa boards. Enjoy!