Olga Freyman took a challenge to create an interior for a house which at that moment has looked like a boring concrete box. The project is located in Russia, and Freyman has used exposed timber and timber veneer as well as dark accents of color in the furniture and decoration to fill the space with a sense of warmth and comfort. The house is surrounded by forest and Freyman has made use of this natural source of color and texture by using large floor to ceiling spans of glass that provide amazing views out into the surrounding landscape.Olga decided to add more textures to enrich the interior by adding wood and stone. This resulted into a beautiful house overlooking the forest. Textures played a crucial role in forming comfort and chic interior.  Probably the most impressive part of the design would have to be the inclusion of an indoor swimming pool on the lower level of the house. The pool not only follows the slight curve of the building but views of the surrounding forest can be enjoyed while swimming in the pool.