Located near Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Casa Son Vida brakes the boundaries in matters of luxury and futuristic home approaches. This villa is said to be the first of the 6 planned luxury residences in this exclusive area.

The project comes from tec Architecture in collaboration with Amsterdam-based Marcel Wanders Studio, responsible for designing the interiors. Built with the owners needs in mind for every intricacy, this huge home boasts the kind of space billionaires are used to while dripping customization that’s unique at every turn. The 8,500 square foot residence was created to erupt out of a typical Mediterranean home. The walls of the Luxury Casa Son Vida 1 bulge into a curvaceous shape, creating a bold juxtapositions between old and new.  The home respects its roots but aims to bring about the evolution in the definition of luxury.  The home is a forward thinking piece of contemporary architecture that’s both forward thinking and technologically cutting edge.