A country house that combines a lot of traditional and natural elements in order to let its guests and inhabitants experience “primitive forms” of living. We are writing about the Brick Kiln House, a project developed by SPASM Design Architects and located in Maharashtra, the second most populous state in India. Brick Kiln House consists of two separate structures, built around the lush trees on the site. According to the architects, “the living space has a curious shed-like volume, where the materials of the house come together rather loosely. Insinuating incompleteness and creating a sense of being immersed in the vegetation around. The body of the house hides under tree canopies like a gator, at the edge of a river bank. The choice of BRICK was based on color, strength, finish-blemishes of a hand-made unit were key to the overall expression.”

Before seeing this project, what do you think about this minimalist house in India?

We spotted the project on www.archdaily.com
The allotment (3 acres) was partly a grove of Tamarind and Mango trees.
Sun, rain and wind freely enter the house. As you can see, the bricks represented the most important element in the structure of the house, but they also became a central theme in the building. 
The sequencing of the rooms, is frugal, and in series as a farm building, you must walk outdoors to change rooms. 

The architects created a sense of being immersed in the vegetation around.

While gray brick is neutral, red is limiting when it comes to styles and color schemes. For homeowners more into texture than color, red brick can be worked with by keeping adjoining walls white, then going minimal with decor.

This is totally modern but yet cosy despite the cubic form and sterile materials.