The residential project is located in the central Pacific zone of Costa Rica, near the national park Manuel Antonio, Quepos.  The MC1 House, designed and built by Juan Robles is a beautiful example of how humans can flourish without destroying everything around them. This project inspires the commitment to the environment, by blending both the nature and the vernacular architecture in order to create a stunning and beautiful house.  The main purpose when erecting this building was to protect nature as much as possible. So the first thing that was done to reach this goal was to find a piece of land where no trees would have to be cut down in order to make room for the construction site. This allowed workers to build the house with minimum ecosystem damage.

In building this environmentally friendly construction impressive amounts of glass and steel were used, but this does not make it look cold, like a big city office building. On the contrary, the large windows and glass walls help those inside the house feel closer to nature.

Natural cross ventilation, high luminosity and more exciting yet, the use of a rain water collection system that feeds the swimming pools and the reflection ones inside the house. It uses natural resources to minimize the environmental impact of construction on the natural environment, being built with durable materials and systems to respect the recycling concept. We love the initiative and the MC1 House in Costa Rica gets a big positive vote from us! 


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