Looking for a unique place to stay in London? Discovered on homedsgn.com, the water tower now accommodates four bedrooms with extensive London views (360 degree views to be more accurate), a striking living space entitled “The Cube” and a modern elevator. Each of the interiors display an impressive, minimalist-modern design, suited for a highly unique home. But, the Venetian-Gothic construction was not a residential building at the beginning. It was built in 1877 by Fowler and Hill, as part of Lambeth Workhouse and Infirmary (latterly Lambeth Hospital), and it has been a London landmark for centuries. In 2008,  Leigh Osbourne and Graham Voce bought the 99 foot tall crowned with a huge steel water tank tower for £395,000 and converted it into a luxury home.

 Owners Leigh Osborne and Graham Voce have worked magic with a derelict, Grade II-listed, 19th-century, 99ft-high water tower in Lambeth, south London, that belonged to a workhouse where Charlie Chaplin once lived.

 The tower houses four bedrooms with a fabulous 360-degree view, with a lift shaft alongside. At the bottom is a modern, cube-shaped living space.


 The kitchen is an all-white interior with modern furnishings and accessories.


 The electric bulbs are hanging from the ceiling.

 Choose a vivid or spectacular picture to add a bit of extravagance inside.  





 Mixing patterns can be hard enough without trying to mix different design styles as well.

 A large sofa to chat with your friends in the living room. 


 The building offers a beautiful terrace outside, too. 

 Is there a better place to admire London?