The Algarrobos House project was completed in 2011 by the Ecuadorian studios José María Sáez and Daniel Moreno Flores. This residence is located in Calle del Bagazo, Puembo, Ecuador. The design was driven with environment and function as the starting points. Large cantilevers point towards the ravine, two masts mark the presence of the home. Los Algarrobos is a very peaceful place, the house and its grounds being completely surrounded by the mountains. Glass planes protect the wood and complete the enclosure system. These planes, in many cases movable, reinforce the relationship with the exterior, be it by transparency or by reflection. The use of reflecting pools on the metal roofs insists on the strategy of mirroring the surroundings, diluting in part the presence of the architecture. The connection of the user with the place is what generates the project, we seek to intensify the user’s connection with reality (place, material, activity) through a basic formal and construction system that at the same time reveals the origin of our thought process.