What does a luxurious house really need? Some spectacular views, expensive furnishings, high-end architectural concepts and, last,but not least…a lot of money to invest in. The project we present you today represents one of the houses Brates Lake Residence offers to its clients from Romania, a Southeastern European country. Using a modern architectural language, the assembly stands as an alternative to the current trends in real estate, stepping ahead of its competitors through the quality of the materials, durable structural solutions, comfort and the quality of public spaces and access roads that benefited of special attention. The assembly consists in 30 residences, differentiated in 3 types, designed to respond to the highest demands. Due to the natural slope of the site, every house benefits from direct view to the lake. As you can easily notice from the pictures below, flat or shallow-pitched roofs, large expanses of glass, strong connections to outdoor space, and spare, unornamented walls are distinguishing characteristics of modern home style plans.

Notice the natural stone exterior finish

 The smallest house in the assembly can accommodate a family of up to 4 members. Most of the living spaces benefit from a direct view of the lake, offering memorable sights of beautiful sunrises.  

 Modern home designs offer clean lines, simple proportions, open plans and abundant natural light. 




 The lot is often incorporated into the design, turning outdoor space into an alfresco living room. Mid-century modern style homes are increasingly valued for their easy indoor-outdoor flow and provide inspiration for today’s Modern house plans.

 Gaining popularity after the Second World War, architectural modernism was adopted by many influential architects and architectural educators, and continues as a dominant architectural style for institutional and corporate buildings into the 21st century.