You’d expect that a country house should be covered in stones and beams, but this is not necessary the perspective AR Design Studio followed when designing Abbots Way mansion situated close to Southampton, England. We spotted the project on and decided to share these ideas with you. The two-storey residence is surrounded by mature trees, creating a feeling of complete relaxation and privacy. The ground floor living areas, nestled under the box and formed by the axis, are enclosed with large sliding glazed panels that provide a seamless link between the internal and external. The terrace further accentuates this, with the use of a single style of floor tile inside, that extends outside through flush thresholds to really give a true sense of ‘inside/outside living’. Stone walls outline the perimeter of the land. They lead from the main house to the bottom of the Japanese garden, where he designed an office and gym. The lower floor of the residence is made of stone and glass, and is reserved for a living area with kitchen and dining room.

 Abbots Way, the latest creation by , is a stunning five bedroom house. Bordered by mature trees and a small lake, this spectacular house creates feelings of ultimate relaxation and privacy.

 The modern design is combined with the beauty of the countryside.

 A white box, sat on top of the axial walls, gives the upper sleeping floor a light weight image and appears to be floating above the stone axes. It contains the five bedrooms, all with large glazed areas.


 The second level is occupied by five bedrooms, windows in each of them can enjoy nature right in the bed.

 The lake offers dynamism to the garden. 


 The dividing wall covered in stone.



 The dining room is lighted by the sun all day long.