The La Muna project was completed by the US based studio Oppenheim Architecture + Design. This 3,500 square foot rustic ski chalet has been completely remodeled along with a small addition. Located in Aspen, in a very exclusive enclave of Red Mountain, La Muna is one of the first homes to be built here. Of course, it doesn’t look that old now. The house has been completely renovated and also got some minor additions. It was a project by Oppenheim Architecture + Design and it underwent a major transformation. The rustic ski chalet was transformed into a modern and cozy residence. Using mostly recycled materials, Oppenheim designed the home in the spirit of Wabi Sabi. The architects that worked on this project also tried to make it seamlessly integrate into the surroundings without standing out with its design. The natural materials played a very important role on that part. Solar collectors provide needed energy for power and hot water, while extremely large operable panels of insulated glass blur the boundaries between inside and out– further enforcing a connection and deep respect of place.