Located in the luxurious surroundings of Campus Bay, South Africa, the villa, called First Crescent Villa  is a surprising architectural masterpiece. Designed by Cape Town’s most beloved architect, Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA), the rental building was named First Crescent Villa. This modern villa design comes with modern floor plan that opens up space and welcoming the light in its caressing interiors. The simple villa design is truly a wonder when you realize the materials chosen in it are all about quality. You will love spending on the outdoor and look up on the outdoor skylight that connect the building with the landscape and huge windows, where they’re all allowing nature to take its part within this rental house with its contemporary interior. All living spaces have a great connection to the covered or uncovered terraces. A large outdoor skylight further connects the building to the landscape and the huge windows allow the natural view to contrast with the impressive, contemporary interior.

The architects sees this rental villa as “a minimalist home commanding a 270 degree view of Lions Head, Camps Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. All living spaces have a great connection to the covered or uncovered terraces. The living spaces are highly transparent to take full advantage of the views. The architecture is notable for its use of cantilevers, linear arrangement and limited palette of materials.”This minimalist villa design is truly a place that you want to escape from your daily routine work.  First Crescent Villa can be booked for $1,500 to $5,000 per day, depending on the season.