Visitors to the Sears Tower in Chicago may find their hearts skipping a beat when they step out on this mid-air ledge. The tower’s latest attraction, called the Ledge, promises a walk on the high side with these new glass enclosures that extend 4.3 feet beyond the side of the building. Beneath peoples’ feet lies the sprawling Illinois city – 103 stories, or 1,353 feet, below.

Designed by SOM, the boxes, which are located on the tower’s west side, and are fully retractable to aid in window-washing, will extend out from the building’s facade. The balconies were added in 2009 to the famous observation floor. Each box is comprised of three layers of half-inch thick glass, and will hold about five tons, well beyond their expected capacity.

Just an inch-and-a-half of glass separates the visitor from the street underneath. The attraction is due to open in June. It is part of a multi-million dollar renovation of the tower – America’s tallest building. For sure it’s not for everyone!  If you are visiting Chicago now you will just have to go and see this modern spectacle.

All of you who have been there do give us your personal impression of standing in mid air. Must be an incredible experience to stand hundreds of feet above Chicago and look out over the city!