Fascinating residence features a fantastic new way of enjoying nature in a home by designing multiple wooden decks that link various rooms to the outdoors, glass ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors. Fernanda Marque, the designer who made this all possible, called the residenceLoft 24-7?. Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the residence displays a strong, interesting connection to its surroundings by the lack of usual walls and ceilings. Wood accents are heavily used in the walls and furniture. And even the ceiling is lined with glass plates to allow as much sunlight in as possible.

Fully open to the outside, the bedroom exudes the serenity of the natural world, held up by a wooden floor that seems to magically float atop a green pond. A combination of rough stone walls and limestone floors, steel and glass is a design created for this luxurious bungalows. A type of interface between the interior and the outside environment, glass walls and ceilings to ensure the continuity of space, one of the hallmarks of design that Fernanda Marques. I bet you would love to live in an open space like this and benefit from all the modern facilities, wouldn’t you?