What about a coffee on the lake? The Raft ’4U’ – Cafe&Restaurant spotted on www.archdaily.com seems to be the perfect place! Designed by Studio Alfirevic, the raft represents an extension of the riverbank. The spatial organization consists of the main entrance, wardrobe with toilets, café-restaurant with atrium and bar with storage space. As you can notice from the pictures below, the restaurant has an atrium space as a central motif, with elements of the natural environment such as birch, stone, grass, etc.  The architects opted for a circular communication in order to allow panoramic views toward both, the surroundings – coast and river. The construction of the raft is made of wooden beams, roof-rafters and pillars, which are placed over the pontoons beneath the steel substructure of the floor area. Roof is ventilated, and final coating of the roof is galvanized sheet metal.

So, if you’re visiting Belgrade, you should try to eat something specific! Serbian cuisine, as a heterogeneous one, is actually derived from mixed cuisines, mostly influenced by Mediterranean (especially Greek), Hungarian, Turkish and Austrian cuisines. Enjoy a breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea on the decking overlooking the lake!

 Thanks to its unique location the raft restaurant has privileged river views, and the overall architectural design is sublime.

 Raft ’4U’  is the obvious destination for those wanting to satisfy any gastronomic urge, from a quick caffeine fix to an enjoyably extended lunch or dinner.

 The main idea for the Raft ’4U’ cafe restaurant was to create a pleasant environment, like staying under the shadow of a tree, but also above water.

 The restaurant offers panoramic views toward both, the surroundings – coast and river. 


 An airy open space, comfortable and relaxing

 Team of the project: ?ordje Alfirevi? (architect), Sanja Simonovi? (architect); 3D model: Bojan Stevi? (architect) & Ivan Gradišar (architect)