The house spotted on is located in Columbia County, . It was realized by Messana O’Rorke studio that had in mind a project of combining old with new elements: they wanted to include the classic “house” in a modern representation. No restrictions were placed on the design except to respect the form the original Dutch House. The brief was to extend the house to provide additional accommodations, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, exercise room with steam room and sauna. The earliest record date for the house is 1734, however, many years of use and renovation have made the actual date unclear. Fabricated in huge hard hewn timbers the basic frame and form of the house conforms to the bent frame consistent with Dutch settlers of that time. This, some wide board flooring and a miraculously preserved wattle and wall in  the field stone basement are about all that remained of the original house.

Trailer homes are a common site in rural Columbia County and while their aesthetic is generally of the lowest order there is something compelling about their simple rectilinear form; this became the conceptual catalyst for the addition.

Wide windows let the light come inside all day long. 

The old bathtub and the sink are perfect choices when you want to create a romantic atmosphere. 

Austere, minimalist interior

The stairs

The kitchen in wood and steel communicates with the hallway. 

The bedroom is simple, yet comfortable. The designers used natural materials for its decoration.

The floors of the addition by contrast are finished in limestone, which was also used for the hearth of the central fireplace in the house. Other interior finishes were shared throughout the house, plaster, exposed oiled wood, and stainless steels.

Wool carpets any dog will fall in love with! :)

 Add a spot of color with flowers or green plants; they are fresh and change the atmosphere!