Today, we’ve chosen a warm, modern house from California, USA designed by architect Ray Kappe. The pictures below were realized by Joao Canziani, a photographer that succeeded to reflect through his lens the cozy, yet clean and up to date  interiors.  Kappe’s residential architecture has been characterized as ‘the apotheosis of the California House’ because he designs clear construction systems and loves to beautify the interiors with a warm atmosphere obtained with natural materials such as wood or stone. What I really appreciate at this house is the fact that every single room is flooded by natural light. I think that’s a trick to keep a house look young, and above all timeless.

Before analyzing the pictures, it’s important to pay attention to what Ray Kappe says about his mission: ‘What I wanted to do as an architect was to continue what had been laid out by the early modern architects. People should come out of cooped-up houses and enjoy nature and space, and live in houses that were more of their time.’

4,000 square feet distributed over seven levels and attached to six concrete towers, built on a mere 600 square feet of land.

What’s most striking is the spatial quality. Ray felt he had ‘something to say. When I had finished my house, I felt I had combined the best of rational and intuitive design.’

You feel very close to nature in this house even if modern buildings tend to reflect an isolated, computer-addicted human being.


A cozy reading corner I would love to take at home! You can warm the atmosphere a little if you gather a bunch of colorful pillows together on a sofa.

A concrete pillow shows reminds me of the power of the nature.

When you look for warm interiors, don’t miss out the fire place from the living room!

A wonderful terrace where the owners can relax and admire the surroundings.