Govaert & Vanhoutte Architecten designed this glass house called Villa Roces,  a modern home located in Bruges, Belgium. Discovered on Freshome, this elegant and simple glass house has a 50-metre-long wall at the back and a sunken swimming pool at the front. A single rectangular volume resembling a large transparent box was cleverly designed inside and out, in order to meet the living expectations of the inhabitants. A 50m long wall functions as a backdrop for the transparent volume and ensures a good level of privacy. The kitchen, dining and living room are located on the full-height bottom level. Situated one above the other, the bedroom section of the children area and the master bedroom inspire coziness and serenity. The kitchen can be separated from dining room with a big sliding door. Almost invisible from outside – covered in tree reflections, the glass house just seems to disappear into its setting.

Photography by Tim Van De Velde.