Arizona’s Phoenix Children’s Hospital, designed and renovated by HKS Architects, is an 11-story tower facility that is one of the largest pediatric campuses in the country.  The playful, sophisticated design respects existing campus aesthetics while strengthening brand image within the growing Phoenix community.  The design team was challenged to improve upon the existing campus design, planning and flexibility, as well as create a campus image that is bold and unique while evoking an inspiring and comforting atmosphere. The campus is organized about north/south and east/west axes to promote logical wayfinding throughout the campus. Distinct color palettes, animal sculptures and digital nature photographic wall covers also help with wayfinding.

The building was modeled with computer-simulated sun diagrams to maximize daylight potential and minimize heat gain. The curvilinear form on the north face is designed to respond well to the sun, which reaches around the east and west faces of the region. Outdoor courtyards are well-shaded in summer months allowing families and staff to escape, if only for a moment. The atrium also functions as a light wall, providing an entrance and a stage for visitors. All public elevator lobbies provide views to the outside and directly connect patient families to clinical and public functions. A landscaped rooftop garden – decorated with oversized planters and located on the third floor – provides a play area, outdoor dining and lounge seats for patients, families and staff. View more info here.