We’ve recently found on archdaily.com a spectacular project named Viewpoint House. It was realized by 28xarq in 2011, in Peru, Lima.  The most important challenge was to accomplish the client’s needs  in an irregular piece of land on a hill with steep slope. The view you have from here towards the city was decisive and that’s why the house was called “Viewpoint”. 2.8xArquitectos wanted to create a modern, transparent and minimalist volume with plenty of light, including certain concepts of the modern architectural movement of the 30´s. The problem of the steep slopes was solved by situating the main entrance and 75% of the whole project  in a medium point of the land. The entrance bridge, the social area, the main bedroom and the service area are located at this point, while the garage and the storage rooms in a lower level. Find more details in the gallery below!