Hidden by rich vegetation, the house sits in a very quiet and serene area. We found it on archdaily and thought it’s an  incredible project that should be presented. The house has a very interesting name – “Lago en el Cielo”, meaning “Lake in the Sky”.  The two-story, single family residence was completed in 2009 by David Ramirez Arquitectos and it is located less than 30 minutes from Medellin, Colombia. As we’ll discover in the photos below, the house interior is well relaxed, with common materials such as wood, stones, cement.

The connection with nature is very strong and it was of the main concerns while building the residence. You should find profound sources of inspiration in this project: for example, choose large glass windows for your house if you want to allow panoramic views over the surrounding area. The house has a simple and modern design that was adapted to the conditions on the site.