How would I describe it in few words? It is aesthetic, distinctive and with uncompromisingly clarity of form. The HUF House was designed by architect Manfred Adams who first talked about his idea of a  timber-frame house with large windows and open plan design with  entrpreneur Franz Huf in 1969. This collaboration of two visionaries built the HUF FACHWERKHAUS 2000, which over the coming  years evolved into an architectural icon and European brand. Here is what Manfred Adams says briefly: “ The floor plans and spacial design must be distinct and allow the owner and visitors a unique experience of space. It must be built to a perfect level of craftsmanship: the realization of its detail must highlight its complete harmony. This harmony comes as a result of using a minimal amount of materials: wood, glass, stone and carpet. Even a brand leader, a classic, must submit cautiously to change, because innovation, especially in technology, can endow a classic with lasting market success. Today, customers for the new generation of HUF House excel in the way they take responsibility for protecting the environment and climate. HUF HAUS shares this commitment with its customers in close accord with the philosophy behind HUF HAUS architecture.

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