Great views make a common house amazing! The one we found on Micasa is located in Girona, a city in the northeast of Catalonia, Spain.  The house was designed with large windows and it has direct access to a large terrace. The project aimed to offer great views and more privacy regarding the neighboring buildings, a change that also provides some movement to the house. As you can easily notice from the pictures below, at the highest level of the house there is a splendid terrace which runs along the main facade, a solarium with a swimming pool and a deck at the bottom. Inside, the distribution fits the needs of the family, a couple with 3 children. The space is organized around the large living room and the kitchen.  I think it’s a perfect blend of modern design and tranquil, warm decor.


Vintage atmosphere: two armchairs and a comfortable  sofa around two coffee tables in the living room.

The living room has large windows that provide a great panorama.

The dining room opens to the terrace.

A look that combines metal and raw wood for the kitchen.

Modern furnishings for the kitchen.

The space is organized around a large living room with kitchen.

A spot of vitality in the bedroom.

Vivid colors in children’ s room.

Natural colors in the bathroom.

The terrace on the highest level and the pool.

The garden.

The white facade with the stone foundation.