Mahina is a a proposed for a dream house…This modern residential architecture with its totally white interior and exterior looks sumptuous, creating a strong visual contrast with the remarkable surrounding landscape of the Pacific Ocean.

Take a seat and let me present the ocean dream home for everyone:  “The whole building has been designed to sustainable principles. The house will have a plant room, deck, swimming pool and “thermal mass” to regulate internal temperatures. A natural ventilation system deals with the high thermal gains the house receives during the day. This includes underground wet rock cooling chambers and hot air extraction through the roof. Effectively cooling is controlled by dragging cool air through underground chambers and expelling the warm air through the roof. The warm water collected from hot days is stored for the cooler days. Mahina uses diamante glass and the master bedroom façade can slide and stack on both sides for 10m. The complete facade has two sets of blinds, one set of shade blinds and one set of block out. These are remote controlled and can make any room or area private. The blinds neatly roll up into the ceiling spaces meaning they cannot be seen when not in use.”