Villa Noi by  Duangrit Bunnag Studio is a residence composed of various rooms made of different materials (bricks, sandstone, red marble, wood and glass), built not only to meet the requirements of the owners, but also to avoid chopping down the pines present around the villa by hosting them inside it. It was separated in smaller houses to accommodate the forest of pine trees within the site. Each houses will be described by different material that were used: brick, sandstone, red marble, wood and glass.

Studio Duangrit Bunnag Architect Limited was founded in 1998 and today comprises a staff of 30 people and is situated at the 28° floor of the Siam Tower in Siam Square, in the Thai capital, Bangkok.


Pines trees are everywhere at Villa Noi, which was separated into various sections – each made of different materials – to accommodate the surrounding forest in its interior.

A fascinating view at the pool.

Pines are outside, in the bathroom and in the living room.

We’re in Thailand, next to the Phang Nga bay, immersed in the most majestic natural scenery.

The bathroom has a clean, yet elegant design.

The pines from the forest were incorporated inside.

The bedroom communicates with the exterior through glass walls. The only way to obtain a slight intimacy is to pull the heavy curtains.

A hot red wall sets the limits of the kitchen.

A minimalist bathroom surrounded by glass walls.

Architect Duangrit Bunnag, known for minimalist work, says his approach embodies luxury because it offers people something they don’t see every day.