This house in Melbourne, Australia was created by the Andrew Maynard Architects. Melbourne is predominantly flat, and this might explain why Melbourne’s architecture is so adventurous. The project sits on n artificial hill and was built for a family of five. Here is more from the architects: “Melbourne is predominantly flat. Could this be why Melbourne’s architecture is adventurous? There is no landscape to confine therefore building is free to become landscape. Hill House is a response to this possibility. Melbourne is flat. If one is to explore the possibility of cantilevering off a cliff (a desire of many architects) one is forced to manufacture that landscape. A monolithic form is unsheathed from the hill and placed atop. A celebration of the synthetic, the manufactured. A simulacrum of both an undulating landscape and the pure architectural form. If you look at the interior design of the house, you’ll get the concept of luxury and elegance. The incorporation of wood, glass and furniture are very united and very spectacular. The kitchen is also very elegant house, with a combination of wood, as well as in the other room