This  fantastic villa Överby, designed by John Robert Nilsson Architects is situated on the archipelago off the coast of capital of Sweden, Stockholm. It is a great building with simple design and wonderful open spaces which increase the idea of light. The interiors are dominated by the white color and a minimalist and simplistic design.

From the architect:

Situated on a natural plateau atop a rocky headland, the house enjoys panoramic views across the bay and the evening sun to the west. The entrance side of the house features a solid façade wall, plastered and decolored to matte black. The only interruption is a ceiling-high pivot door with a thin lattice of black stained oak filtering the light. The other façades are made up of a structural glazing system of full glass walls.

The floor plan of the house, a simple rectangular shape, is clearly divided into private and social spheres. The private sphere is further divided into bedrooms, bathrooms and storage, built around an open-concept living space. Instead of traditional doors, most openings are ceiling height. Simply turning the corner gives you the impression of entering a new room.