Villa BH is a modern and eco-friendly house by WHIM Architecture that is full of inspiration from mid-century modern homes as well as its natural surroundings. The architects created a modern and environmental friendly design that emphasizes the natural qualities of its context. The villa is positioned on a rectangular plot of 34.75 x 50m, that is enclosed at 3 sides with similar plots and free-standing houses. On the back (north east) of the plot there’s an old embankment with several tall trees, which existence is protected by local regulations. Villa BH is inhabited by a couple 60+ of age, and to optimize the accessibility of the house, all the program is situated on the ground floor around a patio. The villa is designed as environmental friendly with extra insulated façades, roofs and floors. The roof is covered with sedum, that regulates the distribution of the rainwater gently. A neutral palette of white walls, light wood, and textiles muted keep the interior light and bright, and an open plan living style continues throughout, see the master bedroom equipped with bath, basin and en suite steam room, and an unobstructed view out onto the terrace.