What kind of roof would be suitable for a rooftop garden? Theoretically, any roof surface can be greened – even sloped or curved roofs can support a layer of sod or wildflowers. Switzerland has just passed a bylaw which states that new buildings must be designed to relocate the green space covered by the building’s footprint to their roofs – even existing buildings -including historical buildings – must now green 20% of their rooftops. This has created an increased demand for research and material/product design, which will soon be available to North American markets. Take a look at our gallery…I’m sure you’ll get some interest in roof gardening.

Spectacular Contemporary Residence in Singapore: The Sun House

The Sun House was designed by Guz Architects and is a beautiful green home located in Singapore. There is a swimming pool with an unusual turquoise water and beautiful pond.

Huangdu Art Center in Beijing

The beauty of old Beijing exists in the empty space between architecture, where trees grow and birds live. As such, the buildings themselves do not have to show any special shape in order to be unique.

Ecological Silicon Valley by Eriksson Architects

Designed by Eriksson Architects, Mentougou Eco Valley area is about 28 sq km and the planning task includes a new ”Ecological Silicon Valley” for nine environmental research institutes and companies, one central city area and several smaller city village areas.

Garden Offices, Garden Rooms and Timber Garden Office Buildings

Roomworks have become one of the country’s leading suppliers of bespoke outdoor office design and working environments and were recently voted the UK’s best garden rooms . For work or play we can design and install a beautiful extra space in your back garden that will fulfill all of your needs. Whether you just require a small office pod or a larger office for a few other employees, Roomworks can provide you with an award winning and affordable solution.

Luxury Fish House by Guz Architects

The Fish House, located in Singapore, was designed by Guz Architects. The architecture is modern with clean lines and the theme is white, with hues of blue and gray. The home is well appointed and beautifully decorated.

Use The Roof To Create Your Missing Garden!

The project we present today uses the roof of a newly designed top floor to create the ‘missing garden’ for its community. We are also talking about functionality: the garden has a playground with shock-absorbing surface, a playful bridge,and  an outdoor barbecue.


Blok K in Amsterdam by NL Architects

Blok k’  is part of a masterplan for 500 dwellings, between the historic center and the recently redeveloped harbor area in the east of Amsterdam.

Les Terrasses Cap-á-l’aigle: Where Architecture and Nature Connect

Located in the very heart of nature on a vast wooded hillside, houses in the Terrasses Cap-à-l’Aigle are veritable sanctuaries of rejuvenation. Their simple, minimalist design, in direct contrast with the surrounding wilderness, enhances the beauty of the physical landscape.