Broadway Cinemas (Hangzhou) Location: Hangzhou, China,  Completion date: 2010

This interesting scenario happened in the broadway cinemas, which is a renowned theatre in Hong Kong. Hangzhou broadway was its first encountered in China. The site location is inspiring: broken space pieces is scattered in 4 levels inside a local high –end shopping mall.

Designers used their pens as the space edit tools and built up the scenario structures one level by one level. Taking the movie theme wall papers as a feature element and transforms them into ribbons. The ribbons fly through out the space and lined up all parts that were sprinkled on different floors in the shopping mall. This feature design element also created the flow that indicated the way to the cinema; Dramatic contrast of inner and outer of the theater inflates the ambiance of the cinema, and the stunning escalator at the center of the cinema breaks through the silent and lights up the way to the entrance of the cinema. Futuristic approach has shown on the massively usage of white tone, the surrealistic form of the ticket office and customer counter enhance has truly elaborated the futurism. via