We’ve got another great project by Studio Gang Architects to share with you.

Through conceptual “magnification” of its natural wonders, the Blue Wall Center restores and highlights the important ecological systems of its site, transforming a 165-acre former camp into an outdoor experience that encourages visitors to enjoy, explore, understand, and conserve the rich and unique landscape of the Upstate region of South Carolina. The Visitor Center, landscaped gardens, eco-lodges, hiking trails, and overlooks foster the visitor’s understanding of the remarkable biodiversity of the Blue Ridge Escarpment.

Pierced by a series of smooth glass holes that bring the outdoors deep into the building’s interior, the Visitor Center frames “living exhibits” of the region’s flora, fauna, and geology. Adjacent outdoor spaces are designed to work in the same way, with a series of “garden rooms” designed to focus, magnify, and intensify the Escarpment’s subtle beauty.