The Juvet Landskapshotell in Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway, is a bold blend of modern design and natural surroundings. A farmhouse, a barn, plus seven detached hotel rooms scattered in the foliage, each with at least one wall made entirely of glass, and none overlooking another. The concept is of geotourism, ‘creating a harmonious marriage where nature and modern design bring out the best in each other.’ The rooms, though starkly different from their surrounds, are also integrated into them through their vast windows. Guests, in high season, are invited to stay for five days and be looked after by local hosts who prepare their food, inform them about the environment they are in, and take them on tours of it. Total immersion.

The Juvet Lanskapshotell is a collaboration between the National Tourist Routes association, architect firm Jensen and Skodvin and local landowner Knut Slinning.