Google is preparing to build it’s own office complex in Mountain View, California.

It is the first time when the internet giant is building it’s own offices. Google payed 30 mil dollars  for a 53 years lease to lease of a 38 thousands square meters in Mountain View.

The construction will be done by the German company  Ingehoven that will try to build what is considered to be “the most ecological and durable building  possible” , as Google wants. Currently, the search engine giant has it’s offices in 65 buildings across 1.6 kilometers, also in Mountain View.

Google has not yet released photos of the new headquarters, but here is a collection of other buildings  designed by  Ingenhoven. You will see the Lufthansa airport in Frankfurt, O2 head quarters in  Munchen or the Exposition Pavilion in Hanovra.

We feel that Google is in good hands…

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