NminusOne may not be the most innovative name for a design office, but the creativity of the architects definitely got us sold.

Commissioned for Marc Morisset— a professional snowboarder, the five story house is built like a shredder following the line of a steep mountain.

The strategy takes its cue from the intimate engagement of a shredder following the line of a mountain; The house is distributed along a steep slope, developing diverse tactical relations to the landscape, the surrounding views and the internal functions or program of the house.

Its green roof blends in with the landscape. In contrast the main living volume is formed by a cantilevering roof with a suspended floor projecting out of the slope.

In the winter, the flat roof of the living level retains the snow. The snow then acts as an insulating blanket keeping the temperature close to 0 degrees Celsius. In the summer, the flat roof becomes a necessary flat surface for outdoor living, leaving the rest of the sloped site intact.