If you’re finding yourself unsatisfied with the current state of your home, you most certainly aren’t alone.

With the pandemic forcing us all inside for a prolonged period, giving us little option but to stay within spaces that (ironically) weren’t configured for that kind of lifestyle, it’s no wonder that many Americans have found their current home situation wanting. With around 12% of Americans moving over the course of the pandemic and 75% of Americans taking on home renovations, many are shaping their homes to their newfound needs.

Improving Your Home, Room by Room

However, suppose you don’t want to commit to large-scale renovations like blowing out walls to create an open floor plan or something similar. In that case, you might be pleased to hear that even something as simple as adding amenities that may have been lacking can have a significant impact on your quality of life. The installation of these amenities might be a project in itself but nowhere near as complex as other, greater-scale renovations.

If you’re looking for a guide that will prepare you for your first large-scale renovation, feel free to check out our guide here. Otherwise, read on: we’ll take you through the best amenities you can add to each room of your home.

The Living Room

The center of each household, your average living room should be a place where your family can congregate for some much-needed community, as well as a place where any sole member of your family can retire to relax. The following two amenities will help convey the cozy atmosphere you want from your living room, as well as add some much-needed functionality.

A Fireplace

Installing a warm hearth for your family to gather around might be a great place to start, as fireplaces have both aesthetic and functional benefits for any home. In addition to evoking a time long gone where families would crowd around it for warmth, fireplaces provide a source of heat that your utility company can’t charge.

Amish Furniture

Yep, you heard right: custom-made Amish furniture is meant to be sturdy and tailored to the orderer’s needs. If you’re looking for furniture that’s made for your home, you can’t do better than ordering from these expert tradesmen.

You can start looking at Amish Furniture Factory, the leading online provider of genuine Amish-made furniture in the United States. They have extensive collections of different pieces for each room and theme. You can also order some samples for free.

The Home Office

With over 70% of Americans currently working from home, you may have found that your need for a home office is greater than ever. Whether you’re planning on carving out a space for one or you have one that isn’t optimized for the era of remote work, these amenities should serve you well.

Storage Solutions

Even with the tech-heavy nature of remote work, you’ll still need traditional assets like filing cabinets to keep all of your documents organized. Arguably, with most people working mainly from home, these staples of any traditional office environment are even more important. Take a look at some of the best file cabinet providers to find one that works for you.

Remote-Work Tools

However, you’ll also need a series of tools specifically meant to aid you while working remotely. Some of these tools (though undoubtedly not all) are listed below:

● A high-quality webcam for all the obligatory morning Zoom meetings you’ll be attending.
● A greenscreen to present the background you want to present.
● A high-quality microphone so your coworkers can hear your contributions to said meetings.

The Bedroom

With how stressed and exhausted most of us are at all times, you want to make sure that when you retire to your room, you’re able to get a good night’s sleep, regaining some modicum of the energy you need. As such, consider installing the below amenities:

A Smart Hub

Smart hubs connect all the devices you have that can work with an Internet of things network, allowing you to remotely control things like lighting, temperature, and even your security system from the comfort of your room. If it gets too hot in the middle of the night, you have only to say the word, and the temp will go down. (And that barely scratches the surface of what this amazing device can do for you remotely.)

A Memory-Foam Mattress

On the subject of good sleep, however, you want your mattress to conform to your body, providing equal levels of comfort and support as needed. If you’re looking for a one-stop solution to find your perfect mattress, you can’t do better than memory foam. While memory foam mattresses are pricey, they are also designed to tailor themselves to your needs as you sleep, usually with technology that can adjust the mattress as needed and keep you cool.

You don’t have to live in a state of dissatisfaction with your home, nor do you need to put a bunch of money and effort into large-scale renovations: instead, all that may be missing are these key amenities. Try them out, and see how they can improve your quality of life in every room of your house.