LED candle designs that are full of atmosphere pose serious competition to the real deal. Even more so given they’re increasingly made of real wax.

Real candles are great, there’s no question. They smell, flicker and burn organically. You can’t replace that.

But there is one annoying aspect to them. Namely, you can’t leave them out unattended. With that, they’re out of the question in many public places such as hospitals or nursing homes – even around Christmas time. Of course, they also pose a fire hazard in your home. That’s why LED candles are a great addition to rooms like the bathroom, where you don’t spend all your time but still want that candlelight atmosphere. Here are nine of my fire-free faves that I think do a particularly good job, especially if you know how to stage them.

1. Battery Operated Remote Control

Some LED lights have an advantage over real wax candles: they’re equipped with a Remote Control, allowing you to hang them up and control them however you want. The imagination knows no bounds!

2. Behind glass

As LED candles don’t have a real flame, you can go ahead and jumble them up. You can throw them in a vase along with whatever knickknacks you have.

3. With a matching lantern

Particularly successful fake candles are those that come in a suitable vessel, distracting from the fact that they’re not made of wax. In fact, from a distance, you can hardly tell the difference. A good example of this is the «Pillar Flame Marble» LED. It cleverly disguises its inability to burn down, all while looking very decorative thanks to its marble pattern.

4. Impressively imperfect

Real wax candles with flickering LEDs are bound to win over anyone who’s not enthusiastic about the burnt-down appearance of the real deal. They have the typical wax smell and keep their shape.

5. Dunked in colour

LED candles also come in many colours. The bit of colour is enough to make them look more authentic. Add a black wick, and it makes all the difference.

6. Grouped up

Being huddled up in a group will make any candle alternative look better than on its own. Especially with their flames all flickering together.

7. Decorated with flowers

Flowers make LED candles look less artificial, be it as an arrangement, Advent wreath or as a decorative element as part of the candle itself.

8. Up in the air

The higher and farther away the candle hangs, the more difficult it is to tell a real one from a fake. That’s what makes design pieces such as the «Flamme Ring» by Star Trading so great. They’re equipped with a decorative ring for hanging and with a timer function, allowing them to become the eye-catcher in the room with just one click.