Explore, play, exceed the limits of garage storage systems. The walls have never felt so challenged. Let the central part of the room empty and analyze the potential of the vertical sides. The bike fits amazingly in a front-view zone, hung by two solid pegs, while your collection of ceramic pots will integrate easily in a multi-layered rack. All you have to do is to search what types of storage systems match your needs. Here are some useful tips for garage shelving! Thus, a floor to ceiling cabinet is very functional and feels great in a tall garage, while some airy shelves will do a better job in a cramped, low-down space. But, pay attention to proportions and leave a walking perimeter around your car. In this manner, you have the possibility to use the surrounding space smartly when your car is parked inside. Look for ingenious tips in our gallery of garage storage ideas!

Mix Storing with Leisure

Make the garage a friendly and welcoming lot. If space allows you to arrange a relaxation area, consider these possibilities: a pool table, a home cinema system, a Darts board, a bar and even a piano might satisfy your hobbies. One of my favorite garage organization ideas is to combine practical needs with joy. Why not crafting something for your home and having a cool beer meanwhile? The garage above is literally an extra space of the house. It almost feels that a second living room moved downstairs. The comfy sofa for two overlooks two TV screens and a medium-size cabinet for storing working utensils. The bar mixes tasty liquors with screwdrivers, hammers, pegs and many more. All hidden behind metallic doors. This Rock inspired garage feels fresh and contempo.

Garage Cabinets: Easy Reach, but Out of the Way

Indeed, you should follow this principle if you want to have the items smartly organized: easy reach, but out of the way. Thus, the garage shelving will assure enough space for your car. The garage above features a set of metallic cabinets of various sizes with several drawers attached. Inspired by kitchen design, it has working tops on two sides and many utensils hanging on the adjacent wall. The room feels tidy and well organized. If you want to enhance its beauty, play with patterns; the flooring features a chess decoration that matches perfectly with the embossed surfaces of the cabinet doors.

The Practical Trio: Racks, Shelves, and Cabinets

When it comes to garage organization, this trio solves all the problems. The patchwork above is composed of two solid racks and a fully equipped working top in between. Resembling a modern kitchen, it features shelves and drawers for storing items. On the left side, the gardening tools fixed smartly on the wall. As for the colors, grey is frequently used, but you can also add spots of colors here and there. Green, orange and blue will enliven the space.

Garage Slot Walls

A professional garage needs them all – hooks, pegs, wall mounted shelves, workbench kits, ceiling storage platforms and many more. Frequently used, slot walls offer a wide variety of possibilities. You can start with a panel and a hook and then add more panels if you need more storage. Engineered specifically for the rugged garage environment, the panels are strong and resistant. Once fixed on the walls, you’ll be able to easily install anything from hooks and shelves to hanging cabinets. As your needs change, you can simply move your items to wherever you want them. Explore this garage systems collection on Ebay for a bunch of smart items that will help you keep the garage clean and well organized.

Transparent Plastic Boxes

Would you like to have a well organised cabinet in your garage? Then try a variety of transparent boxes available in various styles and sizes. The main advantage is that you can easily see their content and reach the items. Moreover, you have the possibility to organise the boxes thematically – one with gardening utensils, another with Christmas decorations and so on. But, they are not common containers to throw things into. They complement the overall design and become catchy accessories when you know how to play with them.

Corner Garage Furniture

Resembling a tiny kitchen, this garage kit has everything the owner needs in a ‘niche’. Open shelves, cabinets, drawers and a wall to fix scissors, hammers, screw divers, keys, brushes and many more. You access them immediately, while keeping the countertop tidy. Not all the garages feature extra room for working tops, but if space permits, it is more than welcomed! Thus, every time you want to fix something or craft little things, you have a place to practice your creativity. Do not forget to install a modular lamp nearby and some useful lighting spots here and there. As for the colours, white is a good option when you want to make the space look wider, clean and well organised.

Floor to ceiling cabinets and a slot wall for the utensils

Symmetry gives strength and stability to an interior. If you plan a similar design in your garage, look for akin item of furniture and combine them smartly. Bar chairs are very practical and do not occupy much space.

The background follows the theme of the motorcycle. Hot hues of grey and red together with metallic accessories are perfect for a masculine decor. As the main area has to be empty for parking, the storage systems were completely fixed on the walls.

Slot walls are perfect for sport gears: skate board, bikes, tennis rackets and box gloves.

What about a pinch of luxury?

This garage features a masculine design with intense blues, grey and black. Surprisingly, the countertop in the middle is more than a simple working board. Exquisite finishings, decorations and a blessed ray of natural light beautify the space. As many artists say, everything changes when you pay attention to tiny details. The welcoming living room feel transforms the garage in a comfortable enjoyable place.