Sometimes our spaces are small. Whether it’s your bedroom or apartment, when we live in small spaces the first thing we think is, “How can I make it seem larger?” Luckily, that’s why we’re here. We did a little research and found some tricks and unique ideas to make your space feel and look bigger.

#1 Mirrors

You may have heard of this one before but when a method works there’s no reason not to mention it in this list. No matter where you put a mirror in your space it will make it seem larger than it is. You can put them on opposite walls, cover one wall with mirrors and leave the other walls free of reflection. This is something you can have fun with.

If you want to look for something truly unique hit your local garage sales. Some of the greatest treasures have been sitting next to the pile of spare tires. Second-hand and consignment shops are another place to find good deals and something you won’t see hanging on the wall of your friend’s apartment.

#2 Use Light Colors

When it comes to the walls and floors it’s a good idea to avoid dark wood or paints like dark red or black. Try to stick with shades of white or lighter colors. They brighten up a space and allow for light to be reflected around the room. Darker colors swallow light and, while that can feel intimate and snug, it can also feel claustrophobic.

#3 Practice Minimalism

Small spaces can’t take on a lot of stuff. If you are moving from a larger space to a tinier one then it would be a good idea to purge some items. A good purge will make you feel lighter and your space will be larger for it.

#4 Focus On Your Furniture

A loud red sofa that takes up most of the walls in your tiny living room will be the first thing your guests will notice when they see your new apartment. Having a focal point, like this sofa, will draw their eyes instantly and away from the fact that the room is so small. This will be especially true if you use the light-colored walls we spoke of earlier.

#5 Stripes

Whether you use striped wallpaper or put them on the floor, it will make the space they inhabit look longer. Virtual illusions like this have been used for years with home decor and it’s a simple trick that isn’t too pricey or difficult to have.

It’s worth mentioning that you still want to stick with the light color rule so, if your stripes consist of two colors, one should be light. If they use multiple colors you should stick with half of them being on the lighter side of the color spectrum.

#6 Decorate the Ceiling

This is where you can have some fun. Using a nice wallpaper or light-colored paint that compliments your wall colors can give the illusion of taller ceilings, which always makes a room feel a bit bigger. Everyone loves headspace so this would be a great trick if you are living in a garden apartment or a place with lower ceilings.

#7 Skip The Shades

Unless someone can see directly into your window leave your windows open and free of shade, blinds, or curtains. It will add depth to the room and give everyone’s eyes a place to go if the walls start to close in. If you have to have a covering for your windows go with simple blinds or shades. The less you decorate the windows the larger your space will seem.

#8 Display Bold Artwork

Just like the red sofa we discussed earlier when you add a piece of art that makes a big statement then it will make your space feel more wide-ranging. This is another item that you don’t have to spend a lot on and can find at yard sales, second-hand shops, and consignment stores. Of course, if you have a favorite artist, this would be a great way to support them.

#9 Lighting

This is one of those tips that very few people think about but it’s a great way to make your room feel larger than it actually is. Adding lights to the walls will bring attention to the corners and longer thin lamps will draw the room upward. You can use a dazzling, flashy lamp instead of that bold art piece or use something understated.

Whatever you use make sure the light isn’t condensed to one area of the room. Small spaces should be evenly lit to make them look larger.

#10 Use Furniture With Legs

Sofas sometimes come with a skirt or even some chairs are covered at the bottom. These are great pieces but furniture with legs will make your small space seem bigger. They give rooms a cleaner look and don’t feel as cluttered.

#11 Speaking Of Clutter

If there was ever a time to declutter it would be when you are trying to make a smaller space seem more expansive. There are ways to do this without having to get rid of any more stuff. You can get items like an ottoman or coffee table that also serves as a storage bin. Put shelves at the top of the walls closer to the ceiling. They will draw the eye upward and hold a ton of stuff.

Having things laying around like stacks of books or tons of knick knacks everywhere can make a space feel cramped, which is the exact opposite of what we are trying to accomplish.


Smaller spaces are wonderful. They’re charming, easy to clean, and cozy. But we all like a little room to stretch our legs and we want a space that is comfortable to have guests or even a party once in a while. These little tips can help you take that limited area and turn it into something gigantic.