When looking at the best doors to install in commercial space, there are quite a few options to consider. In smaller office space, traditional doors work well in providing a cozier atmosphere. But for more substantial commercial uses such retail, hospitals, transportation hubs, large metropolis government buildings, high visitor entertainment venues, and buildings, where there are high volume pedestrian areas where ease of egress is essential, the most optimum in high traffic, is the use of commercial aluminum glass entry doors.

While traditional doors can be a good option in a smaller office or commercial spaces, they are impractical for most commercial areas where an accessway is frequently used by over 100 people a day. In some cases, sliding glass doors can prove to be more practical in commercial areas, even when the volume of usage is not high. Sliding glass doors can be essential in buildings where getting through a doorway unimpeded is central to the overall pedestrian traffic needs.

The Ten Primary Reasons to Choose Sliding Glass Doorways for Commercial Pedestrian Traffic Include

When looking for easy egress transition in a commercial area, a sliding glass door works the best. Pedestrian traffic flows effortlessly with an all sensor automated sliding glass door. This can be especially important for commercial buildings that see a wide variety of foot traffic users.

High Volume Pedestrian Traffic

Sliding glass doors can play a vital role in high volume pedestrian traffic areas. Traditional doors can impede pedestrian flow because of the time it takes to open and close these doors during high traffic times. Especially since conventional doors usually only allow for one or two people to go through them at a time because of the limited space they provide. Traditional commercial egress doors are not built to withstand the constant motion of opening and closing in high volume areas and can break under the strain of continual high pedestrian traffic levels.

Enhancement of Space Around Doorway

Because the door slides inside a casing; there is no loss of space around the entryway like a traditional doorway. Traditional doors that open into a room cause loss of space around the internal doorway span since the door can hit people or objects on the other side of the door.

Brighter Clearer Visibility

Sliding glass doors are excellent for adding light into any interior space. Whether these doors are used as entryways coming in from the outdoors or are used in internal commercial areas, they allow for greater natural light and unobstructed entryway views. The design of sliding glass doors ensures there are no obstructions to viewing things outside the accessway area. This increases safety and enhances the feeling of open space.

Broader Entryway Width for Deliveries

Traditional doors require larger door frames than sliding glass doors. Because of this, the width for deliveries is often reduced by up to 12 inches. Since the sliding glass doors do not have a traditional door frame, the doorway span is enhanced, which makes the ease of deliveries of goods significantly improved. In addition, these doors are made with automated doorway sensors which can be especially helpful for all types of deliveries.

Ease of an Automated Doorways

Since they are sensor-driven, the doors open and close automatically when pedestrians walk over the activation platform. This can be an excellent benefit for family traffic with younger children as well as for group traffic of several people trying to enter an area at the same time.

Excellent for High Paced Work Atmospheres

For fast-paced work areas, the ease of egress into work areas unimpeded can be significantly important. The door allows for privacy of interior sound when closed and allows for a quick open egress for work environments that are high paced and active.

Excellent for Handicapped Access

Sliding glass doors can be especially important for commercial spaces where handicapped access is essential. Handicapped pedestrians do not have to worry about struggling with a door to gain access to the commercial space they are looking to enter. This is an excellent benefit for wheelchair-bound people as well as those who have difficulty with mobility.

High Energy Efficiency

Sliding Glass Doors are thermally insulated, allowing for excellent energy efficiency for commercial buildings. Additionally, since sliding glass doors close quicker than traditional doors, they immediately seal the entryway from external air. This can help preserve indoor heated air during the colder months and cooler air-conditioned air during the warmer months. This can be a big boost for reducing energy loss in commercial buildings.

Aesthetically Beautiful Entryways

Sliding glass doors create an elegant atmosphere near entryways. Their sleek, almost seamless design offers spacious and highly functional egress for all types of buildings.