Do you think that a 50 m ² floor can change your mood and transmit optimism? It definitely can! When decorating your small space, always focus on simplicity. Visual unity among decorations enables the room to maintain a sense of class, without becoming cluttered and closed in. The details, furnishings and decorations should be simple and balance each other. One method of balance is to make the surfaces of the room consistent. Consider using cool colors to make rooms feel more spacious. If the cost fits into your budget, some relatively simple structural changes can make a smaller home or room feel and behave larger. Things such as built-ins, removing or replacing doors such as pocket doors or sliding barn doors, removing walls, creating movable walls, closet organization, create a loft, high storage or a hanging bed if you have a high ceiling.

Even with a small square footage, this 538 square feet one-bedroom home feels spacious, inviting and comfortable with its well-thought layout, built-ins and storage spaces. The injection of cheerful fuchsia and green accents throughout the home create a sense of continuity and harmony.  The neutral shades encountered in the wooden floor, the bathroom, the couch in the living room emphasize the warmth of the place and the green and fuchsia shades  in the house represent the daring details of this young, cheerful and vital space that reveals optimism.[found on micasarevista]. Let’s take a look!

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