There’s nothing like dining alfresco and enjoying beautiful weather while taking in a pretty view. But cooking outside is even better. Get cooking with some of our favorite outdoor kitchens and grilling spots, from tropical poolside retreats to personal pizza parlors. You don’t need a lot of space for an outdoor kitchen — you just need your space to be functional. A large part of outdoor living is the creation of your own personal outdoor space. For today we gather […]

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Looking for a new look for your fence? What about the gabion stone fence? I’ve always loved the look of gabion walls – the subtle variation in stone colour, the texture of different rock fillings and the light and shade of stone and crevice. Gabion is a wire basket or wire form, filled with stones and shaped into a fence or retaining wall type structure. Gabions have become a popular construction material for narrow width free standing walls and fences. […]

Modern residence design usually combines a sense of stability with some effervescent details that add personality to the interior. Realised by Atmosphere Interior Design Inc., the project below uses wood as a dominant material, creating the feeling that you entered a cozy mountain chalet. Durable, versatile and cost-effective, wood covers the entire kitchen, being used as main material on both flooring and cabinets. Now and then, white enlightens the space with several pure spots; you find it on  countertop, pendants, vases, two […]

Varying tones of white, ivory, and gray visually combine to make this bath look expansive, belying its narrow dimensions and giving it a spa-like quality. The room’s neutral color scheme achieves a sun-kissed radiance thanks to the natural light that flows through two divided-light windows: one in the shower and one above the tub. For today we gather 25 Gray And White Small Bathroom Ideas. These colors success make people who see it fall in love with the harmonization resulted […]

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House Sperone is a private home located in Novigrad, Croatia. The 4,768-square-foot home was designed by Studio Metrocubo in 2014. According to the architects: “This award winning home harkens to traditional Colorado construction and materials such as stone and timber while offering an exquisitely contemporary experience – open, flowing, and full of light. As a larger structure, it was conscientiously made efficient and responsible, blending seamlessly with nature. It is a true celebration of this special Colorado place from which it […]

For today we gather a great collection of  the Coolest Shelters on Earth. We invite you to go through them, analyze some key information and let us know if anything hit the spot. Enjoy! Long Studio: Joe Batt’s Arm, Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada The Bridge Studio is dramatically located on a steep hillside overlooking the calm waters of an inland pond. Newfoundland is a mecca for innovative homes and architecture, which is surprising for a province with only 2,500 residents. On […]

A pergola is an ideal for creating beautiful environments in your garden and terrace. Pergolas are usually custom-built and made of wood, but aluminum and vinyl pergolas are growing in popularity because they last a long time and need almost no maintenance to continue looking good. Since aluminum and vinyl require special tools and techniques to work with, these materials are most commonly available as pre-manufactured kits. Add beauty and shade without the maintenance of wood with an Aluminum Pergola. […]

Casa do Pego is a luxury beach villa located in Comporta, Portugal. It was designed by Pedro Ferreira Pinto in 2010. With a unique modern design, rising from the sand dunes, just a few meters away from the best portuguese beach – Praia do Pego. Designed by architect Pedro Ferreira Pinto, Casa do Pego features a private sunny terrace with a heated swimming pool, a garden, a front deck with breathtaking views and an interior patio for total privacy and relax. An exquisite, […]

Having a place where you could rest and take a good look at the surroundings would certainly be a great thing.  We have prepared for you 33 ideas for your outdoor space: pergola design ideas and terraces ideas  which are functional and practical and also suitable for every garden or terrace. Any of these could give you a place where you can breathe in fresh air and where you can see the vast heavens. That would be a relaxing view which can […]

Cheap, powerful, and available almost everywhere—solar energy is a truly great thing. With these 8 Amazing Sun-Powered Projects, you can turn a sunny day off into some brag-worthy, possibly money-saving backyard tech. Artificial Leaves Act as Solar Cells, Imitate Nature  Ahh, the art of camouflage. As technology becomes ever more ubiquitous in our lives we have begun to try and hide it, and blend it in with our surroundings (perhaps you have seen those cell towers that pose as trees). […]

Many of us will be firing up our grills this weekend for some well-deserved barbecue time. After all, barbecuing is one of America’s greatest pastimes, but it certainly isn’t one of our most environmentally friendly. The solar cooker is one that stores solar heat in a sealed container of melting salt for about six hours during a tropical day. If successful, this grill could both alleviate the well-known environmental impact of traditional charcoal grilling, and also offer a cleaner, greener […]

The A-Bike Electric is the world’s lightest and most compact e-bike (electric bike). Its telescopic design means it can be folded to fit into any journey. The electric power assistance makes riding easy and keeps you going for up to 15 miles (25 km). Born from the A-Bike concept developed by British inventor Clive Sinclair to change the way people thought about daily commutes and travel, he new A-Bike Electric stands out by being “the lightest and most compact“ electric bike. A-Bike […]

367 House is a residential project completed by Mateo Ponce de León. The 3,229-square-foot contemporary home is located in Mendiolaza, Córdoba, Argentina. According to the architects” In one of the volumes is where social life happens, it has an open plan and a big transparent area which face north. It flies over the site integrating itself to the landscape. Structurally it is solved by four concrete columns and inverted beams of big dimensions in order to achieve that four meters cantilever, which […]

Set in Queensland’s tropical north, the Planchonella House embraces its rainforest surroundings. Designed by architect Jesse Bennett and his wife, interior designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo, the Planchonella House makes the most of its tropical rainforest environment. The residence in Queensland, Australia is defined by playful concrete lines, inspired by the contours of the landscape: “As not to protrude out with the ridge, the profile is mirrored and cuts back. The simplistic approach and use of Lo-Fi technologies results in a raw […]

It is not difficult to create a cat paradise in your back yard or balcony. Giving your cat outdoor access is good, but only if the outdoor environment is inviting to your pet. By making a few simple, inexpensive changes to your garden, you can create a cat-friendly haven for your pet. Your cat is less likely to venture beyond the garden to neighboring gardens or across roads if you employ these techniques. (You can also view: 15 Cool Modern […]

Copenhagen based designer Ellinor Ericsson, has created the X-Me Collection, a group of furniture pieces that are adorned in a cross-stitch pattern. According to the designer description: “The X-Me Collection is a furniture concept developed by the question “Why does Nordic furniture design lack ornaments?”. In the project, nordic furniture design were compared to the adorned Rococo furnitures. The goal was to find a balance between the two different aesthetics, to bring the best from both. The result was a […]