Japanese architectural firm Suppose Design Office has designed the House in Saijo. Completed in 2007, this 1,243 square foot contemporary home’s unique pyramid shape was inspired by a pit-house. It is located in Hiroshima, Japan. The client is a couple with three children hoped there are bright openhearted space, and keeping the privacy. Earth excavated from the site was used to build a wall around the house, creating a room below ground level surrounded by glass but shielded from its neighbours. The […]

Designed by asap, the site of the Emperor Hotel, Beijing, China was once occupied by a public bath and so the spirit of bathing and mystery will live on in the new hotel. The design is organized not by spaces and circulation but by emotions and dreams; not by materials and details but by illusions and memories. All the rooms at The Emperor Qianmen, are named after Chinese characters related to the element “Shui”, literally water, embodying fashion and health in five different […]

Whether your tree at home is real or artificial ( we prefer Artificial Christmas Trees), you’ll find inspiration for decorating the centerpiece of your holiday home. Decorating the Christmas tree is an annual tradition many families enjoy, but the tree itself doesn’t need to be traditional.  During the holiday season, the Christmas tree is the shining centerpiece of your home. Trim your tree with these inspirational decorating ideas. A Christmas tree dusted with snow looks even frostier when decorated exclusively in […]

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Looking for something different this year? Sensational colors to celebrate Christmas in style! Bold and festive, it’s the perfect way to add a playful touch of charm to your breakfast nook, windowsill, or child’s bedroom. Brighten up every inch of your home with a shower of colors with a rainbow Christmas tree. Bring home this little beacon of harmony and make this Christmas truly a season of love and joy for everyone. Colorful ornaments and ribbon bring a touch of whimsy to your artificial […]

Hooks and hangers are probably one of the quickest and simplest ways to keep things wrinkle-free, tidy and easy to find.  The creative person in each of us also has a chance to reveal themselves when it is time to clear the closet of those unused hangers. There are hundreds of arts and crafts projects that call for hangers as a main component. What to Do with that Old Wire Clothes Hanger! Recycle it! People who are particularly adept in […]

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Designed by Urban Office, L.S.G. Head Office Building is located in Bucharest, Romania. Surrounded by constructions pertaining to Socialist architecture, the building stands out due to its contemporary features, illustrative of other times and different aspirations. Compound geometry of the building is defined by boxes which “bombard” or dot the façade, which confer a certain degree of urban porosity, meant to reduce the massiveness of the building, in order to offer a gradual transition to the surrounding residential area. According to the architects: […]

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Hello! It is that beautiful time of the year again, which is simply too fabulous for crafts and ideas: Autumn! The beautiful Autumn colours, the leaves, the chestnuts and the acorns. Nature is everyday magic. Take the acorn: Within this common seed resides the genetic material for a 90-foot oak tree that will live 100 years or more. A mature tree can drop millions of acorns in its lifetime, plenty for creatures to eat as well as for humans to […]

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The bathroom is one of the only rooms in a house where we’re expected and encouraged to lock ourselves inside. Having the right lights to suit every room in the house is essential, and it’s just as important in the bathroom as it is anywhere else. The four types of light needed for the best bathroom atmosphere are task, accent, decorative and sparkle. We spoke with two lighting experts about how to light your bathroom right and how best to transform a […]

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These luxury ski chalets in the French Alps are located in the popular ski resorts of Courchevel 1850, Meribel and Val d’Isere, offer opportunities for beginners and advanced skiers. Relaxation and meditation are the strongest points here, aside from the luxury and all the amenities. Most of them combine rustic farmhouse chic with complete luxury and offer guests superb facilities including a covered outdoor heated plunge pool, sauna and outdoor hot tub. Each chalet is a truly stunning chalet combining pure […]

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Beach or seaside houses are often raised houses suitable for the shoreline sites. They are adaptable for use as a vacation house near water or even in mountain areas. Our beach or seaside houses collection displays an array of styles and options to take full advantage of the cool sea breeze that wafts through the open windows. From ultra-modern in Santa Monica to Cape Cod charm in Malibu, these dreamy places have an irresistible allure. Beach house plans are designed to […]

Over the years, architecture of the Alpine region has evolved from simple timber structures to innovative, sophisticated, and eco-friendly buildings which capitalize on the large amounts of sunlight and wind, as well as stunning snowbound landscapes. For today we gather a great collection of 10 Amazing Alpine Cabins, Huts and Hideouts. Enjoy! Alpine Cabin by Scott & Scott Architects Vancouver architects Susan and David Scott launch their practice with the completion of a remote snowboard cabin located in an alpine powder […]

A lovely gelato bar like Madness Creamery below can change your mood instantly. Located in Arequipa, the second most populous city in Peru, the place looks like a cave with stalactites.The material used to shape the triangular prisms is MDF (medium density fibreboard) painted in company’s logo colours. Among them, lighting items were inserted. The bar, which incorporates triangular patterns with high and low relief, is made entirely of white quartz, in order to be perceived as a single block of ice carving. The explosion […]

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Imagine how your house would look and feel like without windows—the air would smell stale and rooms would look gloomy. Your windows provide natural light and optional ventilation effortlessly. Additionally, windows serve as your home’s portal to the great outdoors. Window seats can become your favorite spot in the home, provided that the ledge is wide enough to accommodate a seat or you can choose to add miniature sofas to create the dreamy seat you have been thinking about. Give the dreamy […]

Gisele Taranto Architecture has partnered with LZ Studio to create a laboratory of ideas – LAB LZ by GT. This partnership has resulted in a space that has been designed specifically for Casa Cor Rio. It is a really bold alternative to concrete or wooden flooring. According to the architects: “This year, LAB LZ by GT, have designed a space with a suspended glass floor, featuring mirror shards located in the empty space between the existing subfloor and finished floor”, an official […]

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Welcome the arrival of fall and Thanksgiving guests with gorgeous decorations both indoors and out. You don’t have to wait until the holidays to begin decking the halls in your home – especially with so many fresh and fun autumn décor ideas about. Autumn or fall is the best time of the year to incorporate earth tone colors into your home decorations. Decorate your home inside and outside with gourds, leaves, pumpkins, nuts and other seasonal materials for beautiful fall DIY displays. […]

During any season we want to stay outdoors, even in winter to enjoy a snow fall. That’s why it’s very important how you decorate your garden, porch and patio. In this collection, we have featured a lot of various outdoor ideas from which you can get inspiration and use it to make some changes to your backyard.  You can create any style and any atmosphere you want. If you want maximal coziness, choose rustic style. The first thing you need […]