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There are around 250 tall towers currently planned for London’s skyline. From afar, they’ll probably look great. But unless they’re planned carefully, they’ll start throwing shadows across ever-growing swathes of London. How can we build skyscrapers without throwing cities into shadow? No more living in the shadow of big business! Architects NBBJ have designed a  Shadowless Skyscraper for the London Skyline. Architects NBBJ have designed skyscrapers which don’t cast a shadow. Architects design skyscrapers that don’t block out the light because they redirect […]

Fujigaoka M is a modern light apartment completed by Sinato in 2014. The 689-square-foot home is located in Fujigaoka, Aoba Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.This renovation of a unit in a 26 year old apartment complex is a dwelling for a married couple. By placing the bedroom and walk-in closet on either side of the existing load-bearing wall, the two windows facing the southwest are connected by forming an L-shaped open space with the goal of creating an internal environment that […]

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Vivienda en Sant Joan is a private home designed by Egue y Seta in 2014. It is located in Barcelona, Spain.  The renovation project of the housing unit in Sant Joan gives a convincing answer to all the above questions. And its result, comparable to an endless number of examples due to its typology and similar dimensions, confirms that design and the experience of the interior architects, are not at all incompatible with tight budgets or smaller homes. The initial briefing of […]

A luxury apartment can be the easiest way to marry the desire for decadence with the need for a central, urban location. Kiev Apartment is a refined apartment visualized by Irena Poliakova. In this spacious Ukrainian apartment from designer Irena Poliakova, it could be easy to forget that you are in an apartment at all since the luxe design is reminiscent of a sprawling estate more than a chintzy studio. Step inside this beautiful space and imagine what you life […]

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This home was renovated by Emerick Architects, and is located in Portland, Oregon, USA. The home covers an area of 8,000 square feet, and has an elegant and spacious interior. The 2,400-square-foot second-story loft is lined with 13-foot-high windows, custom-made to replicate 1930s steel-framed factory windows — albeit in double-paned glass and wood. There are few interior walls; instead, a massive fireplace anchors the main space, where the couple lounge, cook and eat. A single slim bedroom and bathroom are tucked off […]

This colorful apartment is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Come in through the rustic wooden door and proceed into the yard to D-rise. The staircase of stone is wide and the staircase are two common airing balconies. On the third floor we are pleased to present an incredibly socially planned three-century-old apartment with a large balcony facing east. Its interior combines a variety of elements and textures to create an eclectic finish. he floor consists of dark gray Italian tile with underlying warmth, perfect […]

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There is something enchanting and stunning about living next to the beach, or somewhere near it. 96 Golden Beach Drive by SDH Studio is a modern house located in Florida. Here are beautiful beaches where people are fascinated and enjoying the relaxing and amazing coolness of the water. That is why many people also intend to build their homes in this interesting state. Located on a 13,000 square foot lot in Golden Beach, Florida this house was designed around a 27 foot high […]

Casa Cor 2014 is a project completed by David Guerra for the 2014 edition of Casa Cor Minas. The exhibition was held in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Dining, living, kitchen and bedroom are combined in a single space, while privacy and convenience are attained through simple strategies, such as sliding doors which completely close off the kitchen, hiding away the appliances when desired, and a leather coated wall that works as a headboard, and also conceals the closet and bathroom behind it. also […]

This 1,830 square foot contemporary apartment was designed by Brain Factory in 2013. The Monolithic House is a contemporary apartment located in Castrovillari, in the southern Italy, so defined because the creative concept behind the project plays with the volumetric subtractions of a monolithic block. In addition to stone, predominant natural material is the wood that warms the environment from the entrance, place where it is immediately enveloped in a surreal atmosphere: a rain of Swarovski crystals adorned the walls, dotted of sparkles. Constructive […]

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The first edition of The Loft was a great success, and last December, the team at The Playing Circle did a great job in turning the largest event space of the Vaudeville Theater of Amsterdam into a vibrant loft-like conceptual pop-up store. This pop-up event is an initiative of The Playing Circle, a company that provides motivating meeting spaces in Amsterdam for gatherings, trainings, and workshops. Opened only for a short time, the Loft #2 was stocked with a carefully curated […]

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Carried out by 81.WAW.PL, this winter escape home is every skier’s dream. Literally the only thing that could make this home better is if it were slope side. It’s beautiful how the pure white exterior and sharp angles allow the home to blend into its surrounding. Slanted House is a home visualized by Michal Nowak.

Modern style is sometimes avoided by traditional spirits for fear that it may look outdated in several years. Due to our continuously changing world, a trend that seduces the audience at a moment – namely with architectural details such as amazing angles, glass facades or terraced roofs – can easily feel passé a few years later. In contrast with present fashions, classic styles seem rooted in an elegant, simple, vintage atmosphere of whose authenticity nobody dares to question. You know they […]

After much speculation and anticipation, a brand new, super-skinny MacBook with a Retina display has finally arrived. This isn’t a “MacBook Air,” it’s simply called the new MacBook. But it looks more like a MacBook Air than any of the previous MacBooks. Unveiled during a live event in California today, Apple’s new MacBook is just 13.1 millimetres thick – 24 per cent thinner than the current slimmest design, the 11-inch MacBook Air.  “We set a new standard for portability while enhancing its […]

For today we thought about gathering a collection of Vertical Garden Planters that would serve as a good source of inspiration. All the vertical gardening arrangements in the pictures below have a contemporary feel to complement your ideas. also view: Get Inspired and Create Your Own Vertical Garden [photo source] PlantsOnWalls is the maker of easy-to-use Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters that are made from recycled water bottle PET plastic felt. The lightweight modular, panels let you make living walls easily and […]

Modern or traditional? Stone, steel or glass? Lots of dilemmas come through our head when we have to choose a fireplace for our home. Known as a ‘must-have accessory’ during cold winters, the part of the chimney that opens into the room and where fuel is burned has to be coordinated with the interior as well. Depending on its destination – bedroom, living room or reading area -, you can opt for imposing, stone constructions, discreet solutions in steel or more […]

Spice up your kitchen with an easy window herb garden! Where there’s a window, there’s a way to garden. Window herb garden is always a good idea! See our shelves windows collection an start to create a scaled-down gardening spot. When space is limited, finding room for plants can be impossible. But no matter your style, space, or budget, you can devise a strategy for success just by simplifying your requirements. Glass shelves above a deep window sill invite in light while helping […]

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