Located on the outskirts of Wanaka, architect Tim Lovell designed a home for his parents who entering retired life. Tim had recently established the Wellington-based firm Lovell & O’Connell Architects (LO’CA) with Ana O’Connell. In a response to the landscape and extreme climate, the design aims of this project were to provide shelter whilst connecting with the dramatic landscape.  The house is conceived as a frame set into the land against a rock over which fabric is draped.  A long, […]

Skike, the new outdoor activity is rapidly spreading among skaters and ski enthusiasts worldwide. It is a sport which unifies a healthy living, body culture and social interaction into an unique experience. Skikes are light Nordic Skates with air wheels that can be used for off road as well as on road tours, have a high quality at reasonable prices and offer unparalleled fun. Everybody can skike, young and old at any level of athletic appearance. buy it from here: Cardiff […]

By utilizing this tiny yet powerful  Slice-A-Roo Ultimate Tri-Blade Vegetable and Fruit Peeler Spiralizer, you can now make your everyday vegetables transform into curly slices in no time. With 3 types of blades having their own form of integrated storage, this slicer ensures your vegetables look visually elegant every time you pass them through this unique method in slicing. The slicer is available in three bright colors of red, green and white which is perfect for using on vegetables like potatoes. […]

This ingenious, all stainless steel cooking grate, stores over your spare tire and takes up virtually no space. Made of laser cut stainless steel, the grill stands on solid steel legs and has grill and griddle sections for campfire cooking options.  When not in use, you can secure it to the spare tire using a ratchet strap or wheel cover. It fits any standard tire between 29-37 inches, and the grill diameter is slightly less at around 23.6 inches. Remember […]

Ravine Road occupies a corner plot in the desirable location of Canford Cliffs.Ravine Road is a stunning example of functional, eco-friendly architecture combined with cutting edge design and bespoke detailing, creating a unique and elegant family home. The brief specified a house suitable for ailing family members whilst incorporating green technologies, combined with the requirement for a four-bedroom contemporary home with open plan living and areas of quiet and relaxation.

Traditional is one way to describe this home, simple is another. Surrounded by pine trees and nestled beside a lake, the east-facing back porch offers unrivaled views of the sunrise. When entering the home, guests walk directly into the dining room, which opens onto the expansive living room. To help define the two spaces, the designer nestled the dining area beneath an open-air bridge that connects the two upstairs wings. The stunning views of the marshland drove the living room design,” says Ken, the designer. […]

La Jolla House  is an impressive residential project from San Diego, USA. This hillside home in San Diego, USA with captivating views of the La Jolla Country Club  and ocean is the dream home of a couple who wanted a space to grow old in together and to enjoy fully with their pre-teen child and the family’s beloved rescue Labradors. The couple was attracted to the essential character of their house, which was built in 1957. They wanted to retain its essence […]

Divergence House is located into a lush garden in one of the expatriate areas of Bangkok, Thailand and it was designed by the FOS architectural practice in 2014, preserving most of the trees of the site and creating a layout which integrates the internal spaces with the natural surroundings. All the programmes are strategically diverged from one another and positioned precisely between the trees. Their locations depend on the level of privacy and internal connectivity. For instance, a foyer and a […]

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Masquespacio  has created the space and identity of 2Day Languages, a new Spanish school in Valencia.  “We wanted to limit our intervention to a minimum,” said the studio’s creative director Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, “without forgetting the importance of equalising the mix between modern decoration and the beauty of the neoclassical architecture of the building.” The space is designed on an area of 183 square meters, with three classrooms, a staff room, and a lounge. Each of the classrooms and rooms are a […]

Architect Marc Gerritsen has designed a home for himself in Koh Samui, Thailand. According to the architects:”The main thing about this location is the expanse of the surroundings and the quietness. Life in Taipei is very hectic, and I needed a place to escape. I really wanted a quiet area and a fantastic view. Having an open plan living room, with doors that can totally slide away, which looks out at the pool and the ocean – that’s something I’d been thinking […]