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Located in São Paulo, Brasil, the new Maremonti Restaurant was designed by the office Lab Architects. The intention of the architects was to build a new franchise without losing the rustic and welcoming characteristics of the space. The restaurant has access through an open area, and the architect explains that the project has characteristics of a shopping store. “In the project design, we seek inspiration in Maremonti Riviera de São Lourenço, which is a beach restaurant with the same finishes and features, but […]

Designed by Bernardes and Jacobsen Arquitetura, the AMB House is situated on the coast of São Paulo, Guaruja City in the middle of the Atlantic Forest. The house can be called the balcony house with large glass panels that allow visual contact with the surrounding areas of the residence and the natural landscape of the region. From the street you can only see one of the three floors of the house because the terrain has accentuated slopes that give different views of […]

Located on the Aireys Inlet, Victoria, Australia, the Aireys House by Byrne Architects has a privileged location high on a cliff, overlooking the ocean. Aireys Inlet is a small coastal village known and loved for its quiet casual nature, a counterpoint to the higher density development creeping along the coastline from Torquay. For this project we were fortunate enough to have a site high on the cliff line with spectacular views to the famous Aireys Lighthouse, Eagle Rock, Lorne and the […]

Berlin-based studio COORDINATION has completed a new private penthouse in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Located on the 30+ floor in the highest and most prominent building of the city, the Esentai Tower, this apartment is aimed to be a place for sensory and intellectual stimulation as well as a refuge for relaxation. The brief was to create a setting purely for leisure, mainly intended for weekend breaks or short stays. Starting with a blank core & shell canvas,  the area was outfitted […]

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A warm welcome to Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, creator of award-winning and exceptional guest experiences in places of incredible natural beauty. Our crafted experiences are delivered by a wealth of experts from diverse backgrounds, from visiting spa practitioners and celebrity chefs, to star gazers, marine biologists and even our own paragliding professional. These fascinating folk complement our dedicated hosts and help to establish the Six Senses’ uniqueness. Six Senses Spa at Ninh Van Bay is a sanctuary for all […]

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When you think about Scandinavian apartment interior design, you might get a picture of a minimalist space where white and light play a huge role. Harmonizing coziness and interior design simplicity, this Scandinavian apartment discovered by DesignRulz on Alvhem, is located in a charming old building in the Kungshöjd area, Gothenburg. The place features a total living surface of 104 square meters and consists of three lively rooms plus kitchen. This Scandinavian apartment comes with unrivaled views of the city and harbor. […]

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Hernandez Silva Arquitectos designed FF House, this remarkable contemporary residence  is located in Zapopan in Mexico. Looking at this modern home from the backyard, one thing is clear, those architects and engineers did impressive job on this house. The formal concept aims to display simple and lightweight items that observed from the outside seems to float on a wooden base. Open and spacious, yet capable of ensuring a high level of privacy and intimacy, the residence is part of a gated community. From […]

Gardeners can build a raised garden beds with relative ease. However, for the novice lover of colorful flower and fresh vegetables, getting all the right information about raised bed gardens before proceeding to make one is vital. Beyond the ease is the control—as you grow your favorite foods, you feed and soak your plants with just what they need for optimum growth. Here are tips on planning, building, protecting and irrigating raised garden beds.  What is a raised garden bed? The basic […]

Renowned by Wilson Architects, Sunshine Beach House was designed by architect Gabriel Poole in 1997.  Influenced by Mediterranean and Mexican lifestyle and design, the living areas were surrounding a central courtyard. The careful arrangement of the spaces protected from the prevailing sea breezes, and opened the house up to the Northern aspect while maintaining privacy. When new owners purchased the property, they quickly decided they were in favor of additional living space and all-weather connections with the sleeping quarters, all while maintaining the […]

Here at Designrulz we like discovering new ways to innovate the home you live in, from elegant elements of décor to fun or unusual items, we bring the best home accessories and break you in on them. 3P Clock, for instance, caught our attention with its clever twist on time-telling. Designed by Robocut Studio, the 3P clock might appear to be for your bedside table, but take a closer look and you’ll see something entirely different. It’s a clever twist on time-telling that […]

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Do you live in a small apartment? Small apartments have their upsides – lower rent, often a closer proximity to bustling downtown areas, and a certain irreplaceable cozy charm. Many of us whether by choice or necessity live in smaller apartments. This small apartment in located in Lviv, Ukraine and was designed by Grits Creative Group. The home is only 40 square meters (430 square feet) but still manages to have the requisite areas for a young, creative family. Take […]

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PplusP Designers have designed the 38/F-39/F Mandarin Oriental Apartments in Macau. The dining room reciprocates the natural style of the living room with added elegance. The long wooden dining table, capable of accommodating a large number of guests, directly joins into the polished marble structure with a concealed television which is available for viewing when hosting. Alongside is a fireplace installed on the wall, highlighting the contrasting material of the shelving. Adjacent to the living room, the ceiling of the second floor […]

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LLI Design have recently completed a ground floor renovation of a home in Buckinghamshire, England.The family had bought the house new and over time had come to recognise that it did not fulfil their wishes as to how they wanted to live. The house in general, needed to be taken to a new level of design and quality, LLI Design proposed that more open plan living would suit the family’s lifestyle. The clients, a young professional couple with 2 children, […]

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LED lights are remarkable accessories if you want to create a charming atmosphere in the garden. Summer evenings will never be the same after you install some electric fireflies of LEDs. They come to full brightness without need for a warm-up time and their efficiency is several times better than incandescent lamps. Deck, terrace, pool, door entrance or flower pots – they all deserve a royal look in the spotlight. Explore what we found on and prepare your garden for a fairy tale. 1. Beautifying the […]

SuperLimão Studio have designed a honeycomb inspired facade, full of hexagonal shapes, for the Estar Móveis shop in São Paulo, Brazil. The studio has treated the façade with a hexagonal honeycomb like structure of powder-coated steel in gunmetal grey with some of the hexagons perforated to help protect the upscale goods from the harsh tropical sun. Inside the highly textured finishes are much more rough and unrefined and speak to the original character of the building. This façade is an interesting and bespoke […]

Cal Lane works in a series of “Industrial Doilies”, producing works that use contradiction to create an empathetic form. Lane imparts highly industrial materials with touches of delicacy, adding filigree to car parts, oil tanks, and shovels with a blowtorch. Her chosen patterns also exist on another level, their compositions inspired by those used in religious ceremonies such as weddings, christenings, and funerals. The detail and the contrast that is the point of the artwork is so apparent that you could […]

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