Flowered beddings, soft pillows and long, folded curtains are symbols for romantic rooms. It might sound cliché, but there is no other way I could describe a charming place where mystery reigns. Spotted on Zara Home, the collection below contains tens of patterns, colours and textures. From pure whites and serene blues to intense browns and energetic reds, the exquisite beddings will transform your bedroom into a royal chamber. A set usually consists of a flat or fitted bed sheet that […]

Owning a contemporary house in the forest is both a challenge and a bless. You enjoy the natural landscape all day long, but you have to deal with a harsh climate and an overwhelming feeling of isolation as well. Realized by Libeskind Llovet Arquitetos, the residence below is located next to the river Paraibuna, in São Paulo. ‘Paying attention to the environment, the project aims a minimal impact on the preserved site’, explained the architects. Designed like a concrete pavilion with […]

Zaya Nurai Island is a 5* luxury boutique private island resort; an exclusive island concept, situated off the coast of Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi. Easily accessible via a short speedboat transfer; minutes travel time from Abu Dhabi city. Nurai Island offers it’s guests single bedroomed Beach Retreat Villas and/or multiple bedroomed Water Villas, delivering a full resort experience, lifestyle and wellbeing culture in a truly unique location. Congratulations to Zaya Nurai Island on their nomination for the 2016 Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality […]

House Araguaia OM is a private residence designed by Dayala + Rafael Estúdio de Arquitetura. It is located in Alphaville Araguaia, Goiânia, Brazil. This stylish Brazilian house,  Araguaia OM, designed for a couple who loves getting friends and children already married, is located on a plot with 1260 mp located in a condominium with unique beauty and view a huge area of ??environmental preservation. According to the architects: ” The great challenge of building, which has approximately 455 mp, was to provide residents […]

This clever example of interior layout, by the team at Fertility Design, experiments with the introduction of retractable glass doors within the heart of a home, to divide off rooms for quiet and privacy at certain times of the day, whilst still providing the opportunity of creating a free flowing open plan space when desired. The sliding doors in this example provide a barrier around the home office area for times when total concentration is needed away from the hubbub of […]

Spotted on dailymail.co.uk, this Tudor house in Hastings, UK is one of the most beautiful rehabilitation projects we have ever written about. Motivated by the fact that many old buildings in the area lost their original features, the owner – a ardent admirer of the Tudor house style – spent more than £500,000 on buying and renovating it. First of all, he focussed on preserving the simple, rustic and the less impressive aspects of the building that reminds us of medieval cottages. Steeply pitched […]

Puzzles Architecture took on the challenge of updating a family home in Lustin, Belgium, that was built in 1730. The residence borders a river, an orchard, a garden and a forest. Constructed of two parts stone and one part cob, the house was perfectly integrated into its surroundings. The project developers chose to keep the charming original facades and extend the back volume to gain more living space by adding a weathering steel extension. The buget was about  230 000 €. “The concept […]

According to Food Industry & Nutrition, there is no better way to absorb vitamins, enzymes and minerals from fruit and vegetables than by drinking juice. Studies have shown that the absorption rate is up to 4 times higher and digestion times are also significantly improved. A slow juicer is also the best juicer for leafy greens (also known as a cold press juicer) and work as the name suggest; slower than your normal juicer. The slower speed is beneficial in a […]

We got used to be surprised by modern residences. With their catchy architecture and appealing use of materials, the buildings are on top of our preferences. Located in Brazil, the mansion below was realized by Le Araujo Arquitetura and it features large, naturally lighted interiors and lots of relaxing outside areas. The guest is impressed from his very first steps: alleys of white tiles and well-organized green areas welcome you at the entrance. An interesting combination of volumes and transparent […]

If you are looking for inspiring garden designs, you have come to the right place. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about making your outside space come alive. With garden design as important to a home as interior decor, we want you to be able to relax, dine and play outside, in style. To help you do this, we’ve highlighted this year’s key styles for creative inspiration to help you achieve your chosen look at home. From guaranteed […]

Loft Town is a private residence located in Vilnius, Lithuania. The home was designed by InArch and it covers 914 square feet. The downstairs space of the home consists of the lounge, kitchen and eating space. Every area flows simply collectively however nonetheless has a sense of separation. The design takes full benefit of the vaulted ceilings by together with flooring to ceiling home windows. The pure mild is beautiful and completely warms the varied imperfection sin the wooden paneling, emphasizing the […]

Concrete bedroom walls reflect stability and strength. Despite their industrial and cold look, there are persons who prefer to insert concrete walls in their sleeping room. If interested in introducing such elements at home, explore the gallery of 15 contemporary set-ups that use concrete as a dominant material. Not the least, connect with its colour and find out if you feel comfortable with such interiors. Being both motionless and emotionless, gray is solid and stable, creating a sense of calm and […]

Kids want to live in fairytales. If you plan to make their dreams come true, explore the gallery below and pick what matches their personality. From diaphanous corners to playful grounds, the sleeping rooms reveal a fairytale world where children dream of their own destiny. Is this a luxury? Definitely not. Although some parents consider such investments useless, we believe it is essential to stimulate their creativity as early as possible. Pictures, toys, games, little buildings and drawings on the […]

There is no dearth of creativity in this world and some instances are shown by talented artists like Ben Young. His glass sculptures have already become famous on several sites and these are created in wonderful effects and techniques. Another unique technique that is explored by him are working with layered glass. Layered glass is created by putting together cut pieces of laminated window panes. With these he has created wonderful works of sculpture as shown here. Some of his […]

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Preparation is essential for any outdoor adventure. Having the necessary supplies and equipment can make a difference in your overall enjoyment and experience. Checklists are a great tool to help with your organization. Your camping list will vary according to the type of camping and activities you have planned, the places you are going, the time of year and the length of your trip. Here is our camping checklist: 8 Things You Can Buy Now for the Best Summer Camp Experience. Enjoy! […]

Dutch designer Tim van de Weerd created the ‘Monstera Plant Pots‘, an organic-looking pot that mirrors the plant’s roots in a delicate way. To achieve the fragile design of ‘Monstera Magnifica’ and ‘Monstera Fugiens’, the designer built legs made of steel, which were bent by hand and then covered with clay. On the inspiration behind it, van de Weerd says: “The design shows a fascinating tension between stillness and movement and between the organic and the industrial.” Balancing on gawky, root-like […]