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Optical illusion or bathroom sink? This almost invisible bathroom sink was created by Bulgarian designer Victor Vasilev, who currently lives in Milan, Italy. The Kub basin is an exceptional example of minimal industrial design. Created in 2010 by Victor Vasilev, the Kub basin features a unique sleek design, which is defined by clean geometric shapes and lines combined together in a discreet luxurious composition. The Kub basin impresses with the choice of glass for the main basin, a material that makes it look almost invisible. The […]

Due to children’s pleasure and considering the attractiveness of Lego games, Spanish manufacturer Lola Glamour creates this wonderful kids furniture inspired by LEGO Game. The characteristic LEGO piece pattern becomes drawer or cabinet handle, or a pop decorative element. The design of the LEGO furniture collection by Lola Glamour evokes a nostalgic feeling, but for children certainly this furniture creates a playful environment. view also: 10 Interesting Ways to Turn Toys into Fabulous Home Decor All furniture collections by Lola Glamour are designed and hand crafted […]

People have always been fascinated by optical illusions and the way the trick the eye. Many designers  incorporate this illusion in the design of artwork and furniture. It’s not easy to design something like that, but some designers have managed to create amazing pieces that quickly became popular thanks to their intriguing designs and shapes. These are some of the most impressive creations: Boleanos Creative Furniture by Joel Escalona Creates Optical Illusion This cabinet was designed by using different wood […]

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This amazing artwork makes it look as though London’s Covent Garden Market is just floating away. The effect which can be seen from any angle makes the building appear to break away from the columns. The mind-bending installation by British artist Alex Chinneck uses digital carving and a four-tonne counterweight to make the amazing structure.  The huge project used over 100 contributors including structural engineers, carpenters, carvers, set builders, scenery painters, water jet cutters and a robot, as well as […]

Designed by WOHA Architects, this tropical residence, called the Nest House, is located in Jalan Sejarah, Singapore.  The ground floor contains the living area opening to the garden and the floor above hosts the private areas with a curved screen as a cover. All the rooms are wrapped into a porous lattice of timber and aluminum strips weaved into a protective curved screen, which filters the daylight and allows the rooms to breathe and to own a fresh and relaxing atmosphere. Lined shadows […]

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Designed by Richard Meier, the apartment has 4,500 square feet of sleek contemporary interior space and nearly 1,800 square feet of private wrap terrace providing the most spectacular water and skyline views. A gracious foyer gallery leads to a massive great room with ceiling heights floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the space with air and light. The lower level split bedroom suites each offer luxurious marble-clad bathrooms, large walk-in closets, and magnificent skyline views including the Empire State building and One […]

Weisser Wuerfel is a project completed by Gira. The home is located in Germany. The young owners deliberately wanted to build a modern home and looked for a suitable property for years. They used the wait time in a meaningful way to collect inspirations during their travels and holidays. This included inspirations of houses with attractive architecture, as well as interior design details and accessories. The owners planned even more, saying, “We wanted to eliminate the separation between the indoors and outdoors […]

The philips ‘bluecontrol’ is a wearable treatment device that controls mild-to-moderate psoriasis vulgaris using a blue LED light. research has shown that irradiating the skin with this light counteracts the rapid division of cells and has anti-inflammatory effects. This is why the company has harnessed this stimulant into a wearable home therapy mechanism that also reduces redness, scaling and thickness of the illness.  It can be worn comfortably on arms and legs as well as on elbows and knees. Thanks […]

Designed by Evan Boxwell of Boxwell Southwest, the architectural team worked on visually integrating the new residence into the existing context. The house had to pass The City of Phoenix Historic Preservation committee, so the design focused on abstracting the common scale, form and massing of the existing houses in the historic district into a contemporary interpretation. The house uses large overhangs to shade the large glass doors from April through October, creating an inspiring transparency from the front yard to […]

Located in the Mont-Tremblant National Park, Canada, the Discovery Centre offers a stunning view of Lake Monroe and its surrounding hills and mountains. Designed by Smith Vigeant Architects, the building consists of three distinct sections: an amphitheater, a space for service facilities, and a discovery zone. This building is formed by a continuous band of rustic wood that unfolds into walls, a roof and a floor sheltered by a large canopy. The Discovery Centre was designed around the site’s natural […]

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