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Retro design is cool nowadays. With some Polka dots, metal tables and wooden armchairs, the job is almost done. Designed by Suite Architects in 2014, the house below is located in São Paulo, Brazil. Tall and luminous, the abode makes some reference to the retro era, yet experiencing a clean, fresh and airy contemporary atmosphere. The living room, one of the most important areas from the house, is a large open space that screams ‘Have a seat!’ Two comfy sofas full of […]

Located in Kapuvár, Hungary, this holiday house was designed by Tóth Project Architect Office. The location itself is idyllic, being closed from the noise of the city, closed from the external world it is the island of quiet. For that, the architects wanted to create something special, something unique. The house is built lake-shore to get away from the city and the busy life it entails. A humble area of 50.0 sqm and the simple yet elegant design is meant to […]

With a background in architecture and an avid interest in street art, web development and DIY culture, Berlin-based artist Aram Bartholl explores the relationship between the online and offline worlds, continually questioning the impact on our lives of the digital age. ‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. USB flash drives are embedded into walls, buildings and curbs accessible to anybody in public space. Everyone is invited to drop or find files on a […]

Tjalf Sparnaay lives and works in Hilversum, Netherlands. He is a self-taught artist, who whose realistic oil paintings are based on everyday objects. He paints everyday items such as a breakfast, crushed coca-cola can, a fried egg, a half eaten sandwich, cheeseburgers and desserts, a bag of chips with mayonnaise, a Dutch raw herring with a little flag, and a bunch of tulips still wrapped in cellophane. Fried eggs, French fries, sandwiches and ketchup bottles, Barbie dolls, marbles and autumn leaves. […]

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Located in Port Arthur, Tasmania, the Lookout House is a residential project completed by Room11. This project takes the farmhouse typology and transforms it into a hybrid courtyard house. Visitors enter through a covered threshold, experiencing views into the treed courtyard and the sea beyond, before venturing into the main living space where the full panorama unfolds. Three gable roof extrusions define particular functions within each with particular relationships to the courtyard and specific views to the surrounds. The extruded […]

Water feature is one or more items from a range of fountains, pools, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, and streams that is part of landscaping and garden design. Adding a water feature is one way to make an outdoor space special, without any digging. Water features for landscaping could create a different environment for the home’s yard. Yeah, it’s likely kinda costly to get up and running, but at least you don’t have to worry about it dying. It can add a […]

Designed by Mithun Architects, the Sustainability Treehouse isn’t a house but more like a structure built in ode to nature and green energy. Located in Glen Jean, West Virginia, the Sustainability Treehouse is constructed using steel frames and wood for ceilings, walls, and floors. It’s built in as an open structure to mend in with the surrounding nature, to remind people about the importance of environment. The Treehouse provides dynamic educational and gathering spaces for exploring and understanding the site and […]

Nature can truly be an amazing inspiration source and Grace Ciao’s floral fashion illustrations prove it. The blooming creations celebrate every color and curve that you can find in nature — something a lot of women would love to see walking down the runway. Business student and fashion illustrator, Grace Ciao finds her design inspiration from nature. She was able to create gorgeous and unbelievable sketches using real flower petals instead of ink, pencils or watercolors. Speaking about her unique creative process, Ciao says […]

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If you are looking for inspiration in garden designs, you have come to the right place. Who says that you cannot have a nice, stylish and comfy space to enjoy your free time in your small backyard? Having a beautiful garden is not only for big spaces; landscape designer can take advantage of every corner of your backyard and make a wonderful place full of life and style. This post gathers quite a few landscaping ideas that can get you started in planning your small […]

Located in Goiânia, Brasil, this modern house, called Casa Da Caixa Vermelha is a private residence designed by Leo Romano.The name of the home translates into “House of the Red Box” and refers to how the long cube structure is paired with a large red box unit, creating a visually distinct exterior. The house is completely surrounded by natural vegetation and appears to be blending nicely in this lush environment. Raw concrete walls, black stainless steel beams, and lush green landscape are just […]

The creative mind behind Marie Nouvelle is a visual artist- painter and pattern designer, Maria Dermengiu. As an artist, Maria is a mixed media artist and an illustration lover. Her work reflects her fascination with texture and combined mediums as well as the predominant source of inspiration – nature. Ever since she was a little girl, she was exploring the artfulness of everyday life, leading her years later, into pursuing the creative path and becoming a visual artist. She had the opportunity, from […]

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The Rock Copper Glass is a mountain rustic house, a remodeling project carried out by cdrg+RedTeam in Canada. The moment you lay your eyes on this residence, you are drawn into its well-defined plan, sleek look, inspiring use of natural stone and integration of BC fir and raw metal. The house is a direct design response to its site, to the form and utility of the building materials, which combine to create a solid, robust structure. Accodring to the architects: “Considering the […]

Located in Kiev, Ukraine this amazing eclectic design studio and showroom was designed by Sergey Makhno. We will present in photos below their work-space and their showroom. “I had an idea to create a space that could inspire not only my team but also our clientele. We want our guests to take on a challenge facing brave and bold experiments”, says Sergey. The studio with a total area of 200 sqm combines a showroom and a home-and-work place. The space combines concrete, stone, glass, copper, […]

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If you are looking for inspiration on how to decorate a small bedroom, prepare to be overwhelmed with fantastic ideas. The bedroom is an important part of the home, a place to relax and unwind. The bedroom isn’t a room that is used for entertaining – like the living room and kitchen – but it is still a room that should be treated with care by the designer. Your master bedroom should be a relaxing retreat area that you can leisurely […]

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Looking for inspiration that is a little different, a home that looks more unique than the average dwelling place? Imagine coming home at dusk to this marvelous Contemporary Modern House! It was completed in 2013 and covers an area of 7,168 square feet. The Residencia R35 was designed by Imativa Arquitectos, and it is definitely eye-catching and special. It is a work that is definitely fit into the premium segment and is characterized by a striking silhouette that was created especially […]

If you’re not satisfied with a standard sleep tracking app, Luna’s smart mattress cover could be just what you’ve been waiting for.Luna is the future of sleep. The world’s first mattress cover that intelligently warms your bed, tracks sleep, and makes your bed smart. The smart bed cover monitors your sleep, controls your bed’s temperature and can hook into a range of connected devices including Nest. Pre-order now Luna Smart Bed Cover: Luna is machine washable and available for preorder now […]

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