We usually claim that architecture is a matter of taste. Classic, modern, simple or sophisticated – there is no argument in favour or against each style except the emotion a person experiences when contacting their philosophy. But, what happens when you attach ‘nature’ to the intellectual and mathematical beauty of the architecture? Casa Boher rea

Spotted on desiretoinspire.net, the house below welcomes the inhabitants in a sanctuary of tranquility. Curved walls, transparent partitions between spaces and neutral tones worked together in order to create a natural, meditating ambient. What we enjoyed most was the cave like structure of the house, especially the entrance where the recessed lighting in the stone

Realized by Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados in 2012, MG Residence is a modern dwelling that welcomes its inhabitants in wide spaces, decorated in style. Located in a suburb in western Sao Paulo, Brazil, the house takes advantage of its flat and deep site, while maximizing the connection with the surrounding green areas. The living room represents the cent

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 Liong Lie Architects has designed the new interior of the NTI head office in Leiden, Holland. We recently received some photos of this project- an education, office and callcentre – filled with color and inspiring decors. The new learning according to NTI is the ideal combination of online learning and classroom meetings. There’s an open and welcoming a

Realized by William Hefner Studio, the concept of Rustic Canyon Residence can be summarized as follows: aged brass accents, unfinished woods and plenty of natural light. The first thing that stroke my attention when I virtually entered the house, was the grandiose height of the dwelling. Making the space look bright and majestic was one of the William Hefner’

Spotted on archdaily.com, the Pop-Up House was realized by Multipod Studio in 2014. With its low cost and recyclable characteristics,  the dwelling has all of the qualities of tomorrow’s homes. As architects explain on their website, the Pop-Up House is a passive construction that requires little energy for space heating or cooling. In terms of efficiency, the

An impressive example of modern architecture can be admired in Denver, Colorado. 33rd Street House is a residential project completed by Meridian 105 Architecture. The house displaying a combination of white walls and wood insertions differentiates itself from the neighboring houses. The main floor of the house contains kitchen, dining, and living spaces, while the

Designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture , Casa Flotanta is a stunning home located in the spectacular Puntarenas Canton, Costa Rica- an incredible site overlooking the ocean. The house is created out of modules that are repetitive and linked by flying bridges that hover over the landscape. As the house had to be built on a steep slope, many of the pieces w

Bright and inspiring, the  Mile End is an extension to a private residence completed by Mimodo Architects. Located in London, England, it feels modern and comfortable on the inside, yet it  looks unpretentious on the outside. Ground floor accommodates a bright and airy social/ living area: comprising the kitchen, living room and dining area while the top floor a

Are you a big fan of the nature? Then, you’ve come to the right place! The concept of the Hegel 516 House, realized by FRB Arquitectura is ‘the continuity of the trees through the facade’. As you can easily notice from the pictures below, the west facade of the house is invaded by nature, while its concrete structure becomes a fictional trunk. Mo