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Designed by Enrique Cabrera, this two-storey single family house is situated in the Mexican city of Mérida. Simplicity and practicality are paramount in this project. The design is carefully thought out to maximize space and all the living spaces of the house to see the back garden. The house is a game of contrasts – subtle and bold, playful and practical, open and closed resulting in an extraordinary design exercise that the context of residential development where it fits into account. […]

Designed in 2014 by Jacobsen Arquitetura, RT House is a private home located in Laranjeiras, an affluent neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. According to the architects: ” The conceptual aim of this project was to develop a house with two floors that visually appeared buried. For that, we raised the main level of he house 1.5 m (5 ft), creating a lower, half buried level, yet with natural lighting and ventilation. On this floor are the service and leisure areas, such […]

If you want to add personality to a contemporary space, art is always a reliable option. Paintings, sculptures, vases, drawings, photographies and even unique pieces of furniture can help create the spirit of an art gallery at home. Anyway, it is not a museum you are looking for, but a territory with identity and charm. Realized by Boom Town studio from Canada, the residence below speaks this language perfectly. Built after World War II, the building which is a typical Montreal […]

Designed by Mei Architects, the McDonalds Restaurant is located on Coolsingel, one of the city’s most popular shopping streets. the two-storey structure was conceived by Rotterdam-based Mei Architects as a golden pavilion with a facade of pixillated imagery. This McDonald’s restaurant featuring a perforated golden facade and a grand spiral staircase was designed by Dutch firm Mei Architects to replace “the ugliest building in Rotterdam”.  After a very fast construction time of two months a spectaculair new pavilion now shines in the heart of […]

Amazing spacious residence situated in Umbria, Italy completely redesigned by Denmark-based Paola Navone. Furniture and interior designer Paola Navone reshapes the open plan of a barn-like space into a modern yet cozy home. The lavish home is located in Umbria, the designer has used rustic sentiment when it came to furniture and tiling choice. Also the walls are stripped to their stone bricks and painted in the beautifully radiant white. The designer also allowed the open space to breathe, deciding not […]

Designed by Alter Studio, a two-story mass conceals the neighbor to the east and establishes an independent relationship with the site. The entry courtyard is designed around a stand of live oaks and defines the home’s public presence in an assertive, albeit sensitive, injection of modernity to the area. By contrast, a private courtyard in the rear, where the neighboring homes disappear from view, creates a tranquil refuge. Akin to the ethos of the Eichler Homes of Northern California and […]

A green house is designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, focusing on the efficient use of energy, water and building materials. Called the PopUp House, the model below was designed by House Port, a company that provides a sustainably made, ready-to-assemble design for living. Beside using sustainable methods for the structure of the dwelling, the house features eco-friendly interiors too. As the documentation on the website explains, the green house can be built in less than two months, providing ample living space, […]

A skylight is a window placed in a roof or ceiling to admit daylight. Due to their benefits – bringing natural light in rooms that might otherwise be dark, framing views of the sky and clouds, providing a focus in a space -, skylights are frequently part of the integrated architectural strategy. This was exactly the case with the project below, a duplex-story house realized by Boom Town studio from Canada. From the very beginning, the couple living here decided to […]

When you want to renovate an old house, lots of questions cross your mind. Does it worth the investment? How do I make old look new without mistakes? What remains and what ca not be rescued at all? After renovating her 1920′ house, designer Bronwyn Poole from Space Healer has several solutions. Before planning the budget and discussing the phases of the renovation with her husband, Bronwyn Poole clarified one thing: the feeling to be experienced at home. ‘I wanted […]

Modal Architecture turned an old Breton barn located in Sizun, France, into a modern artist studio.  In order to adapt it to new uses, the barn was totally cleared from what remained from its previous functions. More than a simple artist studio, this small building is now a place of meetings and a passageway. It’s also a place of curiosity for the inhabitants of the surroundings in search of inspiration for their own houses.  According to their own experience and observations on […]

Designed by Meyer Davis Studio, this amazing beachfront hotel is situated in South Beach, Florida, United States. Occupying an entire city block on Collins Avenue, 1 Hotel South Beach sits directly on 600 feet of pristine beachfront. 1 Hotel South Beach offers unparalleled views of the Atlantic ocean, Miami’s natural paradise, Biscayne Bay and Downtown Miami’s ever-expanding skyline. Throughout the 426-room hotel the celebration of nature is evident, from the graceful twist of driftwood furnishings to the ever-present sounds of the […]

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Do you love eco-friendly houses? When you are able to live in beautiful surroundings, you want to be sure that your lifestyle is not diminishing those surroundings for generations to come. In the tropical, gorgeous area of Tulum, Mexico, the New York-based architects from Specht Harpman were able to create a home that celebrates its environment and works with – rather than against – the climate.  The ground level of the house consists of a back pool deck with room […]

The way rustic integrates in contemporary houses is unexpected, yet cozy and touching. It brings warmth, charm and lots of attractive details that outline typical countryside scenes. This is exactly the case with the chalet below, a project realised by Boom Town studio from Canada. As the architect Eric Joseph Tremblay explains, boomtown style appeared in North America in the late nineteenth century. Due to rapid development and an increased demand for houses, simple and economical solutions were needed. Boomtown architectural style is simple […]

Beautiful loft apartment designed by Jessica Lagrange Interiors, situated in South Loop, Chicago, Illinois, United States. The crib is located in a turn of the century building and preserves some original elements, such as the impressive ceiling height and wooden floors, which were, of course, renovated. As you enter through the generously-sized hallway, you have a global image of the apartment, with its stylish living zone and kitchen organized in an open layout. The kitchen is fully equipped and has […]

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There are so many different pieces that go into the creation of a film. From the first keystroke that starts to write a story, characters with all their inherent quirks, traits, and personality are spun from thin air. There are many stunning, otherworldly sights in Ex Machina, the science-fiction film directed by Alex Garland that features a robot so lifelike she’s played by actress Alicia Vikander. But the most breathtaking sight of all may be the 100 percent real, available-for-a-night’s-stay […]

Recently completed by Sagemodern, this amazing single family residence is located in Martis Camp, California, United States. Sagemodern was co-founded by Paul Warner and Blair Porteous. Mr. Warner has served as a past president of Michelle Kaufmann Designs and had worked with Mr. Porteous designing and completing a residential prefab home (Mr. Porteous’s home), an experience that lead them to start sagemodern. Their goal in starting Sagemodern, was to create simple, modern high quality homes in a more efficient manner. Homes […]