Designed by Flavin Architects. this mid-century modern home is located in Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA. By the time the house was built, modernism had evolved from the Gropius era, to incorporate the rural vibe of Lincoln with spectacular exposed wooden beams and deep overhangs. The design rejects the traditional New England house with its enclosing wall and inward posture. The low pitched roofs, open floor plan, and large windows openings connect the house to nature to make the most of its rural setting.

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The Barisieur is an alarm clock and coffee brewer. This alarm clock -turned-coffee-machine will automatically brew a cup of coffee right when you wake up, easing you through your morning with the smell of fresh coffee. It encourages a ritual before going to sleep, signalling to the body and mind that it is time to unwind and relax. Living slow even when times are fast.

PIL House is a home designed by Studio Guilherme Torres. It is located in São Paulo, Brazil, and has a brightly-colored interior with an abundance of decorative accessories to add personality. The decoration of the apartment of Pil Marques, DJ and music producer in São Paulo, came out in the most unexpectedly way by the hands of the Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres and his staff. The initial idea was to simply help the owner organize his countless collections, and adapt it to the style and […]

Madrid-based studio ÁBATON has completed the Casa del Pico project, a 3,143 square foot two story residence in . The idea of two structures floating on rock was possible because of the granite on the land. The bottom of the swimming pool is irregular imitating the shape of the granite on which it stands. The ground floor was designed to be more in touch with the outside and the garden. The upstairs area, where the sitting room and children’s area are situated, overlooks the […]

This Vancouver house by Canadian studio Splyce Design comprises a stack of glazed boxes set into a hillside, designed to maximize ocean views and create terraces on all three levels. “The form of the house was shaped by the conditions of the site,” said architect Nigel Parish.”It pushes out and pulls back to gain views, satisfy the client’s requirements, and satisfy zoning requirements. “The house responds to these conditions by nestling itself into the hill while also projecting out over […]

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When celebrities aren’t basking in the limelight they’re probably at home bathing in the bath tub and as you can imagine, celebrity bathrooms exude class, style and elegance. After all, when you’ve got a multi-million dollar mansion, it goes without saying that your bathroom needs to be of the highest quality. But what do celebrities look for in a bathroom? High profile lifestyles are probably best offset with simple luxury when it comes to bathing. There’s nothing quite like slipping […]

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When you have a good designer on your side, an ordinary outdoor space can immediately become more inviting with a fireplace. The one below was designed by Jeffrey Gordon Smith, a firm specialised in landscape architecture. As you can easily notice, the fireplace was smartly integrated into a terrace that features a three-bench sofa, an armchair and two wooden tables. Inspired by the geometry of the space, the fireplace turns round, just in front of the potential guests that are invited to […]

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Known for their amazing projects, the team from Ando Studio in Israel does not cease to surprise us. Visiting the gallery on their website, we discovered a newly remodelled apartment that features luxurious white interiors. If you love pure decorating styles, start the rehabilitation with a totally white background. The simple palette will help you combine other elements much easier because white as an interior color is a great unifier. In the living room below, two large sofas, a floor lamp […]

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An army of 5,000 ice sculptures slowly melting in the sunshine brought home to Birmingham the sacrifices so many were forced to endure in World War I.This surreal scene was set up to commemorate the men and women (not only soldiers) who lost their lives in World War I. Brazilian sculptor Nele Azevedo arranged 5,000 little ice figurines on the step of Chamberlain Square in Birmingham, U.K., to remember the men and women lost during WWI, including the civilians. The melting, ghostly […]

Contemporary residences may sometimes feel austere and formal. But, with a pile of raw stones you can bring the natural warmth at home, changing the atmosphere immediately. Completed in 2013 by Ando Studio from Israel, the house below features a playful architectural composition, with volumes that communicate easily and spaces that complement each other. As for the interiors, the ‘raw stone aesthetic’ continues inside with sober colours, mineral-like carpets and gem textures that create a pure, neat atmosphere. Moreover, metal panels and […]