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Inspiring single family residence designed in 2014 by AHL Architects & Associates. It’s located in Ecopark Green Urban Area, Vietnam. EPV is a semi-detached house located in Ecopark Green Urban Area, Vietnam. Ecopark is known as a new green urban area with a lot of ancient trees, low building density and the house seems to be hided behind the trees. A big void has been created in the middle of space bringing better connectivity between spaces (horizontal and vertical). Two wooden […]

The Creekside Retreat by Richardson Architects is a successful redesign project of a house initially built in 1954. Currently a cozy family refuge in California, United States, the residence is filled with natural light and color, adding up to a  dynamic atmosphere. This home, nestled in a redwood grove, was recently purchased by a family of four. Situated on a gently upsloping lot bordered by a creek, its most distinctive site feature is an old wooden bridge over the creek […]

Neighbored by fruit orchards and vineyards, The Treehouse Residence by Forestgreen Creations is a modern home in Pelham, Ontario, Canada. Raw concrete, steel and stucco are the materials employed for visually defining the exterior design. The cantilevered volume supported by a V-shaped structure allows most of the living space to be elevated above ground. An optimum connection to the outdoors was achieved through large expanses of glass in every room. Additionally, a swimming pool terrace on the second level provides […]

This penthouse was recently the prize in a contest initiated by Airbnb that promised two lucky winners a chance to experience it up close, before regaining its preparing-room purpose. Airbnb recently collaborated with interior designers Melissa Hegge and Nina Holst to transform the top of the Holmenkollen ski-jump in Norway into a spectacular glass-walled penthouse apartment. If you are a major ski fan, then you will probably recognize this interior: it is the room where the ski jumpers prepare for flight […]

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Modern apartments may easily fall into impersonal looks because contemporary designers nowadays embrace the obsession of creating clear, bright, sometimes ‘hygienic’ interiors. For fear not to commit a mistake, furnishing items are bought in set and walls are painted in hospital white. The result? An interior that would perfectly honour the pages of a home furnishing catalogue. But, let’s hope for the best. If you love modern, immaculate aesthetics, there are plenty of tips that could help you add personality […]

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Contemporary homes are as much about the view outside as they are about the warm and inviting atmosphere inside. Wallace Ridge, completed by Whipple Russell Architects, is located in Trousdale Estates, an area in Beverly Hills, California.  The Wallace Ridge home is an exclusive Beverly Hills Residence; is a charming blend of both these elements as Whipple Russell Architects employed lavish décor and striking color palette to bring in a unique look to the house. The interior is warm and […]

Traditional Italian architecture has a lot in common with opulence, sophistication, excessive decorations and elegance. Despite the critics it gets, designers admit that this is the taste of luxury. A piece of this kind of extravagance can be admired below, in the luxurious dwelling realised by SL*project and located in Pestov, near Moscow. Inspired by Italian countryside architecture, the residence features some specific elements: stone portals around doors and openings, ceramic tiles, arched windows, galleries with columns, and stucco terracotta shades. […]

Located in Taoyuan, a city in northern Taiwan, LGCA DESIGN completed this contemporary apartment, Lo Residence, in 2014.  According to the architects: “Besides fulfilling the house owners’ requirement for practical functions, we design a space exclusively for the couple in a simple and neat way. Although the space is long and narrow, we make the living room into a high-ceiling space so that the natural light can enter the interior space vertically and extensively. Without any division, the whole space is distinguished through floors […]

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Men inspired interiors are dynamic and forceful. They transmit a bunch of energy even though small budgets were released for designing them. This is exactly the case with the animated crib below, renovated in 2011 by the owner himself. As you can easily notice, the space looks airy and welcoming, and lots of decorative objects function as catching attention items. The living area – despite its small dimensions – attracts the guests with its extremely interesting lounge made of recycled […]

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The BlackSeaRama Golf & Villas in Balchik is a beautiful resort offering modern elegant accommodation in comfortable, spacious villas and an amazing sea view at the coast of the Black Sea.Albena Sea Resort is a 20-minute drive away. BlackSeaRama Golf & Villas offers its guests various types of accommodation to suit every taste and personal requirements. The complex easily avoids one of the most annoying trends in golf resorts – overbuilding. Its residential area consists only of one- or two-storey villas […]

This Amazing Urban Treehouse was designed by Luciano Pia; 25 Verde is an apartment complex that brings plants and potted trees up off the ground in an attempt to protect its residents against air and noise pollution. Completed in 2012, the building is located in Turin, Italy.  Its structure is in steel and it looks like a forest where trees are rooted in terraces with irregular shapes, ponds  are crossed by footings and lush gardens cover the roofs. The building has been thought as […]

When seen from outside, economic buildings look like warehouses. But, after you step inside, a comfortable and enjoyable world may reveal. Spotted on, CF House below is a good example that you do not have to judge a book by its cover. Completed in 2013 by Christian Calle Figueroa, the dwelling respects the traditional features of a country house in Ecuador: entrance space, grill, poorly permeable bedrooms and an attic. The budget was limited and the architects were forced to use standard, […]

Rural style recreates the atmosphere of a countryside childhood. Luminous interiors, flowers, pastel paintings and gypsum sculptures are marks of rustic ambience, so called characters of the style. As soon as you notice them, you know what designers wanted to create inside. For example, take the wonderful green house we spotted on El Mueble, a residence that combines traditional spirit with modern functionality. It is located in Asturias, a community in north-west Spain and it borrowed the elements of the local architecture, […]

There are around 250 tall towers currently planned for London’s skyline. From afar, they’ll probably look great. But unless they’re planned carefully, they’ll start throwing shadows across ever-growing swathes of London. How can we build skyscrapers without throwing cities into shadow? No more living in the shadow of big business! Architects NBBJ have designed a  Shadowless Skyscraper for the London Skyline. Architects NBBJ have designed skyscrapers which don’t cast a shadow. Architects design skyscrapers that don’t block out the light because they redirect […]

Fujigaoka M is a modern light apartment completed by Sinato in 2014. The 689-square-foot home is located in Fujigaoka, Aoba Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.This renovation of a unit in a 26 year old apartment complex is a dwelling for a married couple. By placing the bedroom and walk-in closet on either side of the existing load-bearing wall, the two windows facing the southwest are connected by forming an L-shaped open space with the goal of creating an internal environment that […]

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Vivienda en Sant Joan is a private home designed by Egue y Seta in 2014. It is located in Barcelona, Spain.  The renovation project of the housing unit in Sant Joan gives a convincing answer to all the above questions. And its result, comparable to an endless number of examples due to its typology and similar dimensions, confirms that design and the experience of the interior architects, are not at all incompatible with tight budgets or smaller homes. The initial briefing of […]

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