La Dolça, the new gastronomic space in Tickets Restaurant, is the result of the successful collaboration between the duo of chefs Albert and Ferran Adrià and the Iglesias brothers over the past four years. The continued evolution and success of Tickets Restaurant required an extension, bringing forth La Dolça, the new space dedicated solely to desserts. For its design the Adrià brothers once again chose El Equipo Creativo who designed the original Tickets. After a dinner full of surprises in […]

Gone are the days of mega-desks that take up half the room.  If you’ve ever had the opportunity to work from home, you know how influential your home office furniture can be with regard to your productivity. The desk, in particular, plays a critical role in any office space, particularly one at home. It should be functional and comfortable. Today’s office computer desk is sleek and stylish. Just as space-saving laptops have become a home office staple, space-saving desks have gained popularity […]

You say traditional holiday house and you’ve already stepped into a fairytale. Exposed beams, a comfy sofa near a fireplace, a tea kettle in the kitchen and a bunch of wild flowers in the living room outline the set-up of a traditional holiday house. Without severe designing rules, the home offers intimacy, warmth and a spirit of freedom anyone would appreciate at home. Spotted on Ostseeferien Haus, the traditional holiday house below features cozy interiors furnished with classic pieces, most of them made […]

Designed by AS Design Service Ltd, the Rice Home is located in Guangzhou City, China.  The Rice Home is a new premium casual dining brand, which originated in Hong Kong. The brand’s aim is to pay particular attention to serving high quality rice, in contemporary recipes, and to excellent customer service. The creatively blended modern and innovative food extends to the interior design style – cosmopolitan and stylish. Interior walls were decorated with light—colored hexagons and black background, completely desalinated a huge wall, prompting […]

Looking for somewhere to stay or for a penthouse in London? TG-Studio has transformed this 3 bedroom penthouse, located in the grade 1 listed St Pancras chambers.  The client Arran Patel hired TG studio to transform the unit from the standard developer spec into a personal and luxurious home. The apartment is one of three penthouses in the 52 unit development by the Manhattan Loft Corporation. It covers the top three floors of the west tower of this famous London landmark.  Due […]

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Today your beautiful home deserves bookcases that showcase your personal style with their organized arrangements of books, collectibles, and pieces of art. Contemporary display cases and beautiful vintage frames make wonderful decorative shelves. Old picture frames can be reused in lot many ways than to just display pictures in it. Old wooden photo frames can be turned into beautiful rustic decor with just a bit of work. Wall display boxes give a great opportunity to personalize your interior decorating with one-of-a-kind collections, small art […]

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Vino Veritas Organic Restaurant is an organic Spanish restaurant in Oslo, Norway. The project consists in the branding and the interior design from Vino Veritas, an ecologic restaurant specialized in organic wines and tapas of Spanish origin.  Original Spanish food served in a tasty, healthy and innovative way. The restaurant of Vino Veritas as a part of the well known ecologic winery, Cortijo El Cura, has its origins in the Andalusian region La Alpujarra and introduces the ecologic Spanish gastronomy into the […]

If you plan to remodel your bathing sanctuary, explore the collection of bathroom vanities and tubs below! Furnished with exquisite pieces, the rooms invite you to dream of a place for relaxation and pampering. Those who love luxury will appreciate the first example in our gallery of bathroom vanities and tubs. As you can easily notice, the chandelier resembles a contemporary art sculpture an dominates the space. The bathtub is hiding behind two sliding glass doors. In a narrow niche in the […]

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Designed by Nico Van Der Meulen, the client requested a spacious and luxurious four bedroom steel , glass and concrete residence with an emphasis placed on the design of the living rooms. The owner wanted a spacious home with a luxurious feel and Nico van der Meulen Architects played a key role in materializing this dream home. Translating this concept into a contemporary home was almost effortless thanks to the location, orientation and natural beauty of the site. They envisioned […]

Azzurro Restaurant by Andrin Schweizer Company is a restaurant located inside the exhibition building in Zurich. Completed in 2011, each level is defined by a color, and in the same way also the restaurants, consequently every restaurant has the name of a color, in this case the name is Azzurro (light blue). Its interior is trendy and cozy at the same time, with a glimpse of countryside atmosphere which was achieved by using paneling with Dutch tiles. The ropes on the […]

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Creative office design have improved a lot lately. From surprising texts written on walls to innovative setups of furniture, working places do not cease to shake designing trends up. Romanian studio Manole Zece introduced a storyline in the designing process below, based on two fundamental books: Little Prince and Alice in Wonderland. Fragments and characters were introduced discreet enough to stir the imagination. The concept of the planning followed Lowe’s specific activities – advertising, media, mobile marketing, PR. People working here are effervescent, […]

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The most common house design a century ago, villas are popular renovation subjects today. Completed in 2014, Vietnamese studio MM++ Architects stripped a house back to its concrete frame to create this pared-back open-plan villa featuring red brick walls, pivoting glass doors and leafy gardens. The villa has been turned into contemporary open spaces while keeping the entire existing concrete structure. The original dwelling was built in a faux-Art Deco style that the investor client wanted to strip away and replace with […]

The Sheats Goldstein Residence by John Lautner is one of the best known examples of his work. Invisible from the street, the house is slow to reveal itself to the visitor. Stepping through a low portal and following a dog-leg corridor, one arrives in a magical watery courtyard. To your left, water sheets down a low wall, a continuous waterfall which penetrates the window of the living room beyond, extending inside the house. The house designed and built between 1961 and 1963. The design […]

The Hôtel du Ministère, at the heart of the 8th arrondissement in Paris, offers its guests the ideal location for a shopping experience that is out of the ordinary. They add up to the existing 24 rooms designed by Parisian interior designer François Champsaur in 2011. Situated right behind the hotel, the new extension that used to be a former print shop is adorned with an incredible glass and metal facade and impressive skylights. The predominantly black & white scheme is […]

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If you or a family member engages in sports or competitive events, chances are you have accumulated a few medals. In fact, your child might even have some medals from school events, Sunday school events, or club affiliations. Medals are a sign of your children’s achievements and should be displayed proudly in your home. Sometimes life gets busy and medals get placed to the side, in a drawer or cabinet; it happens to the best of moms. If you currently […]

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Kettle Black is not an ordinary place. Designed by Studio You Me, the Kettle Black Cafe in Melbourne is a minimalist spot, tucked away in the last heritage terrace on Albert Road.  Set right next to a skyscraper, the welcoming cafe is the perfect blend of classic and modern touches. Very impressive and minimal! The setting is a clever mix of old and new, spread across a chichi Victorian terrace house and the ground floor of a shiny apartment complex in […]

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