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Hofsos is a small fishing village in the northern part of Iceland. It consists of small scale traditional Icelandic houses from the early twenties. The small scale of the surrounding village has been an inspiration in the design process of the swimming pool? The site of the pool is by the coast on the main street leading to the village. From the site there is a magnificent view towards the Atlantic Ocean where the island Drangey lies in the horizon. […]

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Room dividers are screens or pieces of furniture placed in a way that divide a room into separate areas. Room dividers can be made from many materials, including wood, fabric, plexiglass, framed cotton canvas, pleated fabric or mirrors. Room dividers could be modular elements, like MYYOUR. Room dividers are used to divide rooms, creating a more efficient use of the space within the room or they could be used as decorators and/or accent pieces to add character to room space. MYYOUR is a […]

Designed by Julie Snow Architects it is a wood post and beam structure with a super-insulated floor, roof and walls. The house works with the climatic conditions along the north shore: very cold but sunny winters, temperate long shoulder seasons, and hot summers cooled by lake breezes and cool nights. The house is heated with dual fuel boilers and in-floor hot water heat distribution. During the week the house is kept at a minimum 40º. The design employs passive heating […]

Located in the region of Limburg in Belgium, the Tree House is a beautiful building which design was designed by architect Andreas Wenning.  All the latest technologies have been used for the electricity supply and water purification, meaning that this contemporary tree house has minimal impact on both the wider environment and its immediate surroundings.

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Located in the center of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden, this spacious apartment bears with it remains of the city’s historical value. This attic apartment measures 1,001 square feet. The core of the place is its beautiful living-room, with large windows in the shape of the original architecture design dating centuries ago. This apartment sold for around $690,000.  A beautiful terrace serves as a fresh place for retreat.  A coffee,  pleasant views over the city and a good book is […]

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Discovered by Designrulz on Svensk Fastighets, the 34 square-meter crib displays comfortable living spaces with a powerful aesthetic appeal. This small apartment is located in Östermalm, a large district in central Stockholm, Sweden. and it measures 366 square feet. The first interior you are likely to observe upon entering this apartment is the bedroom, creatively separated from the rest of the project through glass walls.  Its glass wall gives the small bedroom a more airy and spacious appeal. The living zone, kitchen and dining […]

Would you live in a church converted into home? What happens to churches whose religious residents have left? Often, they become a bit more secular. Here are some of the most gorgeous and surprising architectural afterlives for these houses of worship. Enjoy our 5 Beautiful Churches Converted into Homes collection and tell us your opinion! 1. A church converted into home: Residential Church XL by Zecc Architects Utrecht-based studio Zecc Architects has converted a catholic church built in 1870 into a spacious house. […]

This beachfront boutique hotel is located near Playa del Carmen, on the beautiful Mexican Riviera Maya. Le Reve Hotel and Spa features a spacious outdoor pool and a spa. Le Reve Hotel & Spa offers luxurious suites, beach butlers, impeccable service and a exclusive culinary concept “Gourmet All Inclusive a la Carte” with premium beverages and gourmet cusine at a stunning location right on the beach. You can cool off in the pool or lie back on a sun lounger on the poolside […]

Designed by IDMM Architects, this house is located in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Relationships between the building’s layout and the land upon which it stands, and the way in which it fits in among the buildings around it are to be interrogated. The Guesthouse Rivendell sits on a plot that measures 3300sqm, a size rather large for a house. The architect has been careful, therefore, to position the structures so as to avoid making the house look too small and the […]

A transparent facade permits light to pass through, while indicating some open, frank inhabitants. Thus, if you have no secret to hide, you will enjoy the Four Springs Lane Residence in Rappahannock County, Virginia, USA, realized by Robert M. Gurney Architect team. Relying on simple volumes, the project displays two blocks of two/ three levels linked through a transparent facade corridor. The interiors are quite minimal, making the experience of living as sensorial as possible through large expanses of glass that allow views […]

This modern villa in concrete, glass and wood certainly belongs to the top of Sweden’s coolest house. The villa is built in 2005, with a wonderful location on Fragile Valla Bay in Särö, with the sea as your neighbor. The villa accommodates a lovely living room with large windows, fireplace and high ceilings. A tastefully stylish kitchen with a lovely dining room door. Big beautiful windows and an open, friendly floor plan along with an outdoor setting of the ordinary. Directly south west facing […]

Pool Paradise is a splendid private residence located in Malmö, Sweden. The mansion is dubbed Pool Paradise, and it’s not difficult to figure out why. The 1,035 square-feet of living space cover two levels of pure luxury, without ever becoming gaudy or cold. Of course, the property’s most remarkable feature is the stunning outdoor swimming pool, surrounded by vegetation.  It is currently for sale for $1.4 million.

Mid-Century Modern is a private residence designed by Maxime Jacquet. The vibrant and colorful project was completed in 2014, and it is located in Beverly Hills, California, USA. According to the architects:” We stay for tea, and jet set to the future where we lounge in metallic sofas and chairs. A custom neon sign graces the walls for a playful touch, and you can even interact in with the space and scribble on a chalkboard wall. The colors are a collection of calming […]

Your next Floating Boathouse project should capture the essence of your lifestyle and we’ll be glad to help you transform that vision into the next noted landmark on the water! There’s something unique about floating houses that makes them incredibly appealing. Inspirational and courageous design work have been combined to create these Amazing Floating Boathouses. Enjoy and tell us your opinion! Boat’s House at Millstätter Lake in Seeboden by MHM architects Inspired by the ecology of the shoreline, MHM Architects designed and built […]

This modern house at the top of the coastal cliffs in the town Saltsjöbaden is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, the eastern Sweden. The 2,690 square-foot home has a spectacular view over a lake, giving its terrace an enviable serenity. Unique maritime landscape gives the interior a special freshness and romance. Bright orange accents kitchen furniture, yellow pillows, red-orange carpet on the floor and raise the spirits make the interior especially elegant.

Designed by Gervais Fortin, the team demonstrated that it’s possible to build an ecological house without sacrificing the contemporary design. Ecologia Montreal is the first single dweling home in Montreal, Canada, aiming for a Platinum LEED certification. All the materials were hand-picked from the most eco-responsible supplier’s of Quebec. A combination of exposed beams, big windows and an inner courtyard, signs the beauty of a cozy and modern living space. The stone of the facade, from a local quarry, impresses by […]

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