Located inside an operating hot spring and mineral resort, in tp. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam,  the Tent is a small spa perched in the folds of halfway terrace up to a rock hill, facing the river. Designed by a21 studio, this seems to be the good place for hiding away from the eventful area on the other side of the hill to enjoy healthy activities such as mud bathing and massage services. However, one of the biggest constraints of the […]

Designed by RoccoVidal P+W in 2013, the Residencia Itatiba is a private residence located in São Paulo, Brazil. The house designed is a composition of cubes and facades designed to fit the topography and appreciate the textures and materials. The project gathers the union between the typical landscape with the construction, the understanding of the local topography, views, prevailing winds and sunlight. Existing slopes with the natural landscape of the lake were the main conditions of this proposal. It is as if this […]

Located in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, Casa CP 78 is a private residence designed by Taller Estilo Arquitectura. The property consists of two levels: Downstairs the original building which remained without major alterations, spaces within are: Garage, hallway, living room, guest bedroom and bathroom. The staircase as a sculptural element contained in a double-height space plays the role of connector, giving way to the new building open plan that enhances the contrast between the original building and the new elements where the […]

If you need an infusion of contemporary design at home, visit the gallery below and notice what Mr. Mitchell Studio did for this residence located in Caulfield, Australia. As you enter the house, you experience a feeling of freedom: the rooms are connected through almost invisible boundaries, while the color palette (light blue and white) calms your spirit. Moreover, an impressive collection of artwork sends you back to ancient civilizations or avant-garde imagination. Take the dining room, for example. Supervised by a […]

This stunning home was built as a second home for a couple who lives in an apartment in São Paulo, but did not want to spend hours on end in the car to get away from the bustling city during weekends. With a small daughter and another baby on the way, this family commissioned CR2 Arquitetura to built them a 185 square meter leisure home less than a kilometer from the apartment they inhabit now.  The request was a compact […]

Near the Hajdó house designed by blipsz , the same client needed to extend the capacity of its pension. The land dominates the context defining factors: the orientation of the houses, favorable for every day life is obviously towards South, yet the slope which offers the view of the town in the valley and the faraway mountains descends to the North. The project assumes this contradiction and organizes the living space around the South-West facing terrace up the slope; the terrace is partially […]

A refined home is where timeless elegance meets modern trends in a highly customized setting. DE3 showcase their affinity for high quality through P. House – a residence so beautifully integrated in its surroundings! On one of the sloping streets of Targu Mures, Romania, P. House designed by DE3, is a modern volumetric architecture conveys the simplicity hiding behind a carefully studied floor-plan. Although the image offered to the street visually announces the construction’s architectural concept – a composition of volumes, linked together by a […]

Coates Design Architects have designed the Olympia Residence in Yelm, Washington. Settled on the rural plains of Washington state, Coates Architects constructed a 21st-century little house on the prairie. The Yelm residence proves that modern architecture and pristine nature are not mutually exclusive. Indoors and outdoors meld thanks to the extension of interior concrete flooring to an outdoor patio area; the natural birch and cedar interior echoes its wooded views; and a completely flat roof and horizontal profile resemble the flat […]

Featuring stunning sea views and a secluded garden with large natural rock formations, Samujana Holiday Villa 11A is an exotic retreat in Ko Samui, Thailand. The residence is a treat in itself, but also offers a privileged hillside position for contemplating the neighboring sights. Located just minutes from Samui International Airport and the stunning beaches of Choeng Mon and popular Chaweng, this is a holiday escape at its best. Villa 11A is a duplex villa with three en-suite bedrooms. A striking […]

CG&S is an Austin design-build company specializing in residential renovation. They work with people who love where they live but need some level of home improvement, from typical maintenance and repairs up to a whole house renovation/expansion—or any other type of interior or exterior design. We love this Outdoor Living Paradise designed by them.  The floor used  is cast concrete tile. It’s extremely durable and naturally water resistant, but susceptible to staining. However, the coloration that accumulates over time can become an endearing patina. […]