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This single family bungalow situated in St Kilda, Australia was designed in 2014 by Make Architecture. A large part of the inspiration for the extension of this St Kilda Californian Bungalow comes from thinking about how this family live and connect with their community. Concrete has been used to form a heavy base to the project and large board marked concrete elements lift up and emerge out of this base. The concrete has been formed up insitu using recycled fence palings to […]

Why decorate your Easter eggs with the usual boring pastel color scheme when you can make them look like NASA should observe them? Tired of seeing the same old boring, pastel-colored Easter eggs every year? Allison Murray of Dream a Little Bigger decided to make Easter a bit more galactic, with stunning results. And with her step-by-step tutorial, you can recreate these little aliens at home!    

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Designed by FORM, this apartment is located in Kiev, Ukraine. Customers’ requests were to leave maximum area and to fit into the layout the store rooms, walk-in closets and two lavatories in the way that is “invisible to the eye”.  According to the architects: ” Our first major step was to remove big and useless hallway at the entrance and to open thereby the view of the living room space. But we decided to install three-meter “gate” which, if desired, would close […]

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Every few years, the health and wellness community wages war on a single food type. Right now, we are living through the war on gluten. Just walk into any grocery store or coffee shop and you’ll now find gluten-free muffins, gluten-free chips, and gluten-free bread. Once, those shelves were filled with fat-free options, prominently displayed during the war on fat. The “Gluten Free Museum” imagines what famous art would look like without carbs. As the New Yorker’s resident debunker Michael Specter […]

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We all love the Canevas collection from Gan, designed by Charlotte Lancelot. A mixture of aesthetics, function, the surroundings, the emotions and social aspects that actually constitute her design objectives. A collection with great design and a lot of research, especially in the durable development sector. Canevas is the name of the fabric she worked with. Charlotte is aware “that objects are a matter of desire and that we only acquire them because they speak to us and about us.” All […]

A 100-kilometre array of floating barriers designed by a 20-year-old inventor aims to clear the oceans of waste plastic. Dutch engineering student Boyan Slat created The Ocean Cleanup concept with the aim of clearing the oceans of their plastic gyres – floating islands made of millions of pieces of waste that accumulate where currents converge. Previous proposals for removing this waste have involved using nets and basic trawling operations, but have been considered too expensive and possibly damaging to wildlife. There are currently […]

Joie restaurant focus a lot on the concept of private dining. Located in Orchard Central’s rooftop garden, new vegetarian eatery Joie (pronounced “joy”) offers beautifully plated, Japanese-inspired European fare in a contemporary-chic setting (think plush velvet armchairs and dark grey damask-print walls) with great views. Influenced by the new wave dining trend in Europe and Taiwan that focuses on uplifting and innovative natural fare prepared with the freshest vegetables, fruits and herbs, owner of Joie, Mr Huang Yen Kun looks to conjure […]

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Situated in San Diego, California, this industrial loft was designed in 2014 by H2 / Hawkins + Hawkins Architects. The goal of this industrial loft project was to create expansive, energy-efficient living units while exposing the interior structural elements, in order to create bold, clean, industrial lofts. To accomplish this, the concrete coffered ceilings were patched and sandblasted; the concrete floors were ground smooth and sealed; single glazed windows were replaced with energy efficient, dual glazed, floor-to-ceiling vinyl windows with a […]

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Designed in 2014 by VGZ Arquitectura, this amazing contemporary residence is situated in Mexico City, Mexico. The house is built on a fan-shaped 800 sqm plot, open to the northeast. After volumetric studies, we decided on an H scheme, rotating the north body to get the most sunlight and south aperture, and tilting the roofs to the north. The steel structure allowed us to have longer spans of open space and continuity on transparency, integrating the interior and exterior, while the rotated […]

Designed by  Santiago Viale, the project is defined by the topography of the land. It´s located in a corner, with 1700 m2 and a grade of 15 mts. It is embedded in a very rugged terrene, so it generates multiple visuals either to the valley or to other hills with the presence of lots of vegetation. As it is a corner land, it gives the possibility of accessing by a side slope or up and then down. Lots of alternatives […]

Today marks the 126th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower’s public opening! In 2014 two pavilions have been entirely rebuilt by Agence Moatti-Rivière. Technical analyses established that it would be better to rebuild the pavilions entirely than simply to refurbish them. The 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant gains entirely new facades to maintain consistency with the refurbished first floor. The Eiffel Pavilion contains a meeting and conference room entirely redesigned and rebuilt to provide one of the most attractive events spaces in Paris. […]

Saturna Island Retreat is a private home located on Saturna Island, British Columbia, Canada. This home is currently for sale. Saturna Island Retreat is a  stunning retreat , that has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2,300 square feet of living space. We love the living space with clean lines and sleek design with generous floor to ceiling windows. Entertain or relax in easy comfort with a contemporary interiors, this home has been architecturally designed to take advantage of the full south west sweeping […]

Barrancas House is a residential project completed by EZEQUIELFARCA arquitectura y diseño. It is located in Mexico City, Mexico. This building was something amazing to begin with. Thanks to its orientation and enhanced in beauty by its surroundings, the project team created moments of discovery throughout the home, and took advantage of the home’s views towards the neighboring woods. Built in 1970, this project was modernized by  EZEQUIELFARCA arquitectura y diseño. Floor to ceiling glass draws in natural light and frames the […]

Located in Huizen, The Netherlands, Villa Huizen is a modern home designed by De Brouwer Binnenwerk in 2013. This beautiful private home is surrounded by lush green, and has a pale interior that adds to its sense of space.  The collaboration of De Brouwer Binnenwerk with BOS architecten resulted in a comfortable, stunning and transparent living environment, which perfectly matches the lifestyle of the residents. Upon entering the hall, at first sight a high glass wall catches the visitor’s eye, offering […]

Sunny places do not need so much designing as they have the benefit of natural light almost all day long – an ingredient every inhabitant would long for heartily. Why? Because the fresh air and sunshine are stress reducers. Located in Cap-d’Ail, France, the residence below was realised by Casa Manara and it features sunny wide rooms that smoothly communicate with each other. You feel the joy of light on every corner. At the bar, a circular table with organic elements invites the […]

A bedroom for a teenager usually requires huge resources of energy and creativity. They want to impress and nothing can cease their attempt to create extraordinary worlds. Bold colours such as turquoise, red, green or black are always on the list because they enliven the space, making the owner feel confident and adventurous. Secondly, hobbies play an essential role: you will discover memories or symbols of their preferences everywhere in the bedroom. Like in the one we want to present […]

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