Sterna Nisyros Residence is a restoration project carried out by i.landarchitects & Dolihos architects in 2014. A simple geometry was the right approach for dealing with a difficult, steep terrain. The home is located in Emporeios, Nisyros, Kos, Greece. The house is a two-storey building that covers an area of 128 sqm . The ground floor is an open room where the kitchen, the living room and a working space are found. The restoration owes its high level and preciseness to the research […]

South Melbourne House 2 is a private home designed by Mitsuori Architects. The 2,260-square-foot home is located in South Melbourne, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. According to the architects: “Our client requested that the design focus on the creation of interesting internal spaces that would allow the family to enjoy time together whilst also providing separate zones for studying, reading, socializing and relaxing.” This refurbishment of an existing double storey terrace house in South Melbourne opens up the entire ground floor and encloses […]

Stylish interiors, abundance of facilities and an elaborate courtyard mark the presence of a luxurious residence. Contemporary buildings of such type tend to minimise the extravagance and to transform opulence into something more appealing: the illusion of infinity. Using transparent glass as a dominant material, erasing the boundaries between spaces and keeping the interior design as simple as possible, the experience of an immeasurable space becomes possible. The luxurious residence below was realised by McClean Design in Los Angeles and it is […]

If you love open plans, exposed bricks and pipelines, as well as decorative items with an industrial look, warehouse style will perfectly fit at your place. Emerged from a trendy combination of modern lofts and upscale barns, the technique of reinventing storing buildings such as depositories and sheds has influenced the contemporary design nowadays. Without being a genre by the book, the warehouse style melts the boundaries, creates harmony and brings a sense of normality no other trend could deliver. […]

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2015 is the year to give your kitchen a bold upgrade. This means not being afraid to add a little color to your décor where you might not have expected it before. Sometimes it takes the creation of contrast to get the aesthetic look you’re aiming for—and bold colors are ‘it’ in 2015. Kitchens are one of the most commonly renovated spaces in a home–and also one of the most expensive–so it’s important to consider all your options before tackling […]

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Mint green color is a very fresh and adorable one, it’s one of the hottest trends today not only in fashion industry but also in design. Create a cool, calm living space with mint-hued decor and home accents. It looks exciting in many interiors and styles and definitely adds freshness. It’s an double-natured color that has many different shades – sea foam, light turquoise, menthol, mint or pistachio ice cream and so on, so I think every person can choose […]

A beach umbrella is a crucial piece of equipment when spending time outdoors, whether you are enjoying your time at the beach, spending time in the comfort of your back yard, or participating at an outside business gathering. Beach umbrellas are designed specifically to protect against direct sunlight as well as provide relaxing shade for one to dwell in. The top beach umbrellas will serve to guard you from harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays and also be large enough to cover you […]

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Located in Easton, Maryland, this private residence got a complete interior renovation, which included a custom kitchen, living spaces, bedrooms, exterior deck, and pergola. Despite its imposing, seemingly closed exterior, the house can be defined as joyful and inviting. Tackling the massive design project was Shinberg.Levinas and Oehme van Sweden & Associates handled the landscape design. Knowing how to budget for a home renovation makes it easy to completely transform a home from dark & outdated to modern and fresh. This home renovation exhibits […]

The studio apartments are a newer concept and are rapidly gaining popularity all across the globe. Do you live in a small apartment? Many of us whether by choice or necessity live in smaller apartments. We tend to think of our dream home as a huge house with space for everything. If you’re in a studio apartment and aren’t sure when that space will grow into something bigger, there’s no reason to wait to create your dream home. Efficiency apartment is the perfect term […]

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Val des Monts is a private residence designed by Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc. It is located in Val-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada. A family cottage in the Gatineau hills infused with Canadiana shifts its way over the edge of a cliff to command views of the adjacent lake. This hideaway home is remarkable for more than just its beauty. The retreat is gently embedded in the Canadian Shield; the sleeping quarters firmly set in the rock while the cantilevered family rooms slowly emerge from […]

Designed by CollectiveProject, this Pavilion in a Garden is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. This project transforms an unused 15’ x 50’ extension to a private residential plot into a densely planted, garden and library. Designed as a private and secluded retreat from daily life, the pavilion was conceptualized as an inhabitable piece of furniture bridging a lush and naturalistic landscape. The pavilion was conceptualized as an inhabitable piece of furniture embedded within a lush landscape. On special occasions, the seating […]

Welcome to a scenic holiday retreat infused with Greek charm! Villa Gracias a la Vida sits on one acre of land in Costa Ilios overlooking the Island of Delos. Gracias A La Vida is a very large property offering to its guests high-level of comfort in every room, making it the ideal choice for large families or group of friends. Its privileged position allows guests here convenient access to the nearby beach of Agios Ioannis and views of the colorful […]

For today we want to show you a bright and colorful renovation! We always talk about the use of beautiful accent colors to enliven modern interiors that are draped in cool neutral hues. his lovely house in Morocco is a wonderful case in the point with its stunning interiors that showcase brilliant blue and refreshing yellow accents. Owned by a young couple, the space was revamped into an inviting, stylish hub by architects from Kanza Ben Cherif in 2014. Located in Skhirat, […]

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Designed by archimania, this building is located in Memphis, TN, USA. In downtown Memphis, a celebrated mid-century modern building was facing demolition. From 1974 to 1999 it had housed a progressive bank, but had been abandoned. A young music college was seeking a new home in an urban context. The music college wanted a look that was to be vibrant, fresh, and exciting for students and teachers, but the required functional spaces were quite different than that of the bank. New mechanical, plumbing, […]

Designed by Parametr Architecture, this resort is located Jalan Raya Uluwatu, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia. Beautifully standing on the soaring limestone hills of Uluwatu area of Bali, the land for the resort villa covering an area of 637 m2 blatantly overlooking the Ocean of Indonesia. The owner aims to create a resort villa with 4 bedrooms, dining room, family room, pool area and viewing deck aptly adorned with the captivatingly selected decorations. The architectural mass space is well-structured in such a way that […]

Designed by Point Supreme, Nadja consists of two apartments on subsequent floors that were renovated and connected with a stair in the middle.  The project was built in collaboration with KN Group constructions. The most central element is a complex construction featuring the stair, living room and kitchen cupboards, a glass display partition, a built-in plant pot, a blackboard and a pink sun rising towards upstairs. It is a miniature piece of architecture in itself providing a focal point within the […]