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Summer is just round the corner. Thus, we suggest that you should move your nest in the garden and take the hammock out from the garage. Sun prepares to invade our senses and trees can’t wait to show their beauty. Like in the heaven below, a sunny residence realized by Bernardes Arquitetura in Brazil. The project is called Casa MTL and it is located in Paraty, a municipality on the Green Coast, a lush, green corridor that runs along the coastline of Rio de Janeiro. […]

Designed by Cumulus Studio, the project involved the adaptive reuse of Pumphouse Point into a wilderness retreat. The existing heritage listed, art-deco style buildings – ‘The Pumphouse’ and ‘The Shorehouse’ – were constructed in the 1940s as part of Tasmania’s hydro electric scheme and are positioned within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. The two buildings had been unused for over twenty years before works began. Eighteen new guest suites, communal lounge areas and a shared dining area have been inserted […]

Cabin 2 is a residential project completed by Maddison Architects. The 1,184-square-foot home is located in Blairgowrie, Victoria, Australia. The surrounding coastal Moonah woodland forgivingly hides a suburban-like density of houses and network of winding roads free of formed kerb, gutters and footpaths. Many of the houses are holiday homes and there is an accompanying high level of development activity. The existing cabin has two bedrooms, a bunk room, kitchen/living area and bathroom. Cabin 2 provides a new bedroom and ensuite at mezzanine […]

The 24th edition of Casa Cor Rio de Janeiro, the largest Architecture and Interior Design event in Brasil, took an interesting turn in 2014 when the very idea behind the showroom got reinvented. Instead of the usual exhibition area, the products and ideas were presented as a large 4500 square meter space divided into lofts, studio apartments and various living and entertainment areas.  The challenge of this project was to make the audience feel at home while admiring Deca products without […]

Located in Australia, Curva House is a private residence designed by LSA Architects & Interior Design. Mindful of the heritage context, one of the underlying principles of the project was to slowly reveal the contemporary additions to the home. The architects wanted a strong cohesion throughout, with spaces and features that communicate with ease and with a strong indoor-outdoor connection. This house is unlike its neighbors, featuring a bold, contemporary extension at the back.  The formal gardens, heritage façade and bedroom zones of […]

Designed by Byrne Architects, the Pavilion sits on the crest of the sites natural amphitheater, a generous glass wall providing spectacular views across the bush to the east. Outwardly the building blends in to the surrounding environment. Within, the performance hall is a finely tuned acoustic environment, integrating cutting edge AV technology. Sensitivity to the beauty and unique qualities of the site was essential to our design process. The buildings scale, locality, and sculpting of the earth around the building […]

Revel in luxury at the newly restyled W Retreat and Spa – Maldives. Inspired by the radiance of its sparkling natural and entirely private surroundings, the new look of the retreat evokes the colorful marine life, twinkling stars and glowing plankton of the Indian Ocean. It conveys the personality of the resort through colors and glowing elements which have been woven seamlessly into every detail of the resort.Pamper yourself with lavish Maldivian living. Unwind at the innovative AWAY Spa. Step […]

Being an artist for your own crib is one of the most exciting activities you can practice at home. Walls, ceilings, windows and curtains can function as canvases for the painter hid inside of you as long as you dare to exercise your talent. To help you, we gathered a bunch of ideas in the gallery below, most of them dedicated to DIY wall decorations with Washi tape. Easy to handle, this style of paper was first made in Japan from […]

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Julie Alice Chappell  created stunning pieces of art made from discarded circuit boards. By recyling computer components, Julie’s ‘bugs’ help raise awareness of waste in the environment. It all started several years ago when she came across a big box of tiny electronic components at the Beneficial Foundation in Portsmouth, otherwise known as the “The Craft Bank.” The center receives unwanted items from various companies and they pass along these “hidden treasures” to schools, community groups and artists. “The first thing […]

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SHH designed the Paddington Penthouse, a contemporary and luxurious apartment located in the heart of London. The owners commissioned the architects to merge the 14th and 15th floor apartments (plus additional roof terrace) of a new apartment building in Paddington, to create a single, 4,700 sq ft London pied-a-terre. The brief was to create a contemporary but luxurious interior design in cool grays and dark browns, with a series of flexible spaces, particularly in the main living area, where a feature island wall separates formal […]

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Located in London, SHH has designed the new-build house and a highly contemporary extension. The owners purchased an existing detached property in north London and wanted to create a completely new building (only retaining the existing façade) in its place to allow them family to live more laterally, with living spaces situated across two floors only (along with guest and staff accommodation on the third floor). A new and highly contemporary extension was also created to the rear, linked to the main house by […]

Recently completed by iKonic by R&S, this elegant apartment is situated in The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. From the balanced floor plan and multiples sources of lighting to the large scale rug, ikonic by R&S team proves that good interior design can make 568 sqft feel like million. iKonic by R&S solution was to design a custom-made divider headboard beautifully layered with a matching wallpaper to divide the space in two separate area: a living / entertainment area and a sleeping […]

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Completed by David Howell Design, this luxury loft apartment is located in Manhattan, New York City. After nearly 40 years, this jaw-dropping space was meticulously renovated and painstakingly restored with specific attention to the preservation of all historic details, creating at the same time a sleek, 21st century environment of luxury. All floors are solid wide-plank Swedish beech wood. To protect artwork and appointments, the windows have been coated with Sunshield solar film. The loft has been designed with ample closets […]

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Designed by Ambidestro for a young couple, this contemporary Brazilian apartment is situated in the city of Porto Alegre. The owners like art, contemporary architecture and wine. With the premise that the clients receive many friends at home, the project sought to organize the social space within a fragmented old social plan from the nineties. Also, there was the existence of a concrete pillar in the middle of the ancient dinning space. The architects decided to create a multifunctional dark block which functions […]

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Located in São Paulo, Brasil, the new Maremonti Restaurant was designed by the office Lab Architects. The intention of the architects was to build a new franchise without losing the rustic and welcoming characteristics of the space. The restaurant has access through an open area, and the architect explains that the project has characteristics of a shopping store. “In the project design, we seek inspiration in Maremonti Riviera de São Lourenço, which is a beach restaurant with the same finishes and features, but […]

Designed by Bernardes and Jacobsen Arquitetura, the AMB House is situated on the coast of São Paulo, Guaruja City in the middle of the Atlantic Forest. The house can be called the balcony house with large glass panels that allow visual contact with the surrounding areas of the residence and the natural landscape of the region. From the street you can only see one of the three floors of the house because the terrain has accentuated slopes that give different views of […]