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This modern chalet situated in Valais, Switzerland, was completely redesigned in 2011 by Ralph Germann Architectes. Originally, the chalet was just a simple barn, located outside a village in the canton of Valais (Switzerland) on an exceptional site. The retreat of a glacier had left behind an amazing flora and fauna, where a rare species of red grasshopper found its home. As soon as one enters the chalet, one is immediately captured by the coherent, refined, almost monastic atmosphere. A white ceiling […]

This snow country house is located on a northwest slope overlooking a panoramic view of Whistler valley in southwest British Columbia, Canada. It was designed in 2013 by Patkau Architects. The construction is a hybrid of monolithic and framed systems. The slabs and walls which enclose the lower floor are concrete, while the uppermost levels are a composite steel and heavy timber structure with wood-frame infill. The exterior form of the house is shaped by the intersection of two principal considerations: The […]

Designed by LUX Design, this industrial condo loft is situated in Toronto, Canada. LUX Design is an interior design firm specializing in unique, luxurious concepts for commercial and residential spaces. Noted for their inventive approach to luxury, the LUX team has earned both glowing reviews and industry awards for their achievements in design. Industrial Toronto condo designed by Lux Design, has brought together all the things that were on the client’s wish list. The use of modern lighting fixtures, steel accents and […]

Located in the heart and center of Helsinki, Klaus K is the perfect modern style hotel. In addition to its striking interior design that mixes cozy and classy Scandinavian style with folklore inspiration, this fashionable accommodation near the Esplanade prides itself with one hell of a dining scene and a stylish urban spa.  Inspired by the national epic Kalevala – it’s nature and dramatic design follows all rooms and interior. In addition to the elegant Kalevala-influenced units, there’s a dazzling collection […]

During summer, lucky owners of house&gardens move the habitat outside. It is not a secret that a pool, an umbrella and a cocktail make a tiring hot day a wonderful experience. Thus, we thought that the amazing landscape design below – a project realised by Apex Landscapes – will convince you to plan a little paradise for your home too. Greenery, flowers, gravel spots and water features are the most important elements you should take into consideration when budgeting a landscape design. All of […]

W Hong Kong is a fabulous hotel located in Hong Kong. Where glamorous trends meet colonial style, W Hong Kong amplifies the city’s vibrancy, with the Airport Express just below. Immerse yourself in the artistic ambience of West Kowloon Culture Centre, the up-and-coming cultural hub next door. With a luxurious interior and stunning views from its heights, the hotel offers its guests every comfort. Where vibrant and modern meets classic and colonial, where the pleasures of the east come together like the […]

Designed by Núria Selva Villaronga this stunning private home is located in Empordà, Girona, Spain. According to the architects: “A small village, in the Baix Empordà area, formed by a handful of old houses folded along a “U” shaped street the middle of which the square that opens up the view to the church hangs from, and two or three plots, old orchards yet to be build, is the setting for this home´s project. The access, both pedestrian and vehicular, is performed by […]

Although we usually tend to neglect outdoor design, it represents our first chance to inspire and make an impression on neighbours and guests. Thus, the article we want to present you today reveals a fascinating pool house accessorised with a beautiful garden. The project was realised by Apex Landscapes, an Australian company with more 15 years’ experience in designing and building innovative landscape. The team focused on creating an impressive entertainment area, perfect for both children and adults. Chaise loungers, […]

Designed by Block Architects, this house was in an old terrace next to an apartment built in 1965. The owner works in travel and tourism, he once rented the house and planned to renovate it into a cultural place. It is on this spot that people meet up, share and cook Vietnamese traditional food, especially vegan one. They may also stay in during their time in Vietnam. The old windows were used as the main material to create a distinctive appearance. […]

G+PARK, a museum park in Shanghai, China, recently unveiled a wedding chapel like no other. It’s a first for China and provides an alternative to classic wedding venues which appeals greatly to young and creative couples looking for something different. The round wedding space is enclosed by 3,060 glass panels that were painted in 65 vivid, translucent colors that create a kaleidoscope of happiness. Designed by COORDINATION ASIA, the Rainbow Chapel offers young, creative couples a new, colorful and happy place to get […]

Oak Pass House is a home located in Beverly Hills, California, USA. The 8,000-square-foot contemporary house was designed by Walker Workshop. According to the architects: “The Oak Pass Main house uses an “Upside Down” program, with public spaces above the bedrooms, which are buried into the hill and beneath a green roof of edible herbs. This relatively large house at 8,000 square feet appears much smaller and carefully integrated into the surrounding landscape, which includes over one hundred and thirty Coast Live Oaks. A […]

Good ideas beget great designs. But design is nothing without details and finesse. It’s the little things that matter. Natural Geometry is a house bright and luminous. Designed in 2013 by HYLA Architects, Natural Geometry is a home located in Singapore Gardens and Green Fields, Singapore.  Called Natural Geometry, this house is a semi-detached dwelling house with a small attic. According to the architects: “A geometric screen inspired by nature fronts this western facing semi-detached house. Between the screen and the house is a two-storey outdoor covered […]

Curtain Apartment is a private residence located in Singapore. It was designed by HUE D with an elegant and airy interior. The apartment in downtown Singapore, which belongs to a young couple, is very small in area. To maximize space, the public arena which consists of the Kitchen, Dining and Living, is in one open continuous space. This space leads further to an outdoor balcony. The private spaces of a bedroom, a utility room and a bathroom are tucked away. At the Living, […]

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When renovating an old house, wide spaces are always a problem. In the sense that they usually lack. Built almost a century ago in the historic centre of Haarlem, in the western Netherlands, the house below needed a complete restoration to gain larger areas. The work was completed by Kempe studio and it involved a rigorous planning of the resources, as well as a lot of smart solutions that helped use space efficiently. As a result, the old house got […]

What do you feel when you enter a luxury hotel? You have a sensation of divine treatment. The lobby is furnished with sumptuous items, impressive mirrors, shining chandeliers and beautiful flower arrangements. Meanwhile, the room is designed to flatter you with a king size bed, lots of pillows, long velvet curtains and a pair of crystal champagne cups. Fragments of this marvellous experience could be felt at home if you bring the luxury hotel-style inside. The project below was realised by Atmosphere Interior […]

Completed in 2014, this residence were designed in Tuscan Style. It’s full of finishing materials, elements of interior and décor, all of which were specially selected in Italy, Germany, France and were brought to Ukraine. For example, the deer head, fringy with age-old tapestry of XIX century. As a result we can see the castle kitchen with a spit in the fireplace 1,94 meter height hand thrown from marble. Well on the square in front of the house also made of […]