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Spice up your kitchen with an easy window herb garden! Where there’s a window, there’s a way to garden. Window herb garden is always a good idea! See our shelves windows collection an start to create a scaled-down gardening spot. When space is limited, finding room for plants can be impossible. But no matter your style, space, or budget, you can devise a strategy for success just by simplifying your requirements. Glass shelves above a deep window sill invite in light while helping […]

Sometimes it feels a bit like our homes become like fishbowls. The bigger they are, the more stuff we acquire to fill them up. But do we really need all that square footage?  With Maciej Kowaluk and Lukasz Reszka, her colleagues at the Wroclaw-based practice 3XA, Czerny transformed a small apartment into the most elegant tiny apartment we’ve seen yet. We really love this stunning tiny apartment! This stunning tiny apartment features a nice loft bed, kitchen, ample storage, desk and living room, […]

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Let the countdown of fine woods commence!  It is not the first time we are featuring wooden interior design. Generous wood accents are what define this article. The designers show us how versatile and beautiful wood can be. Wood has always been one of our most oft used materials both in architecture and interior design. It is not only valuable for its sturdiness, but also for its versatility. And it can completely transform a room when used in the right […]

House H is a concrete house located in Lima, Peru. House H has been developed on a 1,000 m2 plot, on a busy road in the outskirts of Lima. This private home directly faces the garden and the hills; It was designed by Jaime Ortiz de Zevallos. The proposal responds to the request of the owner who sought for privacy by turning its back to the street and facing towards the garden and the hills behind.  The project developed as an architecture that analyses […]

Studija Archispektras designed this beautiful house located in Kulautuva, Lithuania. This house was designed for a man and his wife that always loved to listen to the blues. A lot of blues. Loud – most of the times. And there could be no better place for their obsession than a forest. So, they built a black house there with white interiors. With a white soul inside. The house that blues. The clean sharp shapes, the mixture between a highly modern architecture and the furniture, […]

Reflecting the beautiful surroundings, the Haus Hohlen residence, located in Austria, is the pure expression of elegance and refinement. Haus Hohlen is a modern private residence located Dornbirn, Austria. It was designed in 2014 by Jochen Specht. The site, which is protected on the uphill side by a small forest, provides an astonishing view over the Rhine delta and lake Constance. Concrete is not usually associated with a warm and welcoming home. In today’s post, we will try to demonstrate that with proper inspiration […]

Have a look at this chic loft recently renovated in  Lithuania. This apartment is a private residence designed by DO Architects in 2014. The chic loft is located in Vilnius, Lithuania, and covers an area of 807 square feet. According to the designer, the interior should be perceived unified and monolithic – this is the main idea of this project. The owners of this chic loft wanted their home to reflect an independent way of thinking. The designer’s goal was to create an interior with […]

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Here at DesignRulz, we want to present you the latest trends in architecture and interio design. For today we gather Part II – photos of Amazing Ideas of How to Design a Modern Dental Clinic for Children. Here is the part 1- Amazing Ideas of How to Design a Modern Dental Clinic for Children-part 1. Enjoy! Modern Dental Clinic for Children: Dent Estet 4 Kids I by Hamid Nicola Katrib This project realized by the Romanian designer Hamid Nicola Katrib, is a dental clinic for children, respectively Dent […]

Take art by your side and you will never feel lonely. Paintings, sculptures, photographies or lots of other gems pragmatics spirits call ‘useless ornaments’ are capable of transforming your crib into a fascinating universe. To convince yourself these are not mere words, browse the gallery below and explore the apartment designed by Ben Hansen Architect in New York. You will discover a colourful world where art plays the most important role. Every corner features an interesting design, as a statement that […]

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Here at DesignRulz, we want to present you the latest trends in architecture and interio design. For today we gather some photos of Amazing Ideas of How to Design a Modern Dental Clinic for Children. Here is the part 2: Amazing Ideas of How to Design a Modern Dental Clinic for Children-part 2. Enjoy! Modern Dental Clinic for Children: ToothBeary Flagship, UK From the minute you and your child walk through the doors, you will realise Toothbeary is like no other dental surgery. Toothbeary is […]

This is a beautiful old small home in Normandy, France that has been completely renewed. Franklin Azzi Architecture agency has made the rehabilitation of this house, extending the small extensions of wood volume archetypal, hanging terraces or shelters who dress fabric to turn into exterior parts summer.  It is situated above a beautiful waterfront town in Normandy, called Yport. I like that the architect, Franklin Azzi, chose to keep the original small footprint relatively intact. There seem to be so many […]

Google has announced ambitious and futuristic plans for a new headquarters and they read like the stuff of science fiction movies. Located in Mountain View—part of Northern California’s Silicon Valley and close to San Fransisco—the tech giant seeks to develop its existing land into a new campus full of unique structures, retail developments, and park-like landscaping. Surprisingly, it’s the first time Google will design and build offices from the ground up. According to their blog: ” Today we’re submitting a plan […]

Spring blooming trees make a huge impact on defeating the winter blues, and in a competitive house market promise to lure potential buyers straight to your door. When you want a cool weather focal piece in your yard, but are ready to steer toward something more unusual than the common Cherry Tree, here is our suggestion: a magnolia tree. What southern garden is complete without the majestic, fragrant magnolia tree? If you’ve long admired the beauty of magnolias, you’ll be happy […]

A lake near a house is like the cherry on top of the cake. It brings that special finishing touch only exquisite products can deliver. This is exactly the case with the residence below, located in Tampa, Florida, USA. As you can easily notice, the beauty of the residence – a white, impressive building, styled in the latest trends – is enhanced by a marvellous landscape. Imposing trees, lots of decorative plants and a remarkable pool prepare the inhabitants for […]

A sunny welcoming look and a dynamic multi-terraced architecture transform NQ House below into a masterpiece. Completed in 2013 by Nha Dan Architect, the residence features luminous interiors, furnished with contemporary cozy pieces and extravagant lighting objects that create a serene, harmonious atmosphere. Thus, the family – a couple with 3 daughters – enjoy a lovely sunny home, animated by luxuriant plants. The entire volume consists of the bedrooms on one side with the swimming pool on the other. A structural […]

Many of us believe that we invoke our muse or our source of inspiration with the presence of the most beautiful scene of the nature. This may be the reason why many of us also tend to select the best location where we can consider the easy access to the natural beauty of the environment is available. Well today we will see how the designer created a Courtyard House which was completed in the year 2013. NO ARCHITECTURE transformed the traditional […]

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