Made for easy living and relaxation, a hammock could be the only chair you need this summer. Picture it: a warm breeze blows as you gaze up at a blue sky, lemonade in hand, gently swaying in your backyard hammock. A summer hammock provides an ideal spot for lounging, napping, or reading a book while enjoying the great outdoors on a sunny day. Hanging your hammock in the right place and in the right way is a personal and practical choice that […]

So many jobs now encourage employees to work from home, and even more artists and designers are inspired to work from beautiful spaces they create themselves. In this post we are taking a look at large or clever desks that offer lots of space for all of your work, study or hobby needs; if you prefer a more minimalist route then be sure to check out our previous article on modern minimalist computer desks for some slightly more streamlined designs. This post […]

Are you looking for something new in your bathroom or kitchen? Do you consider installing new flooring? If you have lots of spare pennies, then perhaps you should try the copper penny flooring. Why not take our spare change and salute the past president of the United States with unique copper penny flooring? It’s a great hands-on project, relatively affordable, beautifully eclectic and did I mention warmly inviting and invigorating with its copper hue? Going well beyond the bathroom and taking over […]

How to accommodate the car when it just sits there doing nothing? Plan an open garage or a carport for it and try to integrate the space in the overall concept of the building. Usually, an open garage is a covered structure used to offer limited protection to vehicles, primarily cars. The structure can either be free standing or attached to a wall. Unlike most structures a carport does not have four walls, and usually has one or two. As you […]

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, North TLV Home is a residential project completed by Nurit Leshem. An open space was formed between the buildings, and together with the landscaping and gardening this created a pleasant sitting area. The new house was built on a plot of approximately 500 sqm and has a built-up area of 120 sqm. This house includes a separate unit and an expansive terrace used for hosting. The terrace serves as the main hosting area of the old house and […]

Christian Street House is a private home located in Clayfield, Queensland, Australia. The 3,014-square-foot house was designed by James Russell Architect in 2014. Christian Street House sits on the east side of a rolling hill, opening its face to the morning sun and bay breezes. It’s back is buried in the hill, protected from the harsh summer sun, storms and winter westerlies. High gables make a patio to street, a covered arrival and gathering place with barn doors to living behind. Cars […]

Designed by Dom-arquitectura, the project is located in a small village in La Cerdanya. Located on the north valley side and facing south, the dense rural core is formed by about 20 houses, is surrounded by fields and meadows where agriculture and farming are the main activities. Breathtaking views of the Cadi in front make this setting, a natural paradise. Most buildings in the village are formed around an era. We can see in the village distribution map, that outside […]

The Sunset Strip Residence  is a project located in California, USA, and completed by McClean Design. The home has bright open spaces with lots of natural light. The house occupies a hilltop lot in one of the most desirable locations in Los Angeles. According to the developing team, the house is approached by means of a gated driveway and guard house. The garage sits in a spot that enjoys spectacular views of the surrounding canyons and is glazed on both sides. All three buildings […]

If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate, an outdoor shower can be a ‘cool’ addition to your backyard decorating, at the same time lets you enjoy a cool down this summer. From rustic outside showers, easy DIY pallet outdoor showers to contemporary luxury showers, there are plenty of creative outdoor shower examples you will find here. Nothing feels better on a hot summer day after hitting it hard outdoors, than showering outdoors. Here you will find some tips […]

From its awe-inspiring location on a forested headland, Hale Malia watches imperiously over the Indian Ocean. This magnificent villa blends nature and luxury seamlessly to bring you perfection in paradise. Laze on a lounger by its iridescent infinity pool and you’ll be caressed by the sun and the soft breeze from the Andaman Sea. Gather for sundowners at sunset against a backdrop of fragrant plants and lush vegetation. Here, on the exclusive Samsara estate, you will be enveloped in peace […]

Designed by M-amm Design, this is a renovation project of an apartment unit in a 30-year-old building. This renovated apartment with a feminine touch was designed for a family of three women: a mother and two daughters. Its wide frontage toward south was very attractive, but the existing plan was a stereotypical one at the time of its completion in Japan, so the whole unit could not benefit from the wide frontage. Especially, the existing kitchen was closed and separated […]

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We all dream of having a large spacious bathroom to relax in and recuperate, but more often than not, the standard space in city flats is limited and dreams are therefore crushed by reality and by the actual square footage available in a small bathroom. Brightly coloured, unpredictable, cheeky and even over the top at times. The story of Teuco starts back in 1972 thanks to the intuition of its founder Virgilio Guzzini, who decided to produce bathtubs in acrylic, a truly […]

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Designed for a young couple, the apartment of 70 sqm is located in a newly built building in a new district of Brasilia. The new design should address the residents’ needs for fluid multipurpose spaces and at the same time, should translate into the lifestyle and emotional references of the couple.Upon entering the apartment, the barriers between TV room, dining room, kitchen and service area, dissolve from a permeable central layout. According to the designers, Semerene Arquitetura Interior : “We chose […]

If minimalism were on one of the end of the continuum, The Siam Hotel would indeed be on the other. Located in Bangkok’s royal district Dusit, The Siam is every bit eccentric as it’s owner, Krissada Sukosol Clapp and the Bill Bensley design team, who together have breathed new life into the 3-acre real estate parcel that included a cluster of century-old homes. The Siam Hotel is a beautiful boutique urban oasis where each of its 39 suites & villas is a […]

In contrast with the urban commotion and day-to-day stress, we feel the evermore frequent and acute need to reconnect with nature, to discover a calm and positive rhythm of life. Portuguese practice and-re architecture recently opened the White Wolf Hotel in Penafiel, Portugal. Completed in 2013 and recently open to the public, White Wolf Hotel is a series of buildings intimately related with the surrounding rich natural environment. The built architecture objects, profoundly integrated in the natural environment, provide holistic and spiritual […]

Farmhouse is a residential project completed by A.D.D. Concept + Design.This spacious contemporary home is located in California, USA. Concrete, timber and glass: three very different materials, three very good friends. As this Californian farmhouse by A.D.D. Concept + Design shows, not only do they work well together, they add to the depth, materiality and texture of the design. Added to that the sexy black exterior finish and this project is as modern and fresh as they come. This home has […]