The art of luxury comes to life at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, where an impressive collection of contemporary art, unobstructed views of Marina Bay and a location near popular attractions create the perfect hotel destination for both business and leisure. At The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, visitors will discover that a work of art does not always require a traditional canvas. A stunning structure designed by Pritzker prize-winning architect Kevin Roche, the luxury hotel sets geometric lines, contemporary style and subtle Oriental […]

Designed by architect firm Sicart-Smith, Suan Kachamudee is a boutique resort that lies in the hills of Thailand. Suan Kachamudee task is an one of a kind and comfortable “boutique” resort of Thailand. Spotted on archdaily, the architects has developed the architecture of the project (not including the interior design) and the Project Manager “9PM” has taking care of the overall construction process with local contractor. The design has been initiated in 2013 and the project has been completed in early […]

Spotted on, the luxury pool house below – also known as Casa Magayon – was realized by SARCO Architects. Despite its monumental volumes, the building integrates smoothly in the landscape, having a friendly relation with the environment. The architects took into consideration the fact that the house has to follow the natural shape of the land, a sharply sloping hillside. Its structure was designed so that it can sit on the natural terrain, with the help of several steel columns. As a result, […]

There are many beautiful contemporary homes all over the world and their designs vary regardless of the location, culture or influences. To better illustrate this idea we have selected 10 contemporary houses, all located in Brazil. As it usually happens, they share a series of similar characteristics but they also each have their own unique elements. For today we gather 7 Stylish Brazil Houses with Contemporary Designs presented on Designrulz. Remember that by clicking on the titles, you can see more photos […]

The weather’s getting warmer, and you know what that means — wistful afternoons spent thinking of those summers of yore when we used to spend our days running, jumping and concocting elaborate adventures on the local playground. What kids love most about the summer is the fact that they get to spend a lot of time outdoors. This provides you as parents with the perfect opportunity to get crafty and to turn the backyard into a fun playground. Installing a home […]

What are the first words that come into your mind when you say Scandinavian design? Purity, functionality and playfulness. Although they do not tend to be extravagant or very daring, funny details are sometimes introduced to enliven the spirit of the house. This is also the case with the project below, realized by Plasterlina studio from Poland. As you can easily notice, black boards for cheerful messages and drawings were installed in the dressing room. Also, contemporary lighting bulbs hung by ropes […]

We prepared a collection of fresh nautical design ideas to bring the sea breeze in your home. At the beginning I found it a bit risky to decorate with marine influences because it is too theme-oriented. What do you do with guests that have seasick or do not live with the ambition of becoming sailors? Well, you invite them to navigate in your living room among seahorses, shells, boats and coral reefs. Actually, you create the perfect place for dreaming. Painted in blue, silver and white, the […]

Dining room sets usually include a table and several chairs that have to assort with both kitchen and living room. As a crossover space, they have the capacity to adapt, being welcoming, flexible araes. Although you might have thought that there is no big trouble in picking the right dining room sets, there are a few principles to follow here too. First, choose pieces that are simple, discreet and malleable. That will help you reorganize the setup when guests come for special dinners, anniversaries […]

Those who love contemporary house design insist on cutting out all the unnecessary details. That means decorations that are discrepant, dispensable items of furniture, excessive accessories and lots of pieces we usually gather for future needs. Instead, the inhabitants praise openness, transparency, luminosity and freedom. This is exactly the case with the Casa 5 below, spotted on, and realized by Arquitectura en Estudio. Enjoying a marvelous location, the residence offers to its inhabitants the possibility to admire the surrounding mountains and valley through large […]

Spotted on, the Art Deco house below looks amazing after its remodel designed by DPAI Architecture. The building was built in 1939 and it represents on of the most amazing Art Modern houses to be found in Ontario. The new owners love the style and wanted to conduct the remodel so that authentic elements should be still visible. As a result, the bold, modern spirit of the Art Deco house was celebrated. But, besides rehabilitation, the house was reimagined completely. Large open plans, transparent […]

When you say wooden house, you usually think of nice mountain chalets, remodeled barns or eco-friendly projects that recycle pallets. Today, we want to demonstrate that contemporary architecture does not always rely on concrete, stone, steel and glass. This is exactly the case with the wooden house below, completed in 2014, in Nonthaburi, Thailand. The contemporary residence tried to avoid the kind of warmth we usually experienced at our grandparents’ houses and offers a contemporary, stylish layout. One of the most difficult challenges […]

Realized by WMR Arquitectos, Casa Till is a lovely residence that welcomes the sun inside all day long. Located on a windswept cliff of Los Arcos (Chile), the house is almost invisible with its all-glass walls and natural colors. As the clients did not want to disturb the natural skyline with their house, a long and low single story wooden construction resulted. The concept was quite simple. The building is shaped with hard angles and straight lines, offering the look of a discreet insertion in the […]

Looking for landscape design ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Realized by Grounded, the projects below are more than common gardening. They ‘deliver’ meaning, recreation, joy – feelings we all look for when spending time in our backyards. Beside being beautiful, the sites are also functional and smartly designed. That means leisure areas combine with sport lots, exterior kitchen or pool bars offering a smooth transition between them. Alleys of pebble gravel or flanked by rows of flowers make the orientation on the […]

The collection of bedroom sets below is ready to be discovered. What color should I paint my walls? What items of furniture fit better in a contemporary room? How to set my relaxing mood according to aesthetic principles? Is the TV set an intruder in our private space? You’ll find the answers to these questions after browsing the gallery. Focusing on a modern design, the owners opted for comfortable king size beds, minimalist decorations, embedded closets and attractive lighting pieces. As a general leitmotiv, colors play with light […]

An eco-friendly house has a strong relation with the environment around. Realized by Schwartz and Architecture, the project below – also known for its affordable costs – represents an interesting way of mixing contemporary needs with smart solutions. Focusing on the efficient use of energy, water and building materials, the house features large open areas, naturally lighted rooms and generous relaxing areas. As the architects stated on their website, the building continues their interest in developing prototypes for highly site-responsive, environmentally sensitive homes. […]

Casas del XVI is a whole new concept in Santo Domingo accommodations, bringing the romance and ease of a bygone era together with modern comfort, service and convenience. Here amid the beautiful, historic setting of the Colonial City, our collection of beautifully restored houses with remnants of the sixteenth century, combine into a single, unified hotel environment. Our welcoming staff members are dedicated to providing you with a level of hospitality that leaves you feeling invigorated, refreshed and completely content. Opened […]