Have you thought of adding a different touch to your home’s wall? Well, if you haven’t, you might be moved to do so after taking a look at what we have gathered for you today. There are millions of colors to choose from for your interior walls, but paint can also be enhanced dramatically with texture. Sure, a caramel tan colored wall may look nice, but once combined with a faux painting technique or a textured wall panel added behind […]

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Architect and designer Aldana Ferrer Garcia, has created More Sky Window, a variety of window concepts that allow people living in apartments to experience more sunlight in a unique way. Aldana says, “More Sky is a cozy corner for the home that provides visual relief, access to sunlight and fresh air for small apartments. As an attempt to understand the threshold between ID and architecture, this project is conceived as an object and a space at the same time, responding to […]

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If you have allergies and reside in a humid climate, you may be uncomfortable. Tell me, do you use a humidifier in the winter? If you are sick, you will appreciate the comfort that moist air brings to your lungs. If you are healthy, this same moist air can help you ward off colds and flu, improve skin tone, protect your fine wood furnishings and keep allergies at bay. also view: Top 10 Humidifiers of 2015 You Can Buy Right Now Humidity […]

Designed by Medianyk Studio, this apartment is located in Baku, Azerbaijan. According to the architects, the spacious home was adapted to meet the modern living requirements of the owners: “Choosing the style for the future interior we were looking through many catalogs, magazines, but give the preference to any one was very difficult. So we just decided to listen to our emotions and feelings, to be free from the rules and canons. More importantly, that interior should be bright and light, free […]

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After being pushed out in favor of stainless and brushed nickel for many, many years, gold is making a big comeback in the kitchen. There are all kinds of ways to embrace the look — whether you’re looking to add just a little bit of shine to your kitchen or a whole lot, we’ve got some ideas for you. So, here you will find 25 Ways to Use Gold Accents in the Kitchen. It’s shiny, it’s shimmery, and it’s hot, hot, hot: […]

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Crete, Greece’s largest island, is known for its varied terrain, which ranges from fine-sand beaches at Elafonisi to the White Mountains. Mt. Ida, the tallest of the range, is home to the Ideon Cave, which was the birthplace of Zeus according to Greek mythology. The capital Heraklion is home to the Palace of Knossos, a mazelike hilltop ruin, and renowned Heraklion Archaeological Museum, housing Minoan artifacts. Crete is the island of beaches, lovely sunset and romance. If you want to come […]

A luxury apartment can be the easiest way to marry the desire for decadence with the need for a central, urban location. In this spacious Ukrainian apartment from designer Irena Poliakova, it could be easy to forget that you are in an apartment at all since the luxe design is reminiscent of a sprawling estate more than a chintzy studio. The opulence begins from the entrance, done through a private elevator with abstract sculptures on the two sides and its […]

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Designed by Razvan Barsan + Partners, this Small Vacation House is located in the mountains, in a remote village. Vernacular architecture typical to the region has been the source of inspiration for the chosen materials, geometry and construction techniques. Therefore, the building represents an interpretation of traditional architecture in a modern key, which allows it to integrate gracefully into the natural and cultural context, while respecting the modern standards that define a high quality of living. Local natural materials have […]

Masculinity is usually used to describe men, but nowadays, it is also typical to use the term to describe certain things or material that seems more manly than girly as they call it. What is a masculine space? Usually no glam accessories, no bright and airy colors, dark shades and minimalism in details. A bedroom with a masculine vibe is all about finding that right balance between a deep, unassuming look and a comfortable, elegant hub. The leaders are minimalist bedrooms […]

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Classic style is never out of date. Although contemporary designers tend to exaggerate the necessity of striking modernity in our lives, there are plenty of us who yearn for decorative antiques, imposing columns and elegant chandeliers. They bring poetry in our homes and transform the space into a distinguished place. But, in order to maintain a fresh, welcoming atmosphere, you have to pay attention to several details. The project below, a classic style house realised by Ericolsen Design in California […]

Scandinavian design reflects clarity, smooth communication and a feeling of freedom and joy you usually experience during holidays. I guess this is because its well-organised layouts, lovely colours and modern ornaments that connect your spirit to what’s new, catchy and hot at the moment. Due to its contemporary, fresh look, young designers embrace the principles of the Scandinavian design immediately and transform their projects in Nordic masterpieces. For example, the loft below realised by Denis Krasikov in Murmansk, Russia. Every rooms has something […]

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Turquoise blue color is modern, fresh, interesting and universally attractive color design choice. Turquoise is much more than another color from the gemstone lineup. Its many shades, hues and tones combine to paint a world of joyousness and glee. Turquoise blue color adds unique, bright and pleasant feel to modern interior design and decor, creating beautiful rooms and offices in combinations with white decorating ideas, green colors, yellow, orange and rich golden colors, pink and purple color hues. We love […]

Warm contemporary interior design has become very popular these days. Keeping an eye to the modern set of values, it enhances the space with something more: empathy. You do not feel like entering a showroom or an exhibition where all the details shine flawless. On the contrary, you enjoy your experience and feel a strong connection with the objects inside. Is this possible in the residences where glass and steel reign? If you pick warm contemporary interior design, the effect is guaranteed. Realised by […]

Scandinavian Interior Design relies on purity, functionality and minimalism. The term emerged in the 1950s to describe design from the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. As a result, if you decorate your home using elements from this style, you will virtually travel to Northern Europe all the time. The loft below was realised by Russian designer Denis Krasikov and it features warm wide interiors, painted in light tones of grey and turquoise, and garnished with chic, contemporary ornaments. Flooded by natural light, […]

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Use winter’s frosty temps to your advantage when decorating your home’s outdoors for the holidays. These ice lanterns are pretty, festive and just require water, plastic containers and a chill in the air. Now that the weather is consistently below freezing most days, I think it’s the perfect time for ice lantern decorations! They’re really quick and easy to make, and so gorgeous! Today’s tutorial will show you how to make an ice lantern (or ice luminaria) in a few simple […]

Classic style is for those who love old movies, the gentle touch of the aristocracy and the novels populated with princes and countesses. Even if we can not rebuild those frames completely into a contemporary apartment, we can keep some elements that remind us of the sweet classic style. For example, cushioned armchairs, long, heavy curtains, upholstered headboards at king size beds, shaded lamps and crystal chandeliers. They all recall the beauty of traditional interiors and can be easily integrated into a […]

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