The best things often come in small packages and a new hair clip is aiming to do for women what the Swiss Army Knife did for men. Clippa Lady is a very clever hair clip! Clippa Lady is a multi functional hair clip. Bottle opener, scraper, ruler, small screwdriver,nail file – all combined in this tiny hair clip!  8 in 1 multi-tool hairclips. The company behind the hair clip, which comes in a bright pink colour, has issued the latest design in the Clippa […]

Amsterdam is certainly one of the cities that have proved potential for architecture and design. We should be aware of the fact that workplace design is also important to maintain the maximum level of creativity and productivity. You will see that this aspect is not ignored in Amsterdam. HEYLIGERS Design+Projects have designed the Nuon Offices. The complex ‘New Amsterdam’ was built 25 years ago and recently completely transformed into a modern mixed-use building with a hotel, catering and for the most […]

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There’s a reason you keep hearing the phrase “sitting is the new smoking”. Like smoking, chronic sitting is a nasty habit. People who sit a lot tend to die earlier. Excessive sitting is associated with premature mortality from all causes, and the development of the “big three” killer diseases: heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Excessive sitting can lead to or exacerbate chronic back and neck pain. It creates tight hips, flabby glutes, soft abs, rounded shoulders, and “text neck”. Our bodies […]

353 Degrees North by Jodie Cooper Design is an exotic retreat located in the the village on Nusa Lembongan, on a beautiful island southeast of Bali, in Indonesia. Situated on the beautiful island of Lembongan just off the coast of the main island Bali, 353 Degrees North offers a modern and chic, adult-only getaway featuring an outdoor swimming pool, free WiFi access throughout the entire property and free on-site private parking for guests who drive. also view: Contemplative VillaWRK Resort Overlooking […]

Bucharest’s surprising eclecticism is also characteristic of its dining scene. For today we want to present you one of the best cultural restaurants in the Romanian capital: A New Concept of Restaurant in Bucharest: Naan Food and Drink Studio– Flavor and culinary architecture. Naan Food & Drink Studio represents a new concept of restaurant in Bucharest where tradition and innovation are mutually reinforcing each other, creating exquisite culinary experiences. A refined and intimate atmosphere, personalized service, attention to detail, dishes inspired by […]

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A villa with an infinity pool nearby is like an earthly paradise. A place of extreme beauty and delight was created at the residence below, a luxurious mansion realised by McClean Design in Los Angeles. Actually, the team worked at renovating it because the building designed in the French style during the 1970s was in very bad shape. The existing house was stripped down to framing and rebuilt in a contemporary style. The result? The inhabitants take advantage of the magnificent views […]

SAMA Architects together with mob studio have designed Chapulín, a restaurant that features a variety of materials and fuses together characteristic elements of Mexico’s history. The main entrance welcomes us with a unique hallway, made up by a fixing of more than 11,000 custom clay tiles, made by hand in the state of Oaxaca by a group of Oaxacan women in “El Alacrán” ceramics workshop, run by Mexican artist and sculptor Adán Paredes. In the center of the room there is a special […]

Landscape design is not only about water features, flowers, fences and gates. Engaging people in various actions while exploring the field could be more challenging than a simple gardening plan. Especially when it aims to satisfy the needs of many effervescent students. Fertile Ground below represents an inspiring example of landscape design that involves people, makes them feel the ground and delivers energy and cheerfulness as a reward. Realised by TCL (Taylor Cullity Lethlean), the project won the University of Sydney’s […]

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Tropical Box House is a private residence located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was designed by WHBC Architects and covers an area of 7,500 square feet. The project was envisioned as an inward looking abode that safeguards its interior from the tropical sun and rain while at the same time, embraces the dense, natural floral enclave that the house sits within. The egg-crate structure is built of in-situ concrete as a sun-filtering device at the depth of 900mm. The structure naturally […]

Exploring symbiosis with photosynthetic algae through furniture that cultivates living things. Micro algae play an important role for life on earth. Capable of performing photosynthesis, these amazing organisms produce about half of the atmospheric oxygen while simultaneously using carbon dioxide to grow photoautotrophically. They also leave behind an energy-dense and nutrient-rich material that’s an untapped renewable resource for humans. To shed light on this missed opportunity, architect Jacob Douenias and industrial designer Ethan Frier created an installation called Living Things, […]

Designed by Carrillo Arquitectos y Asociados, the Temozón House was built in 2013 in Yucatan, Mexico. The architects imagined a stunning cantilevered home built on a trapezoidal plot. Located in Temozón Yucatán in a residential area, the house has  60 meter long side faces east and its 39 meter long side faces north. Spreading over 1,167 square meters, this cantilevered home was named the Temozón House after its location. The street facade showcases little of what is to be found […]

Modern bathrooms create a simplistic and clean feeling. In order to design your modern bathroom make sure to utilize geometric shapes and patterns, clean lines, minimal colors and mid-century furniture. Your bathroom can effortlessly become a modern sanctuary for cleanliness and comfort. From bright and cheery to sophisticated and imposing, modern bathrooms have long gone beyond the limit of space. These modern details transform dull bathrooms into fantastic relaxation and refreshing spaces. alsi view: 25 Bathroom Fireplaces That Make Any Bath a […]

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Located in Don Mills, Ontario, Canada, this contemporary two-storey house was recently designed by Jillian Aimis . Located in Don Mills, Ontario, Canada, this contemporary two-storey house was recently designed by Jillian Aimis. Jillian Aimis is a Toronto based registered architect with over 14 years experience developing her expertise in architecture, interior design and fine art consulting. Her corporate, commercial and residential projects are distinguished by their seamless integration of architecture and interior design, their fine detail and craftsmanship, and her […]

This outdoor bike storage locker comes from the bright minds of London-based tree-house builders Treesaurus. You no longer have to think about your bike’s security. Even more, you can’t use the same excuse of not having place for a bike. The store holds 2 or more adult bikes, securely locked with five-lever locks built into the door. A little over a metre wide the four bike version will fit beside the car in most drives and you won’t need to move […]

Huis voor Patrick is a private home designed by LOW Architecten. In a wooded area in the town of Keerbergen, LOW architecten designs a private dwelling on one single level. Despite its unusual design, the materials used are rather traditional: bricks for the façade, ceramic cladding for the roof and aluminum windows. Brass joinery for the front doors gives the façade a special touch. The owner’s wish was to build a house with a plain structure and to live in […]

Plant owners will rejoice in this new pot design that promises to grow with your plant—no messy transplanting required. It’s fittingly called Growth, and its design was inspired by the geometrical Japanese art of paper folding (in case you hadn’t already noticed). Studio Ayaskan has designed a plant pot with a complex origami form, which enables it to unfold and accommodate more space for roots over time. The spaces and objects we build and surround us with are very static. In nature, […]

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