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This luminous home is located in Ingarö, Sweden. The home covers an area of 2,368 square feet and was originally built in 2007. Designed by architect Gabriel Minguez as inspired by the Japanese masters like Tadao Ando and Kazuo Shinohara, the façade is clad in iron based color scheme and silverbetsad spruce panel with laid-off walls in concrete. All with the idea of minimizing the need for maintenance. A large stone, part of the rock has been left untouched and becomes part of […]

Let’s add some fun to your party! Initially designed as a personal project, Josie was born from the idea of empathizing with a moment – the action of seating. Driven by the need to restore a wow effect and sense of occasion, Josie celebrates the person who is seated and moreover, celebrates design. Josie is a performative chair fashioned from beech wood, defined by simple design features and chunky lines. But her whimsicality lies in that moment – the second before seating. […]

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Singaporean artist Lee Wen made Ping-Pong Go Round, an interactive art installation. This Ping Pong table makes your game go round and round. Forget rectangular Ping Pong games, which are far too straightforward and balanced. Play a game in the round. The game itself is like a dialogue between players on opposite sides. Would it be possible to change its shape to that like a conference table? By making it a doughnut round shape with no borders towards the left […]

Anderson Pavilion is a project completed by Miller Design. It is located in Modesto, California, USA. The Anderson Pavilion is an open air summer pavilion that closes up into a cozy winter hideaway complete with a floating wood-burning fireplace and infinity edged stainless steel hot tub which helps to chase away the winter grays. Wood for the floating fireplace is elevated to the second floor from the garage in a “wood elevator” housed inside a 3 foot diameter central steel support column. […]

This house designed by Javier Corvalán for a film-maker locates in the countryside outside capital city of Paraguay- Asunción. The project of Casa Obscura, named also the house without windows, is a project of material and immaterial technology at the same time, in some way it is an antithesis of many known definitions of architecture, as the idea is made by absence of light. The box above is composed of galvanized sheet metal on the outside, framed around a cage of iron […]

Designed by istudio architecture, the Brick house has been inspired by both the philosophies and the works of Laurie Baker and Nari Gandhi. Each room flows into another, leading into a seamless space held by the central courtyard. Climatology and the solar path, along with jalis and arched openings have played an essential role to introduce light and wind into each interior space. Exposed materials, which give the entire house a very earthy feel and the construction techniques using rat-trap […]

Located in Toronto, Canada, Toronto 2 is a residential project completed by JCI Architects. Completed in 2009, the design of the house responds to these particular client needs but is sensitive to the rich context of the Toronto neighborhood the house is in. The existing ground floor was reconfigured to create a large gallery-like space and kitchen, while additional rooms were added to the upper levels. Rear decks at all levels allow for full enjoyment of the outdoors in this […]

HGA Architects have designed a group of cottages ( Marlboro Music Cottages)  to provide senior musicians accommodation at the Marlboro College campus in Marlboro, Vermont. Since 1951, generations of classical musicians have participated in Marlboro Music, a seven-week summer festival where young musicians collaborate alongside master artists on the tiny Marlboro College campus. These cottages serve as residences for senior musicians during Marlboro College’s seven-week summer festival, Marlboro Music. Sited on 15 acres in Vermont’s Green Mountains, the design of the cottages […]

This home, constructed out of a former barn, is located in Castellar del Vallés, in the province of Barcelona, Spain. The project was completed in 2007 by Sauquet Arquitectes. The home retains many of the rustic aspects of a barn – exposed brick walls and wood beams, and other wood accents – but is thoroughly reformed to serve as a comfortable home in the countryside.       

These vacation houses are located in Timrarö, Sweden. The project was completed in 2012 by Sandell Sandberg. Each vacation houses was constructed from locally-sourced wood and propped up on stilts to mitigate their footprint. According to the architects: “Eight vacation houses located on an island in the archipelago. As the properties are situated high up on the island, each house has a spectacular view towards the water. In addition to each house comes a guest house for a combined area of approximately […]

Eco houses are the buildings of tomorrow.  Despite the scepticism they were regarded with several years ago, the concept proved to be very functional and budget-friendly. Moreover, eco houses can display amazing architectures. It is not necessary to find them in systems of pallets and clay bricks. Concept of Yunakov Design, the one below was completed in 2011 on a plot area of 3000 m2. Located on a green field near Kiev, Ukraine, the house features a lot of eco facilities: local […]

I’d like to introduce a new concept of footwear. It will perfectly match with your foot by “dipping” your own foot! Fondue Slippers inspired by melted cheese Japanese designer Satsuki Ohata has formed the ‘fondue slipper’, a pair of shoes which perfectly match the shape of the wearer’s foot by casting a quick-drying liquid mold of their feet. The process is similar to that of a familiar, participatory meal: cheese fondue — a snack which has been a source of […]

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Designed by Johnson Chou, 142 Kenilworth is a contemporary home located in Toronto, Canada. This project is about a contemporary renovation of a beautiful tiny house! The project is about creating volumes of flowing spaces in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions and the kinaesthetic experience of framed views from within and without. Built in the early 1930s, maintaining the integrity of the scale and form of the original building was a priority. The original structure was a two-storey 1,250 square foot […]

Casa A Due Altezze is a residential project completed by DISEGNOINOPERA. It is located in Milan, Italy, and has a predominantly white interiors, to add space and serenity.  The notable height of the space in this elegant building that dates from 1911, located on the historic via Meda, didn’t quite allow for the construction of a true second floor. However, it was tall enough to allow for some creative overlap on two different levels. We love these beautiful white interiors! The minimalist […]

We’re gonna go ahead and say Portugal is a highly underrated vacation destination. With some fantastic history, scenery, and food, there’s lots to like. And now we can add one more thing to the list: these cool Tree Snake Houses. Along with the project Pedras Salgadas Park by architects Luís Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade, came the challenge of creating an object that could recreate the fantasy of the tree houses. The project for these houses was developed […]

Located in Taipei City, Taiwan, the vintage inspired space spans 181 square meters, and is over 40 years old.  Typically remodel projects of older homes involve knocking down walls, making room for new and improved layouts. In search of the perfect modern industrial space, the team at CHI-TORCH decided to embrace the age of this gorgeous refurbished apartment. To respect its history, CHI-TORCH deliberately made conscious efforts to retain details of time manifestation and proudly displaying building materials that many try […]

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