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The ‘Floating Seahorse’ Villas – technically boats without propulsion – will feature three luxurious levels including one that is completely underwater. They might look like something out of a James Bond movie but these luxury underwater houses – the first of their kind in the world – are set to be built in Dubai. Technically boats without propulsion, the homes can even be moved making them perfect for privacy-seeking celebrities or the super-rich. Kleindienst Group have just been given the green light […]

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If you want to transform a special event into something extraordinary, you have to look for memorable places. Despite their unaccessible status – be it for high costs or remote destinations -, luxurious locations provide all the necessary props for great ceremonies. Thus, look for telluric paradises. For example, the villa below, a ‘jewellery’ in Samujana Complex in Koh Samui Island, Thailand. Designed for relaxing, training and entertaining, the villa offers an extensive array of facilities and spaces. In addition to seven oversized, en-suite bedrooms (five […]

A modern architecture approach, good proportions, spacious rooms and elements of surprise define the  Villa Lugano, a project recently presented by Angelo Pozzoli. Located in Switzerland, Villa Lugano is integrated in a hillside landscape, overlooking the lake and the magnificent landscape beyond. Villa Lugano is a spectacular private home completed in 2012. Contemporary and uplifting, the house is filled with cosmopolite décor details such as avant-garde and pop art paintings, a creative fireplace, stainless steel and glass. Rectangular volumes combine to create a massive home design, one that […]

Are you planning your summer holiday? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Spotted on, the sunny villa below offers amazing interiors for the guests that want to pamper their senses. A luminous terrace, an amazing outdoor pool, a private jacuzzi and panoramic sea views greet the clients that opt to spend their vacation here. Located in a tropical garden, the sunny villa features four bedrooms with personal en-suite bathrooms. Moreover, two of them were enriched with additional private garden […]

Designed by Roberto Benito, this house is located in San Francisco, Cordoba, Argentina. With a simple, linear design, all the main rooms face the park to the north and all the services face south. It starts with the living areas and ends in the most private suite.Openly connected spaces are unified by the clear smooth cement floor across the surface. Hard and simple lines, a rectangular design, but surrendered to its environment. Noble materials and colors seeking continual communion that require […]

Designed by LOA León Orraca Arquitectos, the La Tequila South Restaurant is located within a shopping complex, at the southern edge of the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. According to the architects: ” The biggest challenge for the project was to rethink the aesthetic and architectural identity of a business with almost 2 decades of history. The first step in the design process was to produce an optimal layout. The abundance of rustic texture, applied with precision onto a contemporary architectural language […]

No place says glamour like the Cote D’Azur. Often known as the French Riviera, this coastal vacationland draws an international mix of visitors, including celebrities and families alike. And there’s plenty to do, no matter what your interests. During your Cote D’Azur villa vacation, you’ll have history, culture and of course, the stunningly blue Mediterranean Sea right at your doorstep. At night, the cities of Cannes, St. Tropez and Monte Carlo come alive with fabulous restaurants, prime shopping promenades and […]

Tuscany, located in central Italy, is one of the country’s top destinations for natural beauty, cultural landmarks and gastronomy. By planning a Tuscan villa rental, you’ll be perfectly situated to enjoy the significant sites of Florence, Pisa and Siena, and the rolling fields of the Ocia Valley, where tall cypress trees dot the landscape. After each day’s activities, you can relax and unwind with a glass of Chianti from the region’s many wineries, and a bowl of hearty Tuscan stew—the […]

Barcelona-based studio Costa Calsamiglia Arquitecte completed the Casa OV project in 2012. This warehouse conversion is located in Tarrega, a city in Catalonia, Spain.  The original idea, appeared in the very first conversations between the architect, Guim Costa, and the interior designer, Oriol Vidal (also the owner and the future user) was to conserve the essence of the old warehouse that had great historical value related to the industrial heritage of the city and a number of interesting structural elements […]

Tuscan décors and Tuscan details are elements inspired from Tuscany, Italy. Tuscan or Mediterranean is a nice Italian theme to use in the decorative details of any home. The richness of tones and colors, reflect earth tones and deep hues of nature. While earth tones and tangible texture are the foundations of Tuscan style, the finishing touches can be achieved through the use of natural and rustic looking furnishings and accessories. The traditional old world décor of Tuscan villas and farmhouses […]

Courtyard House is a residential project completed by Aileen Sage Architects in 2014.  The 2,153-square-foot home is located in Paddington, New South Wales, Australia. This includes articulated public and private areas, a street façade with overhanging balcony and a visual contrast between the front and rear of the house. The design of this new house is a reinterpretation of the terrace house typology that characterizes much of the Paddington Conservation Area. A central garden and series of smaller courtyard spaces are carved from the […]

Bota Bota Floating Spa is a modern spa on a ferryboat, Sid Lee Architecture create the architectural designs. Bota Bota is a Scandinavian spa built in what was formerly a ferryboat that ran between Sorel and Berthier, Quebec, in the 1950s. Located in Montreal’s Old Port, this is a modern spa that bobs gently on the St. Lawrence River and expects its guests in a select ambiance. The spa is built on an old ship, but the intense restoration process has turned the […]

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Industrial buildings lack charm and creativity. But, they are great examples of durability, functionality and intelligent use of resources. This is exactly the case with the Tea Seed Oil Plant below, a factory located in Zhongping Village, China. Spotted on, the project was realised by Imagine Architects in 2014. As explained on the website, the architects were constrained to respect two limitations. One was related to the interior spaces of the factory which had to meet the requirements of the production process. The […]

Casa en Playa del Carmen is a residential project completed by YUPANA Arquitectos in 2014. The 2,756-square-foot home is located in Chincha Alta, Peru. The house brings a very specific requirement, since it is a typical model for the rest of houses in the condominium with a series of possible variations in design, including most importantly, its modularity and allowing under the same structural base a series of future extensions with the same final result. To achieve this, the porches and […]

In addition to being one of the world’s most historic regions, Greece is also a stunningly beautiful vacation destination. And a Greece villa vacation puts you in touch with the best of both worlds. Because no matter where you stay, you’ll be surrounded by amazing history and culture, and gorgeous natural scenery. As a first-time traveler to Greece, start your exploration in Athens, visiting the famous Acropolis, Parthenon and the stadium that hosted the world’s first Olympic games.  Then head […]

It’s a question that begs to be answered and worth delving into. In order to best answer this question we need to take a look at today’s modern families and their lifestyles. We are busier than ever before. Gone are the days when the workday ended at 5:00pm. Today’s family members come and go at various times and into the late evening hours. Although many of us seem to end up eating our meals in front of the television these days, […]