There no such place like a bio restaurant. Greenery all around you, fresh flavours and the certainty that all the products used for cooking were carefully cultivated make the lunch hour a wonderful experience. This is also the case with Pukka Tukka, a bio restaurant based in Bucharest, Romania. Smartly designed, the space features a cool interior where nature is permanent guest. A tall netting of twigs was displayed inside in order to create the atmosphere of a sunny coppice. […]

Labeled as a ‘world’s first’, a 27 meter-long (90 feet) glass bottomed swimming pool is set to be installed at Nine Elms, a riverside district under construction in south London. The so-called “sky pool” will be part of the Ballymore-developed Embassy Gardens, and will allow residents to don their swimwear and butterfly over to visit neighbors. Suspended ten storeys above ground, the pool will bridge two apartment buildings making it possible to swim between the two structures. The 20-cm (7.8-in) thick glass […]

Located in California, USA, the Oak Knoll Residence is a home designed by Jørgensen Design. The site for the house is a large plot of land dotted with full grown trees and vineyards. The project consists of two houses connected with glass. Each house is protected from the road with two ‘L’ Shaped walls – one is stone and one is cedar. A number of pieces behind these walls are arranged together around courtyards and terraces. In turn giving rise to […]

Designed by Medianyk Studio, 50 shades of coffee  is an apartment located in Azerbaijan, Baku. According to the architects: “Ambitious and self-sufficing, modern and extravagant – so we saw our customer. And these features our designers reflected in the interior of apartments, where you can clearly see man accent. Project “50 shades of coffee” is contemporary style for young man, who lives in Baku (Azerbaijan). Laconic and attractive interior is added with “tasty” details. Still the main concept of this design […]

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Located in Ypsonas, Cyprus, the Radial House is a private residence designed by Tsikkinis Architecture Studio in 2013. The particular promiscuity with the adjacent dwellings and the consequential sense of “oppression” generated from the site, led the designers to exclude a horizontal architecture for a vertical design, because the house could be as isolated as possible from the context. All rooms would be aligned radially, bordering the courtyard in one direction. Each unit is therefore adjoined to its neighbor at each corner. […]

Owners Susan Clampitt and Jeremy Waletzky embarked on a yearlong, top-to-bottom renovation with KUBE Architecture that resulted in a two-story living space, an open kitchen and a rear patio space KUBE architecture is a modern architecture studio that challenges the norms of daily life and attempts to reinterpret ways of working and living in the built environment. The owners of this home love to cook, and their first requirement was a “cook’s kitchen” as the centerpiece of the house. In […]

Located on the picturesque island of Mykonos, Greece, Scorpios by Michael Schickinger of Lambs&Lions is an exclusive getaway that celebrates beach culture. Scorpios believes in doing and being more, in transforming beauty into an unforgettable beach experience, in turning strangers into friends, perhaps even soulmates. But much more than just a beach and a restaurant; The property is nestled between two stunning beaches that offer rare uninterrupted views from Mykonos across the open Aegean Sea. But more, the tiered property is also […]

Located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, this colorful hotel designed by Alejandro Marranzini pays tribute to the region’s colonial past. Imagine the perfect Dominican vacation in which you are a member of 16th century Spanish nobility on a journey to experience the mystery and exoticism of the New World for the first time. Casas del XVI is a whole new concept in Santo Domingo accommodations, bringing the romance and ease of a bygone era together with modern comfort, service and convenience. […]

Forget about dead animals. For today we gather 10 wall trophies for animal lovers. All ideas will decorate your walls without freaking out your animal lover friends. Enjoy! Moose Wall Decor This wall sculpture is sure to make your friends and family stop and stare; not everyone has an animal-friendly faux taxidermied deer in their home. These chic wall hangings are meticulously crafted to exceed high quality standards. So, stand out and have a fun conversation starter in your home with a […]

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The best things often come in small packages and a new hair clip is aiming to do for women what the Swiss Army Knife did for men. Clippa Lady is a very clever hair clip! Clippa Lady is a multi functional hair clip. Bottle opener, scraper, ruler, small screwdriver,nail file – all combined in this tiny hair clip!  8 in 1 multi-tool hairclips. The company behind the hair clip, which comes in a bright pink colour, has issued the latest design in the Clippa […]

Amsterdam is certainly one of the cities that have proved potential for architecture and design. We should be aware of the fact that workplace design is also important to maintain the maximum level of creativity and productivity. You will see that this aspect is not ignored in Amsterdam. HEYLIGERS Design+Projects have designed the Nuon Offices. The complex ‘New Amsterdam’ was built 25 years ago and recently completely transformed into a modern mixed-use building with a hotel, catering and for the most […]

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There’s a reason you keep hearing the phrase “sitting is the new smoking”. Like smoking, chronic sitting is a nasty habit. People who sit a lot tend to die earlier. Excessive sitting is associated with premature mortality from all causes, and the development of the “big three” killer diseases: heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Excessive sitting can lead to or exacerbate chronic back and neck pain. It creates tight hips, flabby glutes, soft abs, rounded shoulders, and “text neck”. Our bodies […]

353 Degrees North by Jodie Cooper Design is an exotic retreat located in the the village on Nusa Lembongan, on a beautiful island southeast of Bali, in Indonesia. Situated on the beautiful island of Lembongan just off the coast of the main island Bali, 353 Degrees North offers a modern and chic, adult-only getaway featuring an outdoor swimming pool, free WiFi access throughout the entire property and free on-site private parking for guests who drive. also view: Contemplative VillaWRK Resort Overlooking […]

Bucharest’s surprising eclecticism is also characteristic of its dining scene. For today we want to present you one of the best cultural restaurants in the Romanian capital: A New Concept of Restaurant in Bucharest: Naan Food and Drink Studio– Flavor and culinary architecture. Naan Food & Drink Studio represents a new concept of restaurant in Bucharest where tradition and innovation are mutually reinforcing each other, creating exquisite culinary experiences. A refined and intimate atmosphere, personalized service, attention to detail, dishes inspired by […]

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A villa with an infinity pool nearby is like an earthly paradise. A place of extreme beauty and delight was created at the residence below, a luxurious mansion realised by McClean Design in Los Angeles. Actually, the team worked at renovating it because the building designed in the French style during the 1970s was in very bad shape. The existing house was stripped down to framing and rebuilt in a contemporary style. The result? The inhabitants take advantage of the magnificent views […]

SAMA Architects together with mob studio have designed Chapulín, a restaurant that features a variety of materials and fuses together characteristic elements of Mexico’s history. The main entrance welcomes us with a unique hallway, made up by a fixing of more than 11,000 custom clay tiles, made by hand in the state of Oaxaca by a group of Oaxacan women in “El Alacrán” ceramics workshop, run by Mexican artist and sculptor Adán Paredes. In the center of the room there is a special […]