SAOTAdesigned the Sprecher Home, a timeless residence located in Cape Town, South Africa. Located on a rugged Cape coastal peninsula, this holiday home captures the qualities of a refined, homely getaway. The orientation gives the owners the option of entertaining on the mountain/dining terrace side during poor weather conditions and on the living/sea terrace side on sunny days. The natural colors and materials were used, using warm sandstone, ash-grey Balau woodwork and a charcoal metal roof. The plan allows all bedroom suites to open […]

For those who love to cross the borders between interior and exterior spaces, this residence completed in 2014 by Ando Studio may be an inspiring example. The historical understanding of houses aimed to be at once refuge and shelter fades away in front of a building that shares everything with the garden and the sky. Relying on natural materials, stone was used for several walls that create an outstanding delimitation between spaces. Moreover, the pavement at the entrance reflects a similar rock texture that […]

The location is a coastline of cliffs, 10 kilometers long and 200 metres high where buildings have never existed. The clients wanted a small weekend shelter. They are a German-Chilean couple. People from this zone have always harvested “cochayuyo” (Chilean seaweed) and seafood. Access to the beach is made by difficult paths which take a long time to go. Designed by WMR Arquitectos, the house was projected in a 3,2 meters x 3,2 meters wooden modules where all the skeleton (beans and […]

Designed by THA Architecture, the Sunshine Canyon Residence was, in a way, created by the Fourmile Canyon Fire of 2010. The owners, who lost their home in that fire, wanted to rebuild near their original home site. Embracing the beauty of the burned landscape, they chose a steeply sloped southern facing site, also burned by Fourmile fire. The home responds to this dramatic site through a simple form – juxtaposed to the landscape while inspired by the fragmented granite boulders […]

Dessigned by Hyunjoon Yoo Architects, this house is for a couple in their early fifties who lived in the city but have moved to a rural area. The site of the house was chosen based on the principles of Feng Shui, which inform the locations of each room and the views. Therefore, he chose the site based on the “Feng Shui”, the Chinese philosophy for choosing the healthy site and architecture. Some monk who happened to be a “Feng Shui” […]

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When I think of Moroccan interiors, a world of colored glass lanterns, tiles with geometric patterns and oversize pillows come into my mind. Although the style requires a clearer perception when integrated into a modern house, there are a lot of elements that may inspire you to bring the warmth of the desert and the passionate spirit of Casa Blanca at home. In doing so, Habibi Interiors, an international supplier of authentic Moroccan products will help you a lot. As you can […]

Designed by Flavin Architects. this mid-century modern home is located in Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA. By the time the house was built, modernism had evolved from the Gropius era, to incorporate the rural vibe of Lincoln with spectacular exposed wooden beams and deep overhangs. The design rejects the traditional New England house with its enclosing wall and inward posture. The low pitched roofs, open floor plan, and large windows openings connect the house to nature to make the most of its rural setting.

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The Barisieur is an alarm clock and coffee brewer. This alarm clock -turned-coffee-machine will automatically brew a cup of coffee right when you wake up, easing you through your morning with the smell of fresh coffee. It encourages a ritual before going to sleep, signalling to the body and mind that it is time to unwind and relax. Living slow even when times are fast.

PIL House is a home designed by Studio Guilherme Torres. It is located in São Paulo, Brazil, and has a brightly-colored interior with an abundance of decorative accessories to add personality. The decoration of the apartment of Pil Marques, DJ and music producer in São Paulo, came out in the most unexpectedly way by the hands of the Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres and his staff. The initial idea was to simply help the owner organize his countless collections, and adapt it to the style and […]

Madrid-based studio ÁBATON has completed the Casa del Pico project, a 3,143 square foot two story residence in . The idea of two structures floating on rock was possible because of the granite on the land. The bottom of the swimming pool is irregular imitating the shape of the granite on which it stands. The ground floor was designed to be more in touch with the outside and the garden. The upstairs area, where the sitting room and children’s area are situated, overlooks the […]