Designed by Studio 1408, this apartment is located in Bucharest, Romania. The design of this apartment space is ideal for anyone trying to make their home clean, modern and fresh. The white paint, straight lines and hardwood floors keep to minimalist ideals. Minimalist design is becoming all the rage especially in apartments where space is often scarce. The dark wood contrasting with the neutral paint colors really warms up this minimalist apartment. The slight hints of aqua make it unique and fresh. […]

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Located in Tulcea, Romania, The Bakers is a conceptual space where coffee, bakery and bar are reunited for an innovative experience. Designed by Badulescu Monika, the space has a very long floor plan form that was sequentially fragmented through different finishes of the walls and serving areas. The industrial style marked with the section of the piles brings surprising elements. Three frameworks, two on one side of the entrance and one on the other side creates an inviting atmosphere  from the outside […]

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Japanese style interior inspired by Zen philosophy, bringing cool and minimalist forms are integrated in traditional Japanese style. Open space without walls allow more air circulation and organic flow between interior and exterior. Japanese traditional Zen philosophy inspires the simplistic, natural essence found in minimalist architecture and design. Line, form, space, light and material are but a few of the essential elements central to this widely popular design aesthetic. For today we want to present you Two Apartments In Modern Minimalist Japanese […]

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Keep things light. It’s the best way to have an uncomfortable conversation. It’s the best way eat a healthy meal. This cozy apartment in Kyiv with soft citrus accents was designed by Dvoetochie Design Bureau. Natural sunlight is allowed to illuminate all corners of the home – from the open living and dining area to the playful children’s rooms and home office. In the youngsters’s locations, a little bit much more playfulness is required. Colors are bit a lot more vibrant and […]

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Winter in Slovenia Wall Mural- $182 USD Get the beauty of the Slovenian winter highlighted on your indoor walls with this Winter in Slovenia Wall Mural. Put this beautiful mural anywhere in a home, office, or just a place where you need to put that flare on the walls. The Winter Landscape in Slovenia Wall Mural will enhance any space and make people stop in their tracks to see this highly detailed piece of wall art!  It is removable and reusable […]

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Do you know what post and beam architecture is? The process of building with heavy timbers such as timber framing, post and lintel or pole building framing. Preserved over centuries, the model is illustrated beautifully in the project below, a house realized by Huf Haus studio. Usually, the facades with their rich embellishments attract us to the building. But, behind them stands a structured and extremely smart, advanced design. ‘The timber framed construction is nick named the ‘Skeleton Construction’. This term is taken from the […]

Whether you are a gourmet chef or just like to have a comfortable and stylish place to eat leftovers, the design of a home’s kitchen is of the utmost important. As the hub of the home, the kitchen is the room with all the action. It’s not just the place to prepare and cook food — it’s also used for entertaining guests, storing gadgets and eating family meals. Your design needs to accommodate all these activities, which is why kitchen […]

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Luxury. The word even feels nice rolling off your tongue. There’s something so clean and crisp about it. Perhaps it’s the way that the simplest mention instantly conjures up mental images of sprawling mansions, designer collections, and sleek cars. What Defines Luxury, Anyway? Where interior design is concerned, there is no set formula for how to produce luxurious surroundings.Not all of the elements that you could see in these designs are necessary for a living, but without them the surroundings […]

How about some pizza? For today we gather 5 Pizza Ovens You Can Buy Right Now. CASTLECREEK Outdoor Cooking Chiminea CASTLECREEK Outdoor Cooking Chiminea, ancient temple – inspired design adds charm to your backyard or patio! This unit is a beauty! Its adjustable, removable cooking grate makes it perfect for brick-oven style outdoor grilling. Durable, high-temperature painted finish on steel for long-lasting good looks; Interior adjustable grate for use as an outdoor oven. CASTLECREEK Cabin Cooking Steel Chiminea CASTLECREEK Cabin Cooking […]

What happens when a child designs an IKEA product? How do you turn it from a drawing into reality? They will visit the designers, the specialists and the producers. As they go, you will get a detailed look into the many steps, the safety measures and precautions – as well as the playfulness – that are involved in the making an IKEA soft toy. With IKEA’s help, 10 lucky kids’ drawings have left the realm of fantasy to become real, tangible soft toys that […]

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HQ Architects have designed a set of giant flowers that bloom and react to pedestrians and transportation. These flowers bloom when pedestrians stand under them. Located in Vallero Square in the heart of Jerusalem in Israel, the flowers have been installed as part of the municipality’s effort to improve the urban space. These giant blossoms are motion-activated, which means that they bloom when pedestrians walk by or when trolleys arrive. To perfectly describe their installation, HQ Architects says, “The urban space suddenly reacts […]

For the Beijing Design Week 2015 the architects explored the power of a true ecological, modular Building Tool. This bamboo building is entirely made out of bamboo and ropes. Needless to say: Bamboo is a fantastic material, which currently leads a underrated existence in the architectural process of construction. According to the artists: ” No nails or screws were is used for the structure and all materials are 100% recyclable. Furthermore the Bamboo does not get drilled in the process. All joints […]

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When it comes to architecture, judging a book by its cover can unlock a world of inspiration. These modern exteriors display a wide range of stylistic influences but they all have one thing in common: they embrace the constraints and challenges presented by their environments by creating a unified experience between landscape, materials, and form. These buildings don’t disrupt the landscape – they provide a new way to experience it. For today we gather A Set Of Extraordinary Villas with […]

Wearable technology is all the rage, and these watches are the new gadgets leading the charge. Here we review and rank the best 5 Unisex Watches You Can Buy Right Now. Nava Watch – Ora Unica – White 42mm At first glance, you might be confused as to how to tell time on the Ora Unica, but itå_åÑÌös actually quite simple. Just look at the position of the inner end of the squiggle for the current hour, and the outer […]

A wise man named William Morris once said, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” This is definitely a good rule to live by when decorating your home, especially your kitchen. Counter space in the kitchen is so precious that you don’t want to clutter it up with unnecessary and/or unsightly items. Here are 7 beautiful and useful kitchen accessories that will help your most hardworking room look better and function better. […]

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No matter what age you are, when you close your eyes and think of Christmas you envision the Christmas card-perfect snow covered scene with a chubby, bearded chap dressed in red and ‘Ho Ho Ho’-ing everywhere. You maybe even see a mountain vista, a traditional old wooden chalet with twinkling fairy lights hanging from the snow laden roof. Enjoy this wide selection of luxury Christmas chalets and Christmas ski packages in some extraordinary European resorts. Cervo Lodge, Zermatt The view alone […]