Nothing compares to modern apartment design. Due to original combinations and fresh looks, I usually associate this style with relaxed, serene landscapes. The one below was realised by Ofist studio in Istanbul whose team focuses on creating homes that embody various practices and experiences. The result? An unadventurous stylish layout flavoured with authentic decorative items enlivens the apartment. Open and bright, the living room invites the inhabitants to seat on a large comfortable sofa, flanked by a bookcase. The shelves were […]

Glass countertops are becoming a very fashionable statement in many modern establishments.  From kitchens to bathrooms glass counters are popping up everywhere and CBD Glass is at the forefront of the industry.  They have pioneered some of best techniques for creating custom glass products and have happy clients of all sizes all over the world. Check out their Glass Kitchen Counters:   Here’s another great showpiece: Check out their Glass Bathroom Counters:   Ultra Clear Glass with Back Lit LED […]

Mother’s Day is usually the busiest times for any florist; when you think of the number of mothers there are in the world this is hardly surprising. Huge numbers of people treat their mother to a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day, to make her feel special and loved. Of course, you should show your love for your mum every day of the year, but Mother’s Day is a time for you to really make her feel extra special. Making […]

The collection of dining table sets below was spotted on, and it features some of the most attractive, modern and stylish items on the market. Simplicity is their common feature and, besides the fact that it makes the interiors neat and clear, it also reflects a feeling of tranquility. Which is exactly the kind of atmosphere we want to create when having dinners with friends or family. The palette of colours contains natural tones of beige, grey, brown and white […]

Looking for urban garden ideas? Then, you may find inspiration in the gallery below. Not only that it reveals a lovely example of how to design your outdoor area in a limited space, but also shows how to connect exterior and interior strongly. Installing a chic urban garden next to a contemporary residence is usually the cherry on top in present-day architecture. Realised by Studio Vara, Noe Residence features an amazing green oasis that offers the inhabitants the possibility to relax […]

Designed by Ofist – Yasemin Arpac and Sebahattin Emir, this beautiful penthouse is located in Istanbul. Kate’s penthouse occupies the top floor as an extension to a century year old historical building right on Istiklal Street in Beyoglu street right in the hustle and bustle of Istanbul. The extension was built approximately 40 years ago with a tasteless, ordinary application when compared to the building itself. The profound traces of the area’s history didn’t exist in this appartment. Quite low ceilings, with a […]

Intemporary Design Studio headed by architect Alexandrine Lukach has redesigned this amazing Cottage House. Reconstruction project presented, house was built 20 years ago. Due to changes in owner lifestyle, technology requirements and engineering services modernization had led to this reconstruction project. As a result, there were modern engineering technologies for climate control, heating, ventilation, water supply, sewage and water proofing were implemented. Located in Kyiv region, Ukraine, the house now has a new insulated façade and roof covering. Complete design changes given to […]

Some landscape design projects are breathtaking. As strange as it may seem, ancient castles may become summer private villas. It’s not our business to discuss the costs of this royal treatment, but we would like to take a look in the garden of the castle. Not necessarily because it is something fabulous, but because it is a monumental landscape design project.The Peratallada Castle is located in Catalonia, Spain and it is included in the National heritage buildings lot, being preserved for […]

A contemporary attic offers a wonderful living experience. Spotted on, the project below features a sweet masculine touch that makes the interior bold and confident. But, the starting point was not as easy as it may seem. Abandoned attics are usually damaged and require a lot of hard work to bring them to a fresh look. In this case, one of the fortunate circumstances was the fact that a local business functioned in the area for several years and took care of the space. Even […]

When winter starts to break and the promise of blue spring skies is just around the corner, you’ll find that there’s nothing more perfect than a glimpse of your first snowdrop. With pure white flowers hanging gently above the melting snow, its promise that the worst of winter is now over is enough to melt the coldest of hearts. It’s February and the snowdrops are in full bloom, I am no galanthophile ( a galanthophile is an enthusiastic collector of snowdrops) , but […]

Fans of classic contemporary style are sentimental, yet modern and present oriented. Spotted, on, the house below will perfectly accommodate one of these nostalgic persons who love ancient cabinets, silver encrusted spoons and sumptuous chandeliers. When installed in a stylish layout, the pieces add personality to the space and prepare the guests for never ending stories. But, engaging in a process of restoration may be difficult without several professional pieces of advice. First of all, take a long walk around the house […]

We all know Swiss are strict when it comes to remodeling ideas for historical buildings. This was exactly the case with Rizza House below, spotted on and located in the historic core of Volcano, a village of 3000 inhabitants in the canton of Ticino. The area is known for its old architectural elements, with a portion of settlements dating back to the seventeenth century. Protected by renovating rules, the existing opening and the structure of the roof could not be changed. As a […]

Spotted on, Mills House below was realized by Austin Maynard Architects in Melbourne, Australia. Embracing a contemporary home décor, the crib features large open spaces that are naturally lighted all day long. The owner, a mum with to kids, wanted to have one floor for entertainment and relaxation. As a result, an entire floor was transformed into a playground, namely a giant toy box. Having 450 millimeters depth, the toy box is not only a storage space; it is also play space […]

Geometric patterns have the power to animate your home. Despite their masculine feel, they accommodate easily in any contemporary interior. Spotted on, the apartment realized Fimera Design features wallpapers, carpets, items of furniture, tiles and even lighting objects with geometric patterns. The result? The inhabitants experience a dynamic space, being visually stimulated in every room. In a nutshell, they get instant energy from various colors, shapes and lines. In the bedroom, the wall paper combines harmoniously with the patterned pillows and the […]

When I think of rustic architecture, I usually imagine a cozy chalet with grandma cooking chicken and apple pie. While food preferences are not debatable, the style has several characteristics you should pay attention at. First of all, consider traditional building techniques and natural materials if you want to live in a village or in a mountain area. This helps integrate the construction easily in the environment; it will simply act as an accessory to the nature. In a more […]

Above the Clouds Cabin is a four bedroom, three and half bath luxury cabin that borders the Rich Mountain Wilderness and the Chattahoochee National Forest area. It sits at about 2200 feet above sea level, just high enough to take advantage of the spectacular views – in our opinion, the best views in Blue Ridge. To take advantage of the beautiful mountain views we maximized the desk and screened in porches at the cabin. The cabin interior goal was “rustic elegance”, if there […]