Spending time on a roof terrace is more delightful than it would have been in an ordinary garden because you have the opportunity to admire the world from above. Spotted on www.archdaily.com, the Bamboo House below features an amazing retreat on top, as well as others interior leisure corners inspired by the natural landscape. Developed horizontally, the concept of the building relies on the idea of fluidity and integration. The residence is located in a serene landscape of Brno, Czech Republic, and it almost incorporates the […]

Designed by Andrea Pelati Architecte, the villa is located near the centre of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Vila SAH is is a compact, elegant home that wraps itself around you. It settles on a small plot surrounded by quite massive houses. Therefore, the house is concentrated in a compact volume, seeking for openings and light vertically. The house, looking like a robust box, despite its small appearance, is quite spacious. We’ve got one main floor that accommodates the kitchen, the dining area […]

Located in a beautiful landscape, this shabby chic holiday house is perfect for your vacation. Just book a trip to Romania at Machine House from Zabala and you’ll discover how relaxing living in the countryside is. Surrounded by natural lakes and old trees, the mansion dating from XVI century kept the original spirit after restoration. But, first of all, a strong reinforcement of the structure was needed, as well as a deep cleaning and repainting of the walls. As you’ll discover in the […]

The Tuscan style suits you if you love the vitality and warmth of the Italian countryside. Bocca Lupo restaurant offers these experiences to those who also appreciate cucina italiana. Located in Bucharest, Romania, the place reinterprets the traditional spirit of Tuscany, with large spaces dominated by natural light and decorative items that date back to the 1950s. As you can easily notice in the gallery below, chalkstone from local sources was used to recall the material present in the traditional houses of Tuscany. […]

Nothing compares to delicious ice creams and coffees with intense aromas when you feel the need to pamper yourself in the city. Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream And Coffee in Bucharest, Romania is perfect for such retreats. Of course, we have to admit that the interior design of this amazing place makes the products taste even better. Playful and lively, the concept of this gelato store design invites you to see life through a wide range of colors. As you can […]

Urban home design is like an adventure. You discover attractive combinations of lines and volumes, catchy ways of understanding functionality and lots of exquisite items of furniture that seem borrowed from an Art Museum. They all gathered in this amazing contemporary residence located in Bucharest, Romania and designed by AA Studio. When planning the interiors, the owner  asked for fluidity and a strong communication between spaces. You experience this feeling from the very first step inside. With a simple glance, you catch the living room, […]

A house in the wild is an extraordinary retreat for our both mind and soul. Forget about busy agendas and meetings and take a break in the woods or near the ocean. You will feel immediately the benefits of the Mother Nature that can act like an embracing dear friend or a fascinating queen dominating the interiors. Located in Toro Canyon, California, the residence below features wide spaces that communicate easily with each other, together with a deep infusion of natural light that enlivens the spirit of […]

A farmhouse conversion requires a lot of courage. You have to be bold and creative to see the Cinderella of a devastated warehouse transformed into a shining princess. This was exactly the case with the historic dairy farmhouse of Trausdorf below, situated near Eisenstadt, Austria. Once in a state of hibernation, the building was restored beautifully by AllesWirdGut studio. Formerly divided into small rooms inside, the building was now completely gutted. Taking into consideration the characteristics of the landscape, the team […]

Decorate your home in minimalist style for Easter! Black and white are classical minimalist colors, so take black and white candles, porcelain rabbits, nests and, of course, eggs! Easter is not only chocolate and eggs. For some people, this is still an important anniversary, which is closely associated with the religion. For the family, this is an important occasion to come back sometime. From the traditional to the unexpected, these Easter egg designs are a pretty addition to any basket. Every references […]

Great hotels embody all things luxurious: beautiful rooms, top-notch amenities, and unique features that cause them to stand out from the rest. But, the best of the best offer even more than that. They provide guests with one-of-a-kind, exquisite views — the type that aren’t typically seen in everyday life. Ready to soak up some of the best views in the world? These hotels provide guests with breathtaking views that can be seen from their suites, restaurants, and pools. Here […]

For the first time ever, the design world is gifted with not one, but two Pantone Colors of the Year for 2016. The Pantone Color Institute, the world’s authority on color, declared a soft pink called Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520) and a muted blue called Serenity (Pantone 15-3919) as the colors of the year. Pantone Color of the Year 2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity “Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of […]

Huston-based architectural firm Stern and Bucek designed this home for a multi-generational family – the sprawling interior meets the social requirements and privacy needs of each resident, and contains a number of mixed-use spaces to make the most of its distinctive layout. The kitchen’s distinctive placement emphasizes its role as a social hub of its very own, inviting site visitors to mingle close to the countertop island. The feeling of openness and freedom at home thanks to its strong interaction […]

Are you an epicure? Then, you should put Mazilique Studio on your favorite list. Located in the charming old city center of Bucharest, Romania, the place delivers food for the spirit. People who enjoy cooking, tasting and socializing are invited to admire Cristina’s work in a contemporary attractive space. The concept of the open kitchen was realized by Eliza Yokina, co-founder of SYAA studio, who created an interior for explorers. The food is not the only one that matters, but […]

A lake house décor cannot neglect the wonders outside. The haughtiness of the trees, the beauty of the flowers and fragments from the aquatic paradise were brought inside with grace. Although it sounds like a poem, it does not mean that reality cannot afford it. Realized by Baufritz, the house features large open areas, smartly designed furniture and noticeable green insertions. Being strongly connected with the environment, the house offers the inhabitants the possibility to spend a lot of time outside, admiring the […]

A simple combination of brick and wood may sound rough today, but it has been very trendy in the building aesthetics of the mid-century. Spotted on home-designing.com, Dana House was projected by Ulrich Franzen who explored the brutalist style with grace. Stable and imposing, the construction shelters five bedrooms, a generous living area and four bathrooms. Despite its massiveness, the building offers warm, lively interiors that make the inhabitants feel comfortable and relaxed. One way to generate this atmosphere at home is to […]

Contemporary architecture means fluidity, transparency and a deep care for the details. Work of architect Alain Carle, the building below is a splendid masterpiece of this genre, being both elegant and stable. The dominant theme of this project relies on the architect’s aim to integrate smoothly the environment into the living space. Using natural materials with smooth finishings – such as wood, stone, metal – the interior mirrors the landscape outside. It seems that the boundaries were neglected and the […]