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The world’s largest cruise ship arrived in the UK yesterday, 15 October 2014, for the first time. Crowds gathered to welcome the 225,282 tonne vessel arrive under dense fog. The £800m Oasis Of The Seas sailed into Southampton at 10am on Wednesday in dense fog, welcomed by a crowd of hundreds and helicopters circling overhead. Weighing 225,282 tonnes, the 1,187ft ship is longer than London’s The Shard is tall, and at 208ft wide, larger than the wingspan of a Boeing 747.   The Royal […]

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In order to make your Thanksgiving table looks more elegant you can make a centerpiece for it. Creating beautiful harvest centerpiece isn’t hard because there are so many things that you can use for it that you only need to find in what arrangement they looks the best. Enjoy the warmth of the season with gorgeous Thanksgiving flowers. Decorate your hall table or dining table with our beautiful arrangements. In those examples, 30 Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas,  we’ve gathered you can […]

There’s nothing like sipping a glass of bubbly on board a flight to an exotic destination. However, while most economy passengers will enjoy a drink cramped in their seats, for those who turned left as they boarded, it’s another story altogether. Many of the world’s top airline’s offer on-board bars, where, for a seat at a price, passengers can sit on comfy chairs at the bar or lazy on luxury sofas while having their favorite tipple delivered. The Emirates A380 […]

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This beautiful apartment will surprise everyone with its bright yellow ceiling! The apartment interiors design with bright yellow ceiling and industrial look was created by Sueca House. Far from the classic white, the use of color is here to break the high ceilings and the effect of coldness that it could be inspired due the industrial room design. We love the contrast between the pep color and rough appearance of gray walls. On the ground, cement tiles always in grays also bring extra charm. A dynamic and full of personality […]

Would you want to enjoy a sunset like that? For today we gather a beautiful collection with 10 Restaurants With Spectacular Views. Check out these photos below and let us know if you consider it a just choice in the comments below. Wildman Restaurant, Northern Territory, Australia Amidst the lush wilderness of Australia’s breathtaking Top End, Wildman Wilderness Lodge offers an extraordinary wetlands safari experience, situated in the Mary River Wetlands area half way between Darwin and Kakadu National Park.  Delaire Graff Restaurant, Stellenbosch, South […]

Spectacular scenery, stunning tropical sunsets and warm blue sea awaits you in Thailand’s most popular beach destination. This fun island provides a combination of perfect beaches, superb hospitality, modern facilities, great cuisine and good value accommodation! Phuket, commonly referred to as the ‘Pearl of South’, is the largest island in Thailand.  The large living space, indoor and outdoor dining areas, posh bedrooms and gorgeous deck space have all been designed to offer unabated views of the gentle waves that are […]

It is not easy for young moms to do sports when they ‘ve just given birth or have a young child. Combining baby-moving and exercise it’s a very good idea! All these products involve parents with their children in active transport, year round on every outing, by creating a mutually enjoyable, effortless way to carry toddlers at their back. view also: SUMMER SKI-with the new skike Lift   Quinny and Studio Peter van Riet has developed the Longboard Stroll, an urban skateboard design […]

There’s nothing quite like barbecues by the lake in a hot sunny day. A Barbecue Grill is a fantastic investment for summer fun. For today, we gather a 5 Ingenious portable barbecue  grills, except one, which is an amazing barbecue dining boat, that allows you to enjoy the water and barbecuing at the same time. The boat is equipped with an ABS table equipped with 10 place settings each containing their own recessed plate holder, three beverage holders to ensure you are always […]

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Optical illusion or bathroom sink? This almost invisible bathroom sink was created by Bulgarian designer Victor Vasilev, who currently lives in Milan, Italy. The Kub basin is an exceptional example of minimal industrial design. Created in 2010 by Victor Vasilev, the Kub basin features a unique sleek design, which is defined by clean geometric shapes and lines combined together in a discreet luxurious composition. The Kub basin impresses with the choice of glass for the main basin, a material that makes it look almost invisible. The […]

Due to children’s pleasure and considering the attractiveness of Lego games, Spanish manufacturer Lola Glamour creates this wonderful kids furniture inspired by LEGO Game. The characteristic LEGO piece pattern becomes drawer or cabinet handle, or a pop decorative element. The design of the LEGO furniture collection by Lola Glamour evokes a nostalgic feeling, but for children certainly this furniture creates a playful environment. view also: 10 Interesting Ways to Turn Toys into Fabulous Home Decor All furniture collections by Lola Glamour are designed and hand crafted […]

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