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A contemporary apartment requires patience and imagination. The one below was completed by Suite Architects in 2013 and it is located in São Paulo, Brazil. As you can easily notice from the gallery, space was organised without boundaries so that the inhabitants could experience a free environment. In a nutshell, everything works smoothly according to a well known configuration: painting on canvas. Beige, white or light grey function as a background, while colourful pieces of furniture and art objects add personality to […]

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Pixel Performers is a dance show for 11 dancers in a virtual and living visual environment. A work on illusion combining energy and poetry, fiction and technical achievement, hip hop and circus. A show at the crossroads of arts and at the crossroads of Adrien M / Claire B’s and Mourad Merzouki’s universes. Combining choreographed movement and projected abstractions, these works of performed art are visually stunning, creating effects and illusions far beyond the sum of their parts. Pixel – […]

Sou Fujimoto is one of three architects that have been chosen to create House of Hungarian Music at new Budapest museum park. The music museum will occupy the site of the former Hungexpo Offices that have been scheduled for demolition. The Japanese architect proposes a glass-walled building sheltered beneath a white canopy, reminiscent of a giant mushroom. Round openings will create lightwells, which will in some places continue through the floors. The greenery of the adjacent parkland is continued beneath the shelter […]

Centennial Tree House was created by Wallflower Architecture + Design, and it is located in East Coast Parkway, Singapore. This house is an exciting contemporary home featuring a central courtyard which brings in plenty of light and air. The home covers an area of 8,400 square feet, and was completed in 2012.  The owner wanted external blank walls. Then talk continued to fixed screens. Centre courtyard for light and air. These summed up for them, the tangible facets of an […]

Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto designed plans for a tower block shaped like a pine cone with balconies sprouting outwards in all directions, as part of a series of “modern follies” underway in Montpellier, France. The White Tree Tower has 17-storey mixed-use tower will follow Fujimoto’s ideology that architecture should reflect forms found in nature. From the project’s concept phase, the architects were heavily inspired by Montpellier’s tradition of outdoor living. Inspired by the city’s tradition of outdoor living, and the efficient properties of a […]

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Designed by SYAA,  Simbio Bar is a project began in the spring of 2014 and passed through all phases of the rehabilitation of a building specific early 20th century. Located in the historical center of Bucharest, Simbio Bar is a place where you can spend pleasant moments at a brunch, dinner with friends or simply working. According to the architects: “The first eye-contact with the house was exciting: quiet, beautiful, dark green with filtered light with stoves smoked, mirrors pale and heavy furniture. In it, the spaces […]

Do you love an old-fashioned, cottage garden? What better way to showcase those worn and imperfect antiques and flea market finds than to incorporate them into your garden landscape? This is the perfect way to personalize your outdoor haven and add character to your garden! Backyard is an amazing place, it can be your little magic place for enjoying in time. Creating beautiful and interesting backyard and garden designs or designing good landscaping ideas are about imagination and resourcefulness. For today […]

This project is a collaboration between Rémy Boiré and Xavier Casalta. They needed more than 300 hours of work to achieve it and the results is sumptuous. The entire process is to discover in the article. After meeting through our passion for they we decided to experiment with a collaboration where we could learn from one another. Xavier Casalta is from southern France and with the stippling technique he creates stunning work; some taking up to hundreds of hours of […]

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When you enter a public library is like you dive into the ocean. Books, periodicals, manuscripts and other materials for reading, listening, study, viewing or reference are at your disposal. And, if the atmosphere is comfy and inviting, you will lose track of time. This is exactly the case with the Centerville Public Library in Massachusetts, USA, a project realised by Brown Lindquist Fenuccio & Raber Architects. Designed with sustainable and green features, the building features  an energy efficient LED lighting, a high efficiency heating […]

Fifteen years since Ian Schrager’s Sanderson opening in London, the “Hotel King” is back once again with the spectacular London EDITION. Sanderson is a five star luxury boutique hotel ideally located for weekend breaks or business travel. The latest addition to the EDITION Hotels, a partnership with Marriott International, Schrager has returned to the UK with a majestic & historic bang. The London EDITION has taken over one of the grandest landmark buildings in the heart of London. Sanderson, in the […]

The Maldives – the most beautiful beach destination on earth. Huvafen Fushi  is a luxurious resort located in the North Malé Atoll in the Maldives. It features overwater and beach bungalows with private pools, free Wi-Fi and 6 dining outlets. Each spacious bungalow comes with a sundeck, large flat-screen satellite TV, Bose sound system and DVD player. Attached bathrooms include a rain shower and separate bathtub. Body treatments are offered in underwater treatment rooms at the Lime Spa. Guests can swim […]

It’s a cozy and very luminous apartment located  in the historical center of Lisbon, Portugal.  The building was constructed just after the earthquake of Lisbon in 1755, integrated on the planned zone by the Marquis de Pombal, that soon will be running for UNESCO as World Heritage, with 18th century beautiful Portuguese blue and white tiles. Completely renewed by a great architect, and with everything included as if it was your own apartment. It is located in the most central place of […]

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So, you love romantic cottage looks with their charming porcelains and chic tapestries. Then, you have come to the right place. English cottage style is more about creating a mood than about buying a list of must-have items of furniture. Realised by Romanian designer Anda Roman, the house bellow proves it undoubtedly. Using white or light beige as a dominant tone, the interior is like a canvas where a collection of authentic pieces were exhibited. Be creative and embrace the […]

With so many people now living in cities, and with an increasing detachment from nature, any urban nature we design and create should first and foremost be aimed at reconnecting the human population to nature. There are too many ecologically illiterate or ill-informed people living in cities. As the population continues to grow, transportation is the ticket between point A and point B. In order to keep up with a growing number of people who are on the go in […]

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An absolutely fascinating penthouse drew our attention today. Bold and bright, the flat was designed by courageous designer Tobi Fairley, who launched Tobi Fairley & Associates as a full-service consulting and design company. Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States, the penthouse got a glamorous, urban upgrade that make the visitors wonder if the scenery is actually real. Golden stools, sapphire walls, candescent lights and views of the city reflecting on gleaming marble floors transformed the interior into an alluring space. Dare […]

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Straight lines, continuously bending curves and open plans make contemporary houses a celebration of geometries. This is exactly the case with the house below, which was designed by Zemberek studio in 2013. As you can easily notice, organic, dreamy shapes are missing, but things that require mathematical strictness and exactness flourished instead. Lacking in ornaments, geometric design may seem crisp or hard edged, but when you introduce several colourful details, the atmosphere changes immediately. Explore the 220 m² surface below and […]

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