Remember our article about Best Christmas Gifts for Men in 2015? For today we gather the Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2015  in one article. Enjoy! Vercart Living Floor Pillows Mixed Color Sizes 6Pcs/Set Are they stones? No, they are soft pillows which were designed and shaped to resemble stones, rocks, planets and trees. Designers have designed these various simulation pillows, include rock pillows, planet pillows and tree stumpin pillows in order to bring nature into our home with eco-friendly. These vivid pillows can […]

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The architectural design of the Marriott Restaurant is based on the transformation of furnishing elements in time and space. The primary transformable element is a membrane system composed by two types of curtains and positioned in correspondence to the tables: curtains in wood slats, in the outer part and fabric curtains on the inside. This double casing defines, during the day’s events, semi-private spaces (using curtains in wood slats) or totally private spaces (using curtains in wood slats and curtains […]

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Winter holiday is pretty close. Besides snow and adventurous sports, a cozy chalet with fireplace and fine retreats is all we need. Today, we suggest a lovely trip to Europe, more specifically to Northern Italy where Vigilius Mountain Resort awaits its guests. In San Vigilio, you will be seduced by alluring panoramas and activate your senses during a deep connection with the environment.  Nowadays Vigilius Mountain Resort is an extension of an old hotel and it can only be reached by cable car […]

Flatiron House is a HI-MACS home located in the West End, London, England. It was designed by FORM Design Architecture. Architecture has the power to transform environments and create quality of life. This is the firm belief of FORM Design Architecture when it comes to shaping its projects; in this case, the remodelling of Flatiron House, a home located in London’s West End. The new functionality given to each of the property’s floors and the use of innovative, high quality materials such […]

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Williamsburg Loft is a stylish home located in New York City, USA.It was designed by Ensemble Architecture in 2014. The Williamsburg loft is a 3,500 SF live / work space shared by a married couple–he is a chef and food writer and she is a sculptor. The couple found the large, industrial, ground floor space after years of searching for an industrial space to transform that would function as workspaces for both of their disciplines and as a comfortable home. Approximately one […]

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This is a great exercise for any home: imagine decorating your existing space first on a small budget (as most of us do!) and then on an ideal budget. Although the end results of each will look very different, both can look fabulous in their own way, just like these two design visuals for the same space by Boris Alexandrov. Option one gives the open plan layout an IKEA style makeover, complete with chunky dining chairs, cheerful accents, and flat weave […]

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Making wine takes not only time but also space. Realised by Slavonian architect Sanja Premrn, the project below features an abundance of storage — at the right temperature, of course — as well as an interesting way to entertain family and friends. Before diving into aesthetic principles for wine cellar design, you should pay attention to several essential issues: ventilation and temperature control systems, washable flooring, minimal exposure to sunlight, and resistant work surfaces. All of them will help equip the space […]

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Designing a home is a task difficult enough, but it becomes all the more difficult when you have kids around. Gone are the days (much like the days when we were kids ourselves), when your parents just gave you a room and told you to make whatever you could out of it. Decorating the kid’s bedrooms is always a challenge. They have a lot of ideas but not all of them may be to your liking, and your ‘grown-up’ take […]

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Decorating your home with horse paintings or photos means bringing a bit of wilderness inside. Although it may seem difficult to mix it with other contemporary decorations, a picture with a beautiful horse will easily find a suitable place in bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. But, before exploring the gallery bellow, pay attention to its symbols. Serving man in war, mobility, productivity, agriculture, development of all kinds, the horse is by far one of the largest contributor to the enhancement of civilisations. As […]

Would you play tennis in the sky? The world’s highest tennis court rests atop Dubai’s Burj al Arab. At about 690 feet, the grass court offers panoramic views and a thrilling match not for the faint of heart. We’ve heard about tennis matches that put the audience on the edge of their seats but how about ones where the players could fall off the edge of a 1,000 foot building? This dizzying green roof which doubled as a tennis court […]

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First popularized for their simple design and affordable cost, today’s A-Frame houses are finding renewed interest with design modifications that expand them out—and up. We’ve always loved the simplicity of an A-frame. The structure is what you would think- an A-shaped, triangular home that is open and airy all the way to the rafters. They’re relatively simple to construct and seem to work so well as woodsy getaways. Are you a fan of A-frame interiors or architecture? Share your thoughts with us in the comments […]

There is something innately beautiful about churches that have been transformed to serve a different purpose in the ever-changing world. While we have seen some being altered into breathtaking bookstores and libraries, most often old churches find a new lease on life as unique and dramatic contemporary homes. Located in a busy neighborhood of Chicago, this 5500-square-foot church was turned into a lovely, eclectic single-family home by Linc Thelen Design. The revamped residence contains seven bedrooms and six bathrooms, along […]

‘Flush the toilet’, ‘enjoy the fresh air’ or ‘wash those hands’ are funny messages that make us smile while spending moments at the toilet. When attached to inspiring drawings and symbols, the experience becomes even more relaxing. Thus, we collected 22 creative toilet signs that can be used both at home and in public spaces. Do they have something in common? They reduce femininity and masculinity to abstract emblems and mark the rooms accordingly. As for materials, wood, cardboard, plastic and […]

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The collection of 38 luxurious bathrooms bellow gathers some of the most alluring projects we have ever seen. Furnished with fancy materials and decorated with lots of artistic objects, the interiors rely on minimalist layouts and beautiful views. The cosmopolite city, the infinite ocean or a discreet view towards the blooming garden have the power to enliven your spirit immediately. Large mirrors, crystal candle holders, deluxe lighting objects and bathtubs in attractive designs will transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation. Furthermore, what would […]

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Are you looking for ski masks that are out of the ordinary? Explore the collection realised by tattoo model Teya Salat and pick something spectacular for this winter. Angry tigers, sweet racoons and lovely panda bears were drawn on the normal ski mask in order to make winter sports a very entertaining experiences. Do not be afraid! Nobody escaped from the Zoo. Only that a very creative artist tried to impress the public with a balaclava that keeps your face warm and your spirit […]

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Now that you’ve got a cute new doormat, your door might get jealous. Why leave all the fun for your feet? Whether you take inspiration from fall foliage colors or just a color you see inside your home, a brightly painted door can be the perfect way to spruce up your home and welcome guests inside. Let’s talk about front door colors! Is painting the front door on your to-do list this spring? Of all the outdoor projects it is […]

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