Le Bleu is one of the most exciting and glamorous new villas in Anguilla. Le Bleu Accommodations and facilities consist of 2 areas; Le Bleu and Petite Le Bleu. These areas are linked by attractive landscaped pathways which traverse the properties. The spectacular communal living and entertaining areas are situated on the upper level of Le Bleu – which is accessed by walking through an exquisite water garden and ascending the imposing master staircase. Le Bleu is unique in both location […]

The Beirut Wonder Forest is an ambitious proposal that seeks to transform the Lebanese capital into a lush green city by planting tree on its rooftops. Designed by Studio Invisible, the plan would infuse greenery and serenity into the stark urban cityscape while breaking down pollution, absorbing rainwater runoff, and improving air quality. The biggest inspiration and encouragement for the adaptation of this plan is that each household can easily contribute for its success by planting trees on the rooftop. Health benefits along with savings in […]

Let me present you a beautiful private, luxurious beach house located in the Turks and Caicos called, Amazing Grace.  This sprawling 9000 square foot beach house sits a very short distance from powdery, white sand beaches. Amazing Grace Villas an ideal destination for all types of holiday production, total renovation completed in 2010 only 18 acres in size in the parking lot was built in 2007. The house has  rooms and technical facilities for hosting all types of private bath with plenty of five bedrooms each, […]

Azovskiy & Pahomova Architects presents a project for a house that is both organized and chic. With a highly fashionable interior, lovely milky white walls and spacious rooms with contemporary furniture, this luxury house is all about comfort. But the design is not only about showing off, it’s a great example of functional designing — something that we lack when dealing with both spacious and very small houses. This one is located in village Kirovskoe, Kyrgyzstan. Everything is carefully organized in a […]

These crochet decorated bus seats  is art installation by the Finnish artist,Vesanen Virpi Laukkanen. It’s called Lace Bus and is part of the OTTO shows, hosted by the Art Museum Vantaa, Finland.  On the artist’s website you can see more photos here.  The bus is used daily by commuters in Vantaa so it’s not a stationary piece of art in a museum somewhere.  The main idea of the project is to add color, joy and humor into the routine of people who use public transportation daily!

The Outdoorsman is a camp kitchen that is the perfect balance between strength and weight. Thankfully the folks at My Camp Kitchen have introduced their Outdoorsman Kit to help keep things organized for your next camping trip.  It can be used free-standing to increase your table space or it can be used without the legs right on the table. The Outdoorsman is designed to fit an amazing amount of cooking gear. Image source : HiConsumption.com

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A lovely spring afternoon, the suns gentle reminder that spring is here bringing warmth to your guests as you gather around the elegant outdoor patio furniture for a freshly prepared waterfront lunch. The songbirds are out, and blooming flowers radiate the anticipation of a gorgeous summer to come. Such are the joys of the outdoor lifestyle. Tropitone has a tradition of excellence in the manufacturing and design of outdoor patio furniture. Especially for your terrace we want to present you some […]

This luxurious summer property was designed by studio Fernanda Marques and it contains everything you might expect from a luxurious house.  Located in the posh Laranjeiras neighborhood of  Rio de Janeiro, this picture perfect paradise looks more like a resort than anything else. The floor to ceiling glass panels and the open layout help the house make best use of the views it is blessed with.  Just check out these gorgeous images!

Micro Luggage is the innovative new luggage that moves you! A modular luggage system was the vision – the result is an ultra cool case with scooter attached, providing maximum flexibility that lets you pull, fold, ride, and get to the gate on time. The quality hard-shell case has cabin-size dimensions for fast and easy boarding and storage. Thanks to the running board, handlebars and smooth-gliding Italian-made wheels, micro luggage can also be used as a means of transport. The […]

Picnic Pants is a perfect balance between fashion and function!  Picnic Pants by Acquacalda Design can be very useful to anyone when sitting cross-legged. Skinny jeans that often we wore are crossing the legs, this a right reasons where Picnic Pants come in, an innovation for the pants that takes advantage of the cross-legged position to become a comfortable table surface and an orient able pocket for drinks that hovers above your crotch.  Would You Wear A Pair Of ‘Picnic Pants’?

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The need for more space is very important in a small residence. Managing to blend different functions in the same piece of furniture shows how versatility has become an important feature for modern furniture items. With  Christian Lessing‘s Collecteur you can elegantly display magazines while offering you or your guests a comfortable surface to rest or sit on while putting on shoes.  It is an object that includes furniture and storage systems, making the overall environment by implementing a dual function.    

The limb.al connects any phone with a Micro-USB or Apple 30 pin port to any standard USB port on your laptop, monitor, desk, computer tower, or even car charger. The limb.al is compatible with any modern smartphone. With both Apple and Micro-USB connectors, the limb.al works with any iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone or Nokia.  No matter if your phone’s port is on the top, left or bottom, the limb.al is flexible enough to put it right where you want […]

Here’s a perfect garden retreat to getting away with a good book or taking a quick nap. Designed by Kim Kaja Woelky, this bed is perfect for enjoying good weather and healthy relaxation time. This bed inspires peace, shade and nature time. As you can see from the photos below, you can put it in a  lush gardens, natural ponds or fantastic pools or forest. Take your time, enjoy the photos, and at the end tell us if you want […]

The SPLIT is located in Toronto, Canada and was designed by Superkül Inc. The SPLIT is designed as a space for the spectacle-owner is a regular network of friends and family, and you want to place that can feel grand. The interior of the Building SPLIT has a view of the sky and the environment, and a strong connection to landscape and swimming pool out back.  Split level house in combination with small space design and more intimate moments throughout the […]

Austrian studio Love Architecture has completed the Villa 3S project in 2010 in Geidorf, Graz in Austria. Smooth relation between the house and garden and extend the living area outside is the main concept of this unconventional modern house design. The interior of the house is centered around one main room for cooking, eating and living. When open, large sliding doors between the individual rooms connect a fluid, complete spatial structure.  The bathroom has its own opaque terrace with an outdoor shower, which can be […]

The Sliding House designed by dRMM Architecture does something that you come across a home like this – it slides. The form looks nothing special and gives you the idea of a regular timber barn until you realise that the entire outer skin (the wooden part) is capable of sliding back and forth.  The separated forms can be transformed by a 20 ton mobile roof/wall enclosure which traverses the site, creating combinations of enclosure, open-air living and framing of views according to position. […]