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Portable fireplace TEKTO by Porsche Studio Design, Safretti. “At first glance, the firespace diminutive size camouflages its real purpose. Its secret is not revealed until the outside of the plate is gently pressed. As if by magic it then opens up like a crevice which the fire comes out of. The object conjures up archaic associations with the earth’s crust breaking open and fire in the center of the earth.”    

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Designed by Alexander Rehn, this Cay Sofa  adds a modern take to the sofa. Designed to be configured depending on your desired activity – TV,  reading, using your laptop – the Cay Sofa may be adjusted to accommodate many sitting or laying positions. Cay sofa was design by using  contemporary lines, high-quality materials and a very elegant and in the same time chic design. This armchair will complement any room.  

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I’d like to share with you a new idea for decorating the walls. You will discover an amazing breadth of prints and weaves in a dazzling array of colors and textures. Each has a model with a different style, can be used in decorations such as: living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, restaurants, hotels, etc.. This can change the look of your room so that it looked different. There’s a vast choice and a world of opportunity to help you transform your […]

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The human body is a true work of art. This seems to be more visible when looking at the female body.  WBLamp that shows us that even today there are ways to celebrate the human body. WBLAMP consists of a female structured lamp with light bulbs inside. The tiles mounted on the statue reflect a variety of colors. The idea behind this design is to combine piece of art and light fixture into one product. SICIS

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The abstract-shaped natural collection called CONSTANTIN was created by artisan and fabricator from Brooklyn Andrea Claire Studio. This collection includes chandeliers, table and floor lamps. “Influenced by Isamu Noguchi, CONSTANTIN lifts these guiding principles off the canvas and advances them into a line of singular lighting concepts. All pieces are sculptural, green, handmade and original, with tailor-tooled components deployed with an architect’s attention to detail.”    

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MercuryHouseOne Shaped like a rain drop, this would make a perfect vehicle from the aerodinamics point of view. But is a house. And not just any house, a solar powered, energy efficient, mobile living unit, great looking futuristic house ! It is slighty rasied from the ground, standing on three feet and can be accesed by a litte ramp. It’s shape, like a drop has been chosen in order to optimize the relation between the outter surface of the skin and the […]

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With its enviable location on one of Dubai’s most ambitious developments, Palm Dubai, guests will be mesmerized by striking views of a world-renowned destination just beyond the resort’s exclusive marina. Indulge in an exclusive island feel getaway or choose to be whisked away by the resort’s private water taxis or limousine to Dubai’s most coveted experiences, be they golf at award-winning courses designed by the greatest, awe-inspiring shopping featuring the latest collections or dining and entertainment at the most sought-after […]

Designed by Guillaume Delvigne and  Ionna Vautrin, this is a pierced bowl that acts as a support to be embroidered. It is sold naked with the embroidery kit of your choice. The kit has colored threads, a needle, a needle threader and instructions for use…. what a crazy, great idea. Bowl is made of white , glazed porcelain    

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The streets of Denver recently burst forth with an overgrown set of desks, cubicles, and conference areas that give a whole new meaning to the term ‘green’ office. Humans are both part of those natural systems and also somehow separate. The further we stray from connections with nature, the more alien we become. Tres Birds Workshop was commissioned to concept, design and build an art installation in Downtown Denver for the purpose of encouraging people out of their offices for […]

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The project SOD, for Spiders On Drugs, is based on the results of a NASA experiment. This experiment was designed to study the influence of certain psychoactive substances on the behavior of living things. The researchers administered the test substances (marijuana, caffeine, benzedrine and chloral hydrate) to spiders and then let them weave their webs. These bowls were designed to replicate the web patterns woven by spiders who were under the influence of certain psychoactive substances in the experiment.

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This lovely pink kitchen which made quite an impression on us due to its attractive and tasteful design. The kitchen is large enough for a couple to cook at ease and enjoy every minute. The large interior is opened towards an outdoor terrace through floor to ceiling glass doors, making the whole room be flooded with natural light.  

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Luxury Sofa Made From Thousands of Dollar Coins Luxury sofa dimensions coins come together to form a beautiful collection of furniture. Latest additions to this collection is “All the king` s men “, a piece of furniture shiny statue. Smooth and sexy, this sofa will have you feeling glamorous and luxurious in your own home. It’s interior design work requires a lot of time to be built from all the coins welded together but will be one of the most […]

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This house in Bologna, Italy was designed by Duilio Damilano. The house was born from two fundamental requirements: to avoid the stereotypes of the residential buildings in the region, and to realize a technologically advanced house. The living room is like a glass cube, which opens on to the swimming pool, while animated water cascades from above. The lightness of the construction is contrasted by the materials like a stone wall and wooden footbridge that invite you inside, while blades […]

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When your see it, first thought that comes to your mind is that this thing may be apart from another world. It is perfect for people who want the unusual. This bathtub is an object of desire offering clean lines, generous space and distinctive character. It is a magical attraction not only for the eye. It has 330 liters capacity, and the carbon fiber has a diameter of around 3-5 thousandths of a millimeter. The N°1 is 2,43m long, 1,23m […]

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In Tensta Konsthall Front created an environment that changes with time. The interior design is inspired by the fact that most designs change with time; the surfaces get old and scratched, things are moved around or some of the objects get replaced. We saw this as an opportunity and created an interior with a built in change.   In the wardrobe area thousands of self-adhesive plastic coat pegs are used. With time the wall will gradually fill up with more […]

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Peter Kunz Architects built this stellar parking structure where each spot is like a private cubby with a large glass panel, so you can park and enjoy the hillside view at the same time!  

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