Mondrian South Beach is located in South Beach, Miami, on the very fashionable Biscayne Bay. Designed by Marcel Wanders, the Mondrian is a perfect combination of antique elegance meets modern glam. Surrounded by the style of Marcel Wanders, you walk through a grand entryway appointed with custom-designed furniture, lighting and accent pieces, evoking Wanders’ design homage of “Sleeping Beauty’s Castle”. The main swimming pool is surrounded by lounge pillows, lush gardens hung with hammocks and landscaped into a labyrinthine trail with lounge areas, […]

Designed by Gus Wüstemann , Feldbalz House  is located in Gemeinde Am Zürichsee.  This family house is not a house, but a family sculpture looking for freedom and social interaction. The architects created the sculpture that contains the family life, where everybody meets and circulates on the first floor, where you have a great view over the lake of Zurich. This sculpture separates the parent’s area which is on top of the sculpture and the children’s area which lies underneath.  The children live in the garden, where everything […]

In wood we trust! Look what a cozy and relaxing atmosphere was created in the residence designed by a21Studio from Vietnam! The architects relied on raw materials such as wood and concrete, and used them in natural colors such as light brown and refreshing white. Their ambition to create an airy and illuminated home was a little bit frustrated by the fact that the house is situated at the end of a street,  bordered with tall neighboring structures. But, as the photos show […]

White on white? Why not! The house we found on proves that this color can evoke different sensations: mixing  pure white  with either cold  or  warm  off-whites creates elegant, calm interiors. I love the interesting contrasts of light and shadow, shiny and matt interiors created in this family house located  at the foot of the Seeheim, a municipality in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district in Hesse, Germany. Choosing white as a dominant color, the architects let the building impress by its structure and geometry. The roof has a sculptural shape and its folding  extends […]

Would you like a water paradise at home? You’ve come to the right place. The mansion spotted on is located in Boulder, a city in Clark County, Nevada, United States of America. As you can easily notice from the picture below, the mansion looks more like a water park than a home. There are a lot of attractions, including a private pool, a water fall, lounge & spa areas…elements that transform the house into a water paradise you’d like to live forever!And once the residents […]

Everything you need for an unforgettable time away! This seems to be the motto of Le Chalet Zannier hotel we found on You’ll admire  the French Alps if you choose this hotel for your vacation and you’ll visit the famous alpine village of Mègeve – the place Le Chalet Zannier is nestled in. As you can easily notice from the gallery below, the architect wanted to transmit simplicity in a chalet that expresses warmth and coziness. The hotel only offers 12 living spaces – 4 […]

This is the place of my dreams! The villa we found on extends over four levels and is located along a secluded stretch of coastline on the west coast in Phuket Island, Thailand. It offers a tropical island atmosphere together with an urban chic design. The architect used luxurious materials to fulfill this statement: black hardwood terracing, marble tiles and granite floors that contrast harmoniously with sophisticated elements – plate glass vanities and shower screens with pebble and bamboo inclusions, iridescent beaded bathtubs and glass […]

Architect Marc McCollom defines himself as “quiet modern” because he aims to nurture, not overpower, the lives of those within. The house we found on is a materialization of his reflections. He says: “I still draw by hand. I believe that the act of drawing lets the brain work naturally, easily moving back and forth between loose and precise, experiential and technical. Drawing’s pace and physicality also help keep me rooted in the bodily realm of Architecture. I also still build models with basswood, […]

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Can you wear this? Put on this mask and charge your phone by breathing. From solar energy, wind energy, kinetic energy and even heat from fires, there are lots of green ways to charge our Gadgets. But this one is new, and well, weird. You simply recharge while breathing! The AIRE mask is a concept that hails from the mind of Joao Paulo Lammoglia, where it will rely on the power of your breath, converting it to electricity thanks to tiny wind turbines. All you need to do […]

Designed by Urban A& O, no aquarium has ever provided an encompassing view of the link between water and life that makes this planet unique. The center attraction of the Steinhart Aquarium is the Water Planet, a 6,000 sq ft exhibition area. Designed in collaboration with New York exhibition design firm Thinc Design, the exhibit incorporates new modes of design and technology. The centerpiece of the Steinhart Aquarium is The Water Planet, a 10,000 square foot exhibition incorporating new modes […]