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SUPERFABER Industry is a trade company incorporated in the year 2001, having as main activity object the building of stairs and balustrades. We receive this description from Bogdan Samoila, architect at SUPERFABER  industry’s: ” SUPERFABER concept: Contemporary design, modern technology, traditional manufacturing techniques. We are certain that the quality design makes the difference and this reflects into all our projects. In short the services we offer are: consultancy, design, execution and installation, warranty. The creativity is one of the key ingredients for […]

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Bags and accessories exhibited in Selfridges store, London. A frenzied series of bold, graphic polka dots! I love polka, the traditional Russian dress for its cheerful combination of white dots on red or black textiles. When I see girls wearing such clothes I feel an explosion of happiness accompany their soul. Well, the dress is appreciated by fashion designers, but they are not the only ones that found inspiration in it. Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama collaborated with Louis Vuitton to create a collection of garments featuring […]

Even if they won the lawsuit against Samsung, Apple’s patent war continues, but this time their target is not who you would expect, not even a company from the IT area. Apple is now suing Volkswagen Group in Germany for infringement on their Magic Mouse design patents after the build or the new Porsche pavilion from Wolfsburg! Even more interesting, Apple is not requesting any money from Volkswagen Group, but what they want is a big apple to be drawn on the building and the official name to be changed to iPorche pavilion. […]

M11 house is located in a residential area of HoChiMinh’s suburban.  Completed in 2009, this 3-story contemporary house is located in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam.The architects  used for this house natural materials as wood and stone, because he wants to bring out elegant and peaceful spaces to the client who can leave all his tiring behind after a long working day to enjoy his own space in a noise and polluted environment of a developing city. The project is a […]

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Carpets, lamps, coffee tables…let’s make the designers inject their creativity in them!  Some can be really simple looking yet able to deliver a strong message across to the public. If you want to add some personality to your room, choose unique decorations or try to set up an interior design that won’t be easy to forget. For example, when your friends step on a carpet that looks like an egg, I’m sure they won’t forget your house! Decorative objects that are […]

Prospect House is a great example of contemporary design that seamlessly blends the modern ideals of energy efficiency and open-plan living. Designed by architects Dow Jones, the outer of the property – which overlooks the city of Bath – is covered in dark VMZINC, a low-maintenance recyclable cladding material that gives an attractive appearance. The interior makes use of high ceilings and large glazed panels and doors to maximise natural light and offer stunning views of the Roman city below. […]

Glass decorations? They are always a perfect choice when you want to make something common look a little bit sophisticated. Italian brand Vetrovivo has a large collection of leaves and flowers glass mosaic that expresses sensibility, love for aesthetic and elegance. The models we present you today are taken from a project named Nature and they were manufactured borrowing lines and colors from natural environment. Versatile, it perfectly fits to the various demands and to the personal tastes by offering a wide range […]

There’s no doubt about it—yellow is a color that lifts our spirits! But, when painting your walls, yellow is often a hard color to get right. It often goes too green or is too pale and washed out. I like yellows that have a strong depth and make you fresh again. It’s no secret that yellow has long been a classic color choice for interiors. And why not? Sunny, warm, and uplifting, this color is difficult not to like, plus it works […]

Hill residences are sometimes some of the most challenging projects architects deal with in their career. The one we present you today is located in Beverly Hills, surrounded by oak trees and it was realized by Heusch Architecture Studio. The building looks like a modernist box wrapped in floor to ceiling glass, 12 feet above the ground. This was the most suitable solution for building on a hillside terrain. As you can see from the photos below, the house is raised by 10 […]

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The Growth Table was designed by Tim Durfee & Iris Anna Regn. This may be the coolest drawing table or crafting workstation I’ve ever seen. Growth Table is one of a series of objects and spaces modified from a variety of familiar types to sponsor specific activities for adults as well as children. It creates an instant and intergenerational community united by the simple act of drawing. The Growth Table offers all conditions for children to create  a place to sit, a rightly-positioned […]