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What sofa would be perfect for my living room? A leather one, symbol of luxury and splendor, or one covered in colorful fabrics? Should I put a modular sofa to arrange it differently according to my guests list or should I add some armchairs to make the living room even more comfortable and inviting? If you’re looking for answers to such questions, you’ve come to the right place. We don’t know exactly what your preferences are, but we provide you […]

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We present you today a luxurious apartment,  with breath-taking views across Queenstown, over Lake Wakatipu, in  New Zealand spotted on Completely furnished with the best of the local and international brands, the living room exudes charm and comfort. A long Italian lounge suite sits across from the enclosed gas fire and the 50 flat screen TV, which can also be enjoyed from the Catlen Italia Sumo glass table set. Opposite from the living area, the generous open-plan kitchen provides easy access and a […]

The garden is one of the most beautiful place a house could share with its guests! If you’re one of the luckiest persons on Earth that can enjoy daily a wonderful oasis near the house, you’ve come to the right place. Anthony Paul, a landscape designer from New Zealand knows how to enhance the space, both aesthetically and environmentally, transforming a garden into a little heaven. He says: “My approach to every project is always site specific. Gardens shouldn’t fight with their […]

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Are you a gym addict? Then, you should practice while having a bath too! Fit Wet is a jet bike that uses the fact that water provides about four times as much resistance to movement than air to pump up the aerobic effort of your workout. You still pedal just like you would on a regular stationary bike, but it takes a lot more effort to keep things going. As with most luxurious workout machines, the Fit Wet comes with a bunch of accessories to […]

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When you finally decide it’s time to do something about that rat’s nest of cables that’s spreading, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to get it under control.  Antonio Lanzillo  is the designer of Pantone Kitchen ( presented on DesignRulz few weeks ago)  and now we want to share with you his latest project: HELIX by ASA design Antonio Lanzillo & Partners. Under desk we would like to have more tidy space . Attach the spiral under the desk, pass […]

Argentinian firm Estudio Martin Gomez Arquitectos designed the property in 2009, placing a huge amount of emphasis on outdoor living and entertaining areas, and striking contemporary style. They chose a wide glass facade to allow complete appreciation of the spectacular nature panorama. Paying attention to the aesthetic principles, wood paneled sections flank the glass facade, being complemented by extensive decking areas and timber stepping stones over the landscape. The gallerias that surround these concrete blocks end up creating the idea of outdoor living rooms that determine […]

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Visitors to the Sears Tower in Chicago may find their hearts skipping a beat when they step out on this mid-air ledge. The tower’s latest attraction, called the Ledge, promises a walk on the high side with these new glass enclosures that extend 4.3 feet beyond the side of the building. Beneath peoples’ feet lies the sprawling Illinois city – 103 stories, or 1,353 feet, below. Designed by SOM, the boxes, which are located on the tower’s west side, and […]

The Pool House serves as an urban retreat for an artist and car enthusiast who lives next door. The project was an intense collaboration of architect, Gary Cunningham, client, and landscape architect, David Hocker, from ASLA. The central spine of the site is a six foot high glass slag privacy wall. Seamless transitions between the inside and out were extremely important. A minimal plant palette creates mass plantings used for large textural impact and screening for privacy. The Pool House functions […]

We spotted the project on and wanted to share it with you as it represents one of the most interesting vineyard villas I have ever seen. The L’AND project in Portugal is still under construction and represents a major undertaking which includes 5 different architectural firms from across Europe. The architects were asked to realize modern style villas that reinterprets Mediterranean patio houses. The interiors reflect this aesthetic and deviate very much from the typical rustic charm you normally associate with vineyards and villas. Therefore, the inhabitants […]

Cambridge-based architect William O’Brien Jr designed the Allandale House project, a small vacation home mainly intended for families. This ultra-minimalist cabin takes A-frames to the limit. This cabin project based on an extruded A-frame is a unique, striking, modern piece of architecture, manipulating unconventional housing shapes and creating wonderful opportunities for luxury living. Surrounded by a lovely, stunning forest area, the house is offered an alternatively beautiful and traditional dimension. The wide A-frame in the center of the house is […]

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