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The Algarrobos House project was completed in 2011 by the Ecuadorian studios José María Sáez and Daniel Moreno Flores. This residence is located in Calle del Bagazo, Puembo, Ecuador. The design was driven with environment and function as the starting points. Large cantilevers point towards the ravine, two masts mark the presence of the home. Los Algarrobos is a very peaceful place, the house and its grounds being completely surrounded by the mountains. Glass planes protect the wood and complete […]

Located in the luxurious surroundings of Campus Bay, South Africa, the villa, called First Crescent Villa  is a surprising architectural masterpiece. Designed by Cape Town’s most beloved architect, Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA), the rental building was named First Crescent Villa. This modern villa design comes with modern floor plan that opens up space and welcoming the light in its caressing interiors. The simple villa design is truly a wonder when you realize the materials chosen in it are […]

SPASM Design Architects designed the Khadakvasla House in Pune, India. Simple and obvious to the eye,the lighting,the devision of spaces ,the area surrounding in the middle of a green nature look adorable.  The detailing is resolved and aligned to the concept. A truly inspiring building! “In the vast openness of the surroundings, it made sense to trap a mysterious forest of dense green by stringing the rooms around it, as a Shangri-La against the infinite. This courtyard allows for a private dip in […]

Canadian studio Christopher Simmonds Architect has recently completed the Ottawa River House.The architects aim was to design a home with stunning views, and which enjoys both an intimate connection with the courtyard and a more expansive connection with the river. Views and light penetrate the spatial composition throughout its interlocking interior volumes. Flooring is a combination of white porcelain tile and dark stained, quarter-sawn oak. Cabinets in dark stained ash contrast similarly with the white quartz counter tops. According to […]

The La Muna project was completed by the US based studio Oppenheim Architecture + Design. This 3,500 square foot rustic ski chalet has been completely remodeled along with a small addition. Located in Aspen, in a very exclusive enclave of Red Mountain, La Muna is one of the first homes to be built here. Of course, it doesn’t look that old now. The house has been completely renovated and also got some minor additions. It was a project by Oppenheim Architecture + Design and it underwent a […]

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We live in a world that dramatically changes day by day and evolves in every single corner and every domain and it is only natural that original solutions in design and architecture will be required to bend to our needs in order to be taken into consideration. For today we want to present you a new kitchen concept which speaks the language of comfort, warmth and airiness. Designed by  Snaidero ,an Italian kitchen manufacturer in collaboration with architect Piertro Arosio, the project […]

Architect Jonathan Segal designed the Lemperle Residence on a pie shaped oceanfront lot in La Jolla, California. This ocean front residence promotes an outdoor connection through the use of expansive glass and deck areas.  Due to the small pie shaped lot the house focuses outward away from the street onto the ocean. The house is modern and really beautiful. The huge windows, the unique interiors and the amazing ocean view create an elegant and breathtaking environment, definitely an interesting place to live. Every room […]

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Welcome to the most fascinating interiors you’ve ever seen! Paul Raeside is a talented photographer who also specializes in interior décor. We present you today a gallery of several pictures that share the elegance and the glamour. Most of these interiors are modern, some with vintage and traditional touches. Some decors are more dramatic, like the one with tones of grey and painted walls. They make you feel like in an old movie. I also like the colorful room with all those balloon-like structures. It’s seems busy […]

The residential project is located in the central Pacific zone of Costa Rica, near the national park Manuel Antonio, Quepos.  The MC1 House, designed and built by Juan Robles is a beautiful example of how humans can flourish without destroying everything around them. This project inspires the commitment to the environment, by blending both the nature and the vernacular architecture in order to create a stunning and beautiful house.  The main purpose when erecting this building was to protect nature as much as possible. […]

Texas-based architect Charles Todd Helton has designed the Leblanc-Cox Residence. This contemporary home is marked by high ceilings and open spaces. It is located in Houston, Texas, USA.  The LeBlanc-Cox residence is a modern design with an overall “Frank Lloyd Wright” feel, and was inspired by the home featured in the 1955 Alfred Hitchcock thriller, North by Northwest. It features open spaces with high ceilings, large windows, spacious circulation, and a warm feel to both the exterior and the interior. The […]

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