Could you cozy up in a place like this or does it go too far? JD House is a contemporary wooden house designed by BAK Architects. The house is situated in the woods in March Azul, in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires. This house also has an open concept with large wide windows that let natural light penetrate the interiors. In addition, the entire house is mostly made of the wood making it a perfect eco-friendly living. The slope was used to create […]

Situated among firs and redwoods, the layout of this 1920’s shingle-style weekend cabin precluded views to the nearby seasonal creek. California architect Amy A. Alper designed this charming creek-side cabin and it is located in Santa Rosa, California. The architect designed a new double-height living room addition to wrap the original exterior. Weathered shingles and period windows remain – when open, kitchen and living room are connected. New materials contrast with the old; reclaimed beams mediate between them, and visually echo the surrounding woods. […]

The house we present today is simple, yet elegant and catchy. Timber plays a more central role than just that of the exterior. Parts of the indoors are dressed in this natural honey toned material while maintaining a sense of modernity through the use of exposed concrete, steel and expansive windows. But whether we’re talking the use of wood or concrete or steel, these materials were all deliberately left untreated, shining in their raw form. When opening the windows, the house […]

Give more personality to the space by using these feminine lamps! The Penelope Lamp collection  is a tribute to the woman, it’s the feminine lamp thought by Moredesign for Myyour. First discovered on Deconiche, this floor lamp is designed both for the indoor or the outdoor spaces. Shaped  following the female silhouette’s lines, this modern interpretation  can help you to decorate your garden in a very elegant way.              

This kitchen by German manufacturer Warendorf has a minimal footprint thereby saving so much space. The French designer, Philippe Starck successfully fits a kitchen into two towers. Called the “heart of the home”, it included one 11-square-foot hot tower (containing an oven and microwave), one 11-square-foot cold tower (with a fridge and freezer), one island (with a sink, range, and dining space), and storage space throughout. The towers are closed on three sides with doors , and the fourth side […]

Italian architect Angelo Tomaiuolo has designed ONDA, a self supporting library unit, for Tonin CASA.  ONDA  is the innovative self supporting library unit in lacquered MDF with extra clear glass shelves. Onda is an object of design extremely versatile with its dynamic structure in undulating modules which may be arranged both vertically or horizontally for a “wave effect” without limits…  

This expansive outdoor public library , called ‘bookyard’ was designed by Massimo Bartolini for Belgian Art Festival. The ‘Bookyard‘ is placed in a garden, surrounded by trees and grapevines. All books are for sale and the visitors may bring home a piece of the artwork by leaving a donation of their choosing into a small box supplied by the artist and the libraries. The visitors may enjoy ‘bookyard’ until September, officially ends on 16 09 2012  

Found on Cool Hunting, the Waterworld Hotel was designed by Atkin’s Architecture Group. This spectacular water filled quarry in Songjiang, China, is a 400 bed resort hotel constructed within the natural elements of the quarry. Underwater public areas and guest rooms add to the uniqueness, but the resort also boasts cafes, restaurants and sporting facilities. The hill was transformed in roof-gardens with terraces with a waterfall at the center. The waterfall is a transparent glass volume which is a central vertical circulation atrium connecting the quarry base with the […]

We discussed earlier about storage space and how can we increase the storage possibilities on the same ground surface. Using every inch from our house in an intelligent way could solve that problem. Designed by Yi-Cong Lu this cabinet expands offering extra room for storage. The idea behind this cabinet is simple and very ingenious. At first sight this looks like a normal cabinet with normal shelves but in fact that apparently normal shelves are in fact drawers and by […]

This contemporary cottage by San Francisco-based MinDay Architects tries to merge modern interiors, comfort and luxury with the charm, beauty and the nostalgia of traditional cottage living. The owners wanted a retreat that focused on the lake and the massive oaks that separate the water from the farmland. Nestled in the calm of the nature, the wood-clad exterior blends with the home’s natural surroundings, interiors are sleek, chic and contemporary. With floor-to-ceiling windows that offer you a magical view of the lake, tranquil gardens and […]

Look on Garden Builders  and you’ll find plenty of inspiration. The contemporary garden has gained popularity lately. I think this is due to the increase of modern housing with small gardens as well as the cultural shift towards contemporary design. This style of garden can be defined by the use simple design lines, with focus on hard landscaping materials: stone, hardwood, rendered walls. Planting style is bold but simple with the use of drifts of one or two plants that repeat throughout […]

Versatile Meets Functional…  Who would have thought that this mini low table can be transformed into a dining table?  It’s one smart space saving table idea designed by Steve Spett and Ron Barth.    This collection of revolutionary furniture solutions will fundamentally change the way people live their lives.  Like a magician you can turn and surprise your friend there. Perfectly fit in any condition, whether you have small room or even larger space area this creative brown table still can beautify as well as other […]

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Barcelona-based studio Cadaval & Solà-Morales has designed the House in the Pyrenees project. Completed in 2010, this two story contemporary home is located in Canejan, a small village in the Val d’Aran, a valley in Catalonia, Spain. The vernacular dry stone house is a comfortable residence that have two units on a single envelope. It features amazing views over the valley, while an identical window located on the top of the roof, enables to view the summit of the mountain.  By preserving the envelope and […]

This is a great example of a modern family-friendly courtyard garden. Every part of the 267m2 block was designed to meet the parents need to relax and entertain, as well as cater for 3 young children. Various levels were made interactive for the kids through timber platforms, steps and built-in seats. The front garden is a sophisticated entrance with striking water feature and dramatic planting.                  

Designed by Coll i Fulcará Architects, and built by the company Construcciones Porfit, this beautiful house impresses due to its unique exterior. The connection of this house with its natural environment is intense, open spaces and natural materials have been the key to achieving this.The interior is tasteful and welcoming, featuring vivid design elements and interesting artworks. Large windows ensure a good indoor outdoor connection and reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day. We invite you to a fun virtual tour of this incredible house, at the end […]

How would you like to stay in a gorgeous villa, tucked between coconut groves and tropical gardens, with the utmost luxury and service at hand? The Rayavadee is a stunning hotel which sits on the edge of Krabi’s National Marine Park on the Phranang Peninsula in Thailand. 800 kilometers south of Bangkok and with the Andaman coast at arm’s reach, you are guaranteed to forget your worries and thoroughly enjoy your stay. Rayavadee is isolated, but it’s not a backwater […]