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CDSea by Bruce Munro Collecting unwanted CDs turned to be an amazing artistic installation. Bruce Munro wanted to create a sea by arranging metallic pieces, being aware that  the “play of light” transformed his mood. He was astonished that something so familiar had the power to alter his emotional state. Bruce installed his artwork, ‘CDSea’, in a field near Kilmington on 19/20 June 2010, after his appeal to collect unwanted CDs from the general public netted him 600,000 discs for […]

Th bar designed by Isay Weindeld  took its name from its numeric façade.  The façade is the main eye-catcher of the club, looking somewhat like the entrance to a temple or cave, and covered in  numbers. Once inside, visitors are led up a ramp with mirrored walls to the club itself.  If you’ve tasted the good life, this will tell you how to make it better! For those who have a keen interest and a fine eye for vintage wines, […]

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The new ‘Piegato One’ (”bent” in Italian) wall shelf designed by Serafini  consists of a single piece of laser-cut sheet steel. Perforations allow the customer to easily bend the shelf (which is delivered as a flatpack) into its final position by hand. Thanks to the ferromagnetic properties of the steel, the shelf can be used as a magnetic board. The Piegato One wall shelf maximizes efficiency and material use by being constructed from a single piece of laser-cut steel. It ships flat […]

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A pancake is a mix of flour, eggs,  oil, and milk. These ingredients are beat together in a bowl. When there is no longer lumps in the mix, the mix is put on a griddle to be cooked. A pancake is usually served with syrup, but… in this case you’ll get some relaxation! These pancake floor pillows look good enough to eat and comfortable enough to sit on! via

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Few floor coverings can match comfort and practicality. Technological innovations have made carpeting softer than ever before, broadened the range of available textures and colors, and, most significantly, turned it into a nearly maintenance-free floor topper, thanks to stain, soil, and odor-resistant treatments. This ‘land carpet’ has an unique design being decorated after the surface segmentation of the terrain. via

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In our search for the Home of the Future, we continue with a German residence, designed by Georg Schmidthals and Thorsten Blatter. Located in Ludwigsburg (Germany) this family house has an area of 569 square meters. This space age like building consists of three storeys and is made from concrete. Its architectural design appears to pivot off in numerous directions & the exaggeration of its base illusions continuity into the landscape. Lifted up, it creates a semi-public space on ground level between […]

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Click and Grow is an electronic flowerpot that will grow your plants for you A plant growing in the Click & Grow flowerpot does not need watering, fertilising or any other kind of extra care. Everything is taken care of by the sensors, microprocessor and special software in the flowerpot. By combining beautiful design and innovative technology, Click & Grow flowerpots are perfect for anyone who would like to have a little green around the house. Order right now your carefree […]

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Designed by Nuca Studio , kids play with Phill! Welcome to Phill’s teritory where you can leave all your problems outside to spend several hours with your children. Here you find a playground, a restaurant and a coffee shop where parents can have a coffee or a fruit juice while looking through “the window toward childhood”, enjoying their little ones at play. The Phill Playground is an invitation to the world of pure joy, limitless fun, carefree time and friendship. […]

Seoul-based designer Giha Woo has created the Twisted Pencil, a creative pencil vase which resembles the shape of a pencil. The pencil vase has a very simple and minimal design which is perfectly suitable for use in home or office desk. “Twisted pencil conveys aesthetic value with a nuance of amusement by expressing the relations between the two things- pencil and pencil vase. In comparison with general products, it isn’t a pencil vase that can contain a lot more pencils, […]

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Eyal Hirsh is an young design student from Israel that  designed this playful stool concept, Pet Stool for his final project. In designer’s words, “my intention was to bring a bit more joy and playfulness to our living room through the stool. My purpose in this project was to create a new interaction between us and our furniture around us, and through this experience, to allow us to feel different, and maybe act different and more free when were around the pet […]

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Who wouldn’t want a swimming pool? An escape from the heat, a backyard vacation, a catalyst for summer soirées–even a glorified puddle would keep us happy! The one you see below isn’t that glamorous, but it offers amazing views over New York. And, the most important aspect of + Pool’s design is that it filters river water through the pool’s walls – like a giant strainer dropped into the river. The concentric layers of filtration materials that make up the […]

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I love this simple cylinder desk clock made of aluminum from Peleg Designs. Shahar Peleg, owner of Peleg Design, is a multi-disciplined designer, he designs, develops and produces commercial products in small quantities. His products are sold in design stores in Israel and other countries including Japan, Singapore, and the US. He has also been a feature exhibitor in numerous shows in Israel and around the world.  His products are characterized by minimalist form and with the use of ordinary […]

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Although new technologies are constantly being developed to complement current practices in creating greener structures, the common objective is that green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment by: efficiently using energy, water, and other resources; protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity; reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation.  That’s what Jaye Tan aimed with this house, offering a new sustainable residential typology for landed houses acclimatised to the […]

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Now you can enjoy springs while the autumn sheds the leaves according to the law of nature. We are in September right now and the autumn is almost here, but if you want to feel the fresh greens of spring at the end of the autumn simply turn the seasons every time you feel like it with this versatile rug. You are wondering how ? With this rug. No matter what the season , you have the season of your choice […]

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A beautiful home design is not complete if it does not have a beautiful terrace. We want to show you a collection of contemporary terrace layouts for your modern apartment design ideas designed by De Castelli. Some terraces  are surrounded by a fence in order to keep the privacy of the house. Also, the designer of this terraces added plants around them, to make them become fresher and more dynamic.

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Designers Erich Gassmann and Tina Aßmann have completed the interior of VIP WING Lounge at Munich Airport. Bavaria is famous for its unspoiled nature of countryside and pulsating modern city life simultaneously. This combination of tradition and progress is reflected in the work of designers. The recreation area of VIP WING Lounge is located in the south wing of Terminal 1 and covers an area of 1,200 sq.m. High quality materials, traditional to this region, such as oak, felt and […]

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