Introducing aktiv, the first in a new line of houses designed by ideabox and appointed by IKEA. IKEA shoppers can now buy an actual house from the Swedish furniture giant, which recently debuted the Aktiv modular home. It is the first full home offered by IKEA, according to IdeaBox, which designed the Aktiv. The pre-assembled, linear layout connects the kitchen and living room; homeowners have to go through the bedroom to access the bathroom. The entire home is 745 square […]

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Designed by Los Angeles-based design studio Marmol Radziner  Desert House can be found in the Desert Hot Springs, California. Located in Desert Hot Springs, California, the prototype prefab home is located on a five-acre site and oriented to best capture views of San Jacinto peak and the surrounding mountains. Doubling the 2000 square foot interior space, the home extends towards the landscape with covered outdoor living areas. The home is built with prefabricated technologies in a factory. Using steel framing, twelve feet […]

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Decorating kids’ rooms are now a big deal. The only limit is your imagination,but here are some great inspirational children’s rooms.If you need inspiration, you can discover some  bedroom decor and design ideas from the decorating experts from Cassoni.

Now maybe you are in need of a sofa to fill your living room. Give your living room a vibrant makeover with punchy, electric colours and eye-popping furniture. Pull one colour from the sofa pattern to use on the curtains, creating a strong and consistent look. The colorful couches design is lighten the living room. They are applied various pattern combination in several couches types, including the sofa design. Do you have a room that spurs your creativity and provides inspiration? What does […]

Spanish artist Ana Soler has a knack for taking the everyday object and creating spectacular installations.  Ana Soler‘s fun installation Causa-Efecto with 2000 tennis balls hung to look like they’re bouncing every which way.  The multiple trajectories that these balls take have you looking in all directions.

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From now, Oliver Show made seating a little more comfortable and accessible to his fellow citizens in Hamburg, Germany. He wrapped yellow drainage pipes around bike stands and bus stops so that they could become “Street Furniture.” These installations , discovered on Gessato, began after he and his friends wrapped them around a central pillar and a smoking area then secured them with cable ties before they fell apart in ten minutes.  

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DesignHotels have opened in Singapore the Wanderlust Hotel , a boutique hotel like no other, a design where no two rooms are alike, each envisioned with a childlike imagination.  Each room is different ,   one room features a rocket ship, another an overgrown typewriter, another features furniture that appears to be drawn on the wall by hand. The Lobby was created by Asylum and is themed “Industrial Glam: A juxtaposition of the surrounding’s setting and contemporary design.” The second level is “Eccentricity” by :phunk Studio where bright colors and […]

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Zerino is unobtrusive to the eye and useful when needed. Thin and graceful, it cleverly fits the strategic points of the house by adapting to different environments, with personality but without intrusiveness.  Its content tells stories that are always different, from the magic of fire to the pleasure of reading.  

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Peter Zumthor believes in the sen­sory as­pects of the ar­chi­tec­tu­ral ex­pe­ri­ence Peter Zumthor‘s buildings have a beautiful silence that he associates with attributes such as composure, self-evidence, durability, presence, and integrity. He says that a building should exist by itself, it should not represent anything except being.  For him, it is not only important how a floor, stair, wall, room or façade look, but also how they feel when one touches them with his or her finger tips, how they smell, how […]

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The Trunk House is a small cabin designed by Paul Morgan Architects placed  in Victoria’s Central Highlands of Australia. It is a shipwrecked traveler’s paradise, nestled in a forest of Stringybark. Most notable are the ‘V’ shaped support beams that zig-zag around the exterior, harnessing the natural load-bearing capacity of timber found locally by utilizing bifurcations in tree forks.

Frame inside frame inside frame on so on…they used luxurious baroque gold frames to create sculptural forms using multiple frames. That’s the signature artwork of French duo artists Kolkoz aka Samuel Boutruche and Benjamin Moreau. photos source

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The Hemeroscopium House is like no other house and you can find it in Madrid. Designed by Ensamble Studio, the 4,300 square-foot residence is an impressive combination of heavy infrastructural pieces. The entire structure took the studio a year to engineer but only a week to build. The apparent simplicity of the structure’s joints required in fact the development of complex calculations, due to the reinforcement, and the pre-tension and post-tension of the steel rods that sew the web of […]

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Madrid-based designers A-cero, Joaquin Torres Arquitectos, have completed this luxury house in Marbella, Spain. The luxury property is on the outskirts of Puerto Banús, a playground for the rich and famous, it is also one of the most exclusive developments in the Costa del Sol. The project of house was adapted to the environment and has excellent views of the Mediterranean Sea.  All the rooms are located in the rear part of the house, with the porch, the pool, the garden and a […]

This beautiful  Swedish penthouse has a lot of details to keep in your  favorites folder :). The high ceilings with beams and columns view that far from being hidden in the structure of the house have been exposed as a decorative element. The windows are a great way to fill the house of light. What details do you like most?

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Castello di Reschio is a very private estate that covers 2,700 acres of Umbrian countryside on the border of Tuscany. This is the green heart of Italy, a land of rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves and woods of oak and chestnut, where little has changed since St. Francis of Assisi preached here in the Middle Ages. Castello di Reschio is centrally placed to enjoy the highlights of Umbria and Tuscany and is only 20 minutes from Cortona or half an […]

Beautiful hats from Noel Stewart’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection. He is a designer from London and takes hats to the next level. Check it out! The London based milliner takes his inspiration from contemporary art and architecture, then fuses them with historical references. The products of his process are a series of voluminous, colorful, feminine hats. This season, Stewart released his pieces under three collections titled Electric Gardenia, Dark Crystal, and Lindisfarne Daisy, all of which encompass Stewart’s perspective on fashion and art […]

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