Looks great! Grandma’s Revenge: Both Kitchen and Dining Room Kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms are three core spaces that every home needs in some form, but not always easy to fit into small apartments. If you are living in a small apartment, space saving kitchen furniture from Melanie Olle and Ilja Oelschlgel is probably the one that you need, judging from the video below. This amazing compact kitchen doesn’t take so much space and it blends into a wall. Grandma’s Revenge is  a […]

Living in a big cities are required to be practical and modern. Perfect for small apartments and student rooms, the furniture set can transform into a living room, dining room, bedroom and office with a few simple moves.  All-in-one furniture, the furniture set for urban living is perfect for you. The concept is for a system of space-saving furniture that nests together-hence its name, Matroshka, aka the Russian nesting dolls. At its most compressed the system takes up just four square meters […]

Are you curious to discover Berlin with 1 Euro per night and sleeping  in the smallest house in the world? This project was  initiated by Le-Mentzel in cooperation with BMW Guggenheim LAB, Airbnb and Eastseven Hostel. The ONE sqm house  is an architectural project, which is part of the Guggenheim LAB program. The only 1 square meter house they created is so small but sufficient for a one night sleep. The perfect stay for artists, rebels, occupy activists, adventurers, students, poor, homeless. It […]

These cool tubular structures made for public spaces were designed by Sebastien Wierinck. Known for his belief that luxury objects should be created out of materials at hand, wierinck transformed the bar by using ordinary red caterpillar tubes to create both a sculptural and functional display in which patrons could interact with the piece. The industrial material was arranged in a bundle, creating bench seating which extended upwards on either end, separating into individual tubes, outfitted with lighting elements  to […]

If you recycle, you care about the environment!  “Green life” is such a common expression nowadays that I am under the impression we’ll come to find second uses for every single object. So, if recycling is a key component of modern waste reduction, let’s behave according to the trend! After we showed you how to recycle wine bottles and how to make interesting lighting objects from used advertising banners, we decided to transform your old bicycle into something beautiful and useful. You can […]

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  Check out the Rain Drum umbrella!  Rain drum is an innovative umbrella that features various kinds of sound, making the most interesting amusement for user during rainy days. The Rain Drum umbrella is an idea of the designer Dong Min Park.  Now, you can use your umbrella to make music with the Rain Drum Umbrella. To make the sounds possible, it consists of five different sized wax-cloth made ‘shades’, with different elasticities. And depending on the elasticity and size […]

Vail Mountain means many things. It’s a 11-kilometre stretch of the Colorado Rockies hosting 193 alpine trails. It’s a Tyrolean-style village replete with boutiques. It’s a bustling concentration of après-ski haunts. From snowboarding to mountain biking, Vail is year-round adventure on a grand scale. After miles of groomed trails, piste bowl skiing and mettle-testing runs, decompress in our outdoor pool. Set in a sunken courtyard, the pool is heated all year round. Enjoy a swim even as snowflakes swirl above, […]

Your living space may be modest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fresh tomato plant in your home. If you don’t have room in your yard for your own greenhouse then the Swedish retailer has a solution. Their new SOCKER mini greenhouse is the perfect place to raise your favorite plants, indoors or outdoors. IKEA’s SOCKER Greenhouse ($19.99) is compact enough for an apartment, yet expansive enough to grow flowers, veggies, or herbs in. The SOCKER Greenhouse from […]

Angsana is a hotel brand that caters to the modern traveler seeking style and authenticity. Comprising contemporary and chic retreats, Angsana properties are designed to create and deliver vibrant enlivening experience for guests at work and at play. Each Angsana hotel, resort, spa and retail gallery exudes the spirit and conscience of its environment, while offering a strong sense of individuality infused with our Asian heritage. Facilities and services at all Angsana properties are focused on enabling guests to draw […]

The house we found on archdaily.com has an incredible, twisting architecture. It was realized by architect  Robert Harvey Oshatz who was asked to design a house for a growing family. His clients wanted to have a house surrounded by trees and vegetation and asked the architect to keep, as much as possible, all the natural ingredients that existed on the site. Oshatz is well known for creating architecture that is inspired by its environment and this task didn’t prove difficult to fulfill. As […]