Govaert & Vanhoutte Architecten designed this glass house called Villa Roces,  a modern home located in Bruges, Belgium. Discovered on Freshome, this elegant and simple glass house has a 50-metre-long wall at the back and a sunken swimming pool at the front. A single rectangular volume resembling a large transparent box was cleverly designed inside and out, in order to meet the living expectations of the inhabitants. A 50m long wall functions as a backdrop for the transparent volume and […]

Marcio Kogan’s Studio MK27 have completed the V4 house in São Paulo, Brazil. The house has also been nominated under the House category of the 2012 World Architecture Festival.  This project is a perfect idea for a summer villa for a single family. I love  this open plan taken to the extreme: a large living room and adjoining dining area, kitchen, two bedrooms, and an expansive bathroom with floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The architecture allows  you to contemplate the nature from the large glass […]

Are you a big fan of black and white? We present you a house from that shows how a monochrome color palette can be a striking scheme for your home. But, don’t forget: to keep a room feeling big and bright, allow light to bounce around the walls by choosing a stark white paint, and introduce black accents via furniture and accessories. The villa was built in 1939, but it was  redecorated.  The property has undergone a major renovation inside with […]

PENSON have completed their design for the new Google London headquarters located in the Renzo Piano-designed Central St. Giles Building in Covent Garden, after being appointed in May to carry out the concept. A dance studio, gym, massage parlour, secret garden and numerous ‘relaxation rooms’… restaurant and other facilities, including a panoramic view over the city… Wow! it’s sound like a description of a luxurious five-star resort :) . Measuring 160,000 sq ft, this is the second office PENSON have […]

This old Sicilian house was restored by Arturo Montanelli and combines a rustic style with a modern approach. I’d definitely love all of these details… this house could be the perfect holiday retreat for me: stone walls, old wood furniture and a outside pool. I’m missing a porch under a grapevine to consider it perfect. And although a house like this could be found in any of the wonderful islands in the Mediterranean sea, this one is in Sicily. Idyllic terraces […]

Green offices? Of course you’d like to work in a eco-friendly environment? You’ve arrived to the right place! Today, we’ve chose a lot of pictures from Green Studios, British manufacturers of ecologically-sound, flexible garden rooms. They only use responsibly-sourced materials, modular construction, and exquisite finishes, so their buildings fit your lifestyle. We’ve already showed you before how to treat the planet much better and choose a green office, but we now want to advise you  to take in consideration another solution. Why don’t […]

For today we decided to present a selection of the most impressive beach houses presented on DesignRulz, in order to provide inspiration for your next holiday house. Here are the 15 most popular Beach Houses featured on DesignRulz  on 2012, according to your Facebook “Likes”. Once again, go grab your favorite drink, sit back, relax, and don’t forget to click the photos for more information and further pictures of the building in question! Enjoy this ‘green paradise’ display below and […]

Colboc Franzen & Associés have designed a contemporary floating house situated in Sèvres, France. Built in 2008, this stunning home named House in Sevres, is a luxurious house with a perfect combination floor level through a remarkable innovation.  The house consists of three separate sets; the amenities likes lobby room, office room area, laundry room, basement and garage. Second, parts of collective life likes living room, dining room and kitchen. Third floor, was the last nest for their children who […]

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I love white interiors for their characteristic of reflecting light all day long! Some say it’s more difficult to take care of white pieces of furniture, but I think it is worth the trouble! :) With the popularity of minimalist homes, decorating is lending towards using neutrals again. Do you need a piece of advice? Keep the interiors white and clean, and add some color using  subtle textures in kitchen bench tops, carpet or timber floors. We found on a beautiful apartment from […]

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Designed by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, this house is an interesting experiment in reduction and reuse, just because the building itself (until now) was recycled for fourth time. It’s only 540 square feet was remodeled using exclusively reclaimed materials. The aim goal was to redesign the interior for maximum space efficiency. The layout of the house is simple and clean and allows lots of light to pour in from the windows that meet with the floor. A ‘great room’ houses the kitchen, dining room […]